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streaming services

Pandora Premium β€” Everything you need to know right now!

Pandora's new subscription music service will take on the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music. Here's everything you need to know about the latest addition to the music-streaming marketplace.

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Songza review: The best way yet to stream music on your iPhone

Songza for iPhone is a streaming music service that takes a different approach to discovering music than traditional apps such as Pandora. Songza comes complete with your own personal concierge. Just tell Songza what you're doing or what kind of mood you're in and you'll instantly be served with playlists curated by experts based on what you've specified.

Let's not forget that Songza also has the most beautiful and easy to use interface of any streaming service we've used thus far.

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iTunes Radio vs. the competition: Which one should you use?

Yesterday at WWDC 2013 Apple announced the long rumored iTunes Radio service which will come bundled as part of the default Music app in iOS 7.

iTunes Radio will be free for all users since it's ad supported. Those who subscribe to iTunes Match will be excused from ads. This can make it a tempting option for many but how does it compare to existing streaming services such as Pandora, Slacker, Rdio, and Spotify? Let's take a closer look...

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