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iPad gaining on Kindle in e-Reader market share

Apple's iPad is gaining fast on Amazon's Kindle in the battle for eBook reader dominance according to a new survey conducted by ChangeWave Research.

The Amazon Kindle (47%; down 15-pts) is hanging on to a rapidly diminishing lead over the Apple iPad (32%; up 16-pts) among current e-Reader owners.

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Apple's iPhone 4 leads the pack in smartphone customer satisfaction

Apple's iPhone 4 topped the charts in customer satisfaction again with 8 out of 10 users being very satisfied with their smartphone device. From ChangeWave:

As we’ve consistently seen in our consumer smart phone demand surveys, the Apple iPhone continues to outperform the industry in terms of customer satisfaction.

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iPad highest scoring product in American Customer Satisfaction history

iPad owners seem to be loving their devices, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Overall consumer satisfaction with personal computers has grown 4% since last year putting people's overall satisfaction level at 78 out of 100 points. When you break that down, iPads are leading the pack. Satisfaction with the iPad has grown 2% since the last survey. This puts iPad customer satisfaction at 86 points. This is higher than any other manufacturer and 9 points ahead of any other competitor. Dell, HP, and Acer all scored 77s.

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23% of AT&T users would switch to Verizon iPhone [survey]

Credit Suisse has run a survey asking, if AT&T lost iPhone exclusivity, would users switch to another carrier like Verizon. 23% said they would go to Verizon while 3% would go to Sprint and 2% to T-Mobile.

When TiPb ran a Verizon-only switching poll, 34% of our readers said they'd make the switch in a heartbeat, while 20% said they were AT&T for life, and the said it would depend on the plans and rates.

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Blackberry Users Ready to Bail on RIM for iPhone and Android

Research firm Crowd Science says that almost 40% of Blackberry owners they polled are willing to ditch their device for an iPhone when next they need new hardware, and 32% said they would jump ship to a Nexus One. That leaves a dismal 28% willing to rough it with their Blackberry.


blockquote>"These results show that the restlessness of Blackberry users with their current brand hasn't just been driven by the allure of iPhone," said John Martin, CEO of Crowd Science. "Rather, Blackberry as a brand just isn't garnering the loyalty seen with other mobile operating systems."

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Interest in iPad higher than it was for 2007 iPhone?

Thinking back to the hype surrounding the launch of the first iPhone, with podcasters stomping their Treo's on the floor of Moscone West and customers waiting in line outside the New York Apple Store for weeks, it's hard to imagine that interest in the iPad could be even bigger, but that's what ChangeWave's survey just may be telling us.

Gizmodo notices something interesting as well:

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Apple to iPhone Developers: So... Happy with the App Store?

TechCrunch is reporting that Apple has started sending developers invitations to take a satisfaction survey with regards to the App Store in general, and the App Store approval process in specific.

Apple asks you to answer with: “Very dissatisfied,” “Somewhat dissatisfied,” “Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied,” “Somewhat satisfied,” “Very satisfied,” or “Don’t know.”

They also ask, “What one thing could Apple do to make the iPhone Developer Program better?” and give you a text box to write anything you want. A few months ago they certainly would have gotten some interesting responses there.

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Consumer Interest in iPad Dwindling?

According to a study by Retrevo of more than 1000 randomly selected individuals, it seems as if the consumers interest in Apple's iPad has dwindled considerably since it was announced back on January 26th.

"As we like to say, it’s the apps that sell smartphones like the iPhone and it could very well be those same apps that motivate buyers to run down to the Apple Store and get in line to buy a shiny new iPad. Whether this device becomes a big hit is anyone’s guess but based on this study it sure looks doubtful."

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Take SPB's Survey, Win a Smartphone, SPE Accessories, and/or SPB Software!

To quoth our good friend Phil from WMExperts (: It is time, ladies and gentlemen, for the sixth annual SPB Survey. SPB Software House is looking to get a better look at your needs in the mobile applications, and they're doing so worldwide, with the survey going out in 10 languages.

And your time may be rewarded. Three winners, picked at random, will receive the following:

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