Here's why all your streaming subscriptions are raising their prices at the same time

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It seems every major service is putting their hand deeper into our pockets, in the US at least. Over the past few weeks, it feels like every streaming service is increasing its price at the same time. Twitch, Spotify, and Max have all emailed subscribers to announce prices are going up. Apple TV+ is a notable exception, however.

Max’s cheapest ad-free plan is now a whopping $16.99 per month, and if you fancy 4K, that's going to cost you $20.99. Spotify isn’t far behind, bumping their Premium Individual plan from $10.99 to $11.99 per month starting in July. Even Twitch is getting in on the act, raising their US subscription price from $4.99 to $5.99.

It feels like all these streaming services planned this price increase together. While that's not quite what happened, there is one key reason everything seems to be going up at the same time.

Why your streaming services are increasing their prices

The latest payment date for the third fiscal quarter was June 1, and as we approach the quarter's end on June 30, these increases are boosting those quarterly earnings just in time. It’s a classic corporate move: increase prices, boost revenue, and keep the shareholders happy. Meanwhile, viewers' wallets are feeling the pinch.

The timing isn’t coincidental. By squeezing more from subscribers just before closing their books for the quarter, these companies are ensuring a nice bump in revenue. But why should we care? As these prices creep up, so do the thoughts of whether all these services are really worth the cumulative cost. Are we getting value for money, or just funding the next yacht for some executive?

So, what can we do? First off, evaluate your subscriptions. Do you really need all those streaming services? It might be time for a cull. Look for bundles, as some services offer bundle deals that can save you money. Also, keep an eye out for any promotions or annual payment deals that might save you a few quid. The streaming world just got a bit more expensive, and our bank accounts a bit lighter. Until the next fiscal quarter, that is.

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