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Survey shows iPhone loyalty still beating out Android

A recent survey produced some fairly promising results for iPhone's future in the U.S. Only 6% of iOS users were intending to switch to Android, with 91% intending to buy another iPhone. Meanwhile 24% of Android users planned to defect, 18% to iPhone.

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App Developer? Take the Vision Mobile Developer Economics Survey!

Developer? Take a 10-minute online survey and you could win great prizes! Results will be freely available in June via @visionmobile.

Our friends at Vision Mobile reached out to let us know they're once again running their Developer Economics survey. 

The Developer Economics research series, now in its 5th year, examines top mobile platforms, app monetization & many more key issues for developers today. The results from the surveys are released as publicly available reports.

If you're an app developer, take the new Developer Economics 10-minute survey, have your say on the latest trends in mobile development and you can also win great prizes!  

Prizes this year include a Samsung Galaxy SIII, a BlackBerry Z10, Lumia 920, AR Drone, Nest thermostat and Nike Fuel band up for grabs!

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British retailers pushing Samsung phones rather than recommending the iPhone

British retailers are recommending the Samsung Galaxy S3 more times than any other device according to a mystery shopper survey. The survey showed some retailers offering the iPhone 5 while other manufacturers like Motorola and RIM had little to know presence at all. The survey was carried out by Informa Telecoms and Media who spoke with eight of the top UK retailers.

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15% of survey respondents pick weekend with iPhone over sex

Used electronics reseller Gazelle recently published the result of a survey of some 1,000 smartphone-toting customers. 65% picked iPhone as something they couldn't live without, compared to the 1% that said Facebook. 15% went so far as to say that they would sooner give up sex than go a full weekend without their iPhone.

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Apple tops 2012 brand value chart

The annual Millward Brown BrandZ survey was released recently, with Apple holding fast to its number one spot. Apple's brand worth for 2012 actually grew 19% since last year to $183 billion, followed by IBM with $116 billion brand worth, and Google which dropped a down a rank.

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31% of smartphone gamers are playing in class says survey

Mobile game developer and publisher MocoSpace recently polled 10,000 players to find out "Y U Play?", and the most striking data showed that a whooping 31% if respondents were playing games in the middle of class. Just about as many respondents were playing mobile games because they were bored as those who played because they actually enjoy the games.

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iPhone tops yet another customer satisfaction survey

Just in case we needed any more convincing that people love their iPhones, the American Customer Satisfaction Index has found through recent surveys that Apple's smartphones are leaving customers the happiest. The iPhone scored 83 on their system, compared to to Nokia, LG and HTC who are all tied at 75.

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State of the Mobile Nations Survey: Phone buying habits

Help Mobile Nations help you! Yes, the network behind iMore -- and all your favorite smartphone and tablet communities -- wants to get a little more insight into your phone buying habits. When the iPhone 5 hits this fall, will you be pre-ordering online or lining up at an Apple Store? Will you be getting it on-contract, or buying officially unlocked? (And if you're planning on buying something other than an iPhone, we'd love to know how you're planning on buying that too!

The survey will only take you two minutes or less, and we really appreciate your time. Thanks!

Take the Survey now!

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iOS gamers spend five times more money on games than Android gamers

Most players on iPhone and iPad tend to spend more money than those playing on an Android device -- five times more, to be exact. This according to a Newzoo study that examined the growth of mobile gaming in Europe and North America. It showed that there are now 101 million American mobile gamers, 69% of which are playing on smartphones and 21% play on tablets. Of them, iPhone claimed 19 million gamers, which is 28% of everyone that plays games on a smartphone. Surprisingly, the iPod touch managed to snag nearly as many with 18 million players. As you might expect, the iPad rocks the tablet gaming world with 12.7 million gamers (a 60% slice of the whole tablet pie).

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One in ten men would take a new iPad over a new lover

A recent survey by UK-based online casino RoxyPalace found that 11% of single men would prefer to have a new iPad rather than a new lady-friend. In fact, 3% would even be willing to leave their current partner for the iOS tablet.

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