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Need For Speed Most Wanted heading to iPhone and iPad in the very near future

EA Mobile has announced that it is well on the way towards releasing Need For Speed Most Wanted for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To show us just how near it is, EA has released a teaser video showing what to expect when it arrives. Need for Speed Most Wanted has been developed by Firemonkeys and promises stunning graphics and online gameplay.

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Turn your iPad into a speedometer with Speed 2 for iPad

Speed 2 for iPad is a new iPad app that converts your iPad into a speedometer while you drive. It features a gorgeous UI that integrates with Google Maps and will make you want to install your iPad directly into your dash.

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Apple investigating new iPad Wi-Fi problems, will replace problematic units

According to a leaked internal AppleCare document, Apple is currently investigating Wi-Fi problems with the new iPad. The issues appear to relate to problems with not only poor Wi-Fi speeds but also connection drops and in some cases the inability to even see a particular network.

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All I would have wanted was a faster iPad

I've mentioned this several times already on the iPhone & iPad Live podcast, in the new iPad round-table, and on Twitter, but I wanted to get something up here as well. The Retina display is great, but I'm not a designer or a photographer and I still read more on a computer and on paper than I do on my iPad. I have a Wi-Fi iPad so LTE isn't a consideration for me. Dictation is great and will make a huge difference to people who prefer to, or need to, talk rather than type. But for me, none of that is truly compelling. For me, instead of supporting a double density display or a faster network, I would have loved the extra power of that Apple A5X chipset and that extra RAM to do one thing and one thing only -- make my iPad faster.

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Daily Tip: How to measure your download and upload data speeds

If you have ever wanted to know the speed of your data connections download and upload link, we have the answer. This tip may come in very handy especially now that AT&T has officially said it will begin throttling data speeds for the top 5% of data users. Read on and we will show you how to do it.

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Verizon iPhone 4 Review

Full review of the Verizon iPhone 4: Apple’s first CDMA phone

The Verizon iPhone is one of the most anticipated smartphones in recent memory, made even more so by the endless rumors and years of waiting those who wanted it had to endure. Now it's here and while the radio has changed it's still pretty much the same iPhone 4 Apple shipped on AT&T back in June 2010. A 7 month old phone on a brand new network is not something iPhone users have had to consider in the past. Is it worth the wait? Is Verizon really a better network? Does CDMA have important shortcomings you need to be aware of? Will the entire thing be rendered moot when Apple announces an iPhone 5 in June?

Figuring out the answers to these questions and more have kept all of us at TiPb extremely busy over the past couple of weeks. So hit the jump and on for our full Verizon iPhone review!

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Some AT&T iPhone Users Seeing Increased 3G Data Speeds?

The past few days our inbox has been flooded with emails from you, our readers, letting us know that you've experienced significant increases in AT&T 3G data speeds. And this makes perfect sense if you consider that all of the reported claims have come from the 6 cities that AT&T recently flipped the HSPA 7.2 switch on.


blockquote>Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami, with capabilities being turned up on a site-by-site basis beginning last month. Further backhaul deployment will continue in these markets and begin in additional markets across the nation.

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AT&T Takes Aim at Verizon's Slower 3G Speeds in Latest TV Spot

It's sure getting entertaining to watch AT&T and Verizon duke it out, commercial after commercial. Today we have the latest from AT&T to show you and this one is all about download speed. It seems AT&T has given up on the fact that Verizon covers more of the U.S. in terms of 3G reception, and is now concentrating on the claim that AT&T has the faster 3G speeds.

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AT&T Ready to Rollout HSPA 7.2 in Dallas

It seems as if AT&T is gearing up to launch their HSPA 7.2 in the Dallas area, making good on their promise of having it rolled out in 6 major cities 1 major city in the US. (If anyone in Charlotte, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, or Miami is seeing signs of the boost yet, let us know).

This is indeed the right time for AT&T to give their network a boost, especially with image the latest Verizon "map for that" commercials portray.

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AT&T Upgrading 6 Major Cities to HSPA 7.2

AT&T has unveiled plans to upgrade their 3G network to 7.2 HSPA in various markets across the US by the end of the year. What cities happen to have all of the luck on their side? Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami.

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