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Getting error code -54 in iTunes on Windows 10? Here's your fix

Windows 10 has officially launched, but it seems as though the update is causing some issues with iTunes sync. If you are experiencing an issue syncing after your update, here's your fix.

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Debug 12: iCloud and Core Data sync

Daniel Pasco of Black Pixel, Brent Simmons of Ranchero Software, and Justin Williams of Second Gear talk to Guy and Rene about iCloud Core Data sync, why everyone seems to be in a bad mood about it, and how, if at all, Apple can fix it.

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iCloud gets kicked in the Core Data sync -- totally had it coming

iCloud -- specifically the iCloud frameworks for syncing Core Data databases -- has been getting kicked around lately, and by almost all accounts, deservedly so. Back in November developers like Instacast's Vemedio and Steve Streza of Informal Protocol posted about their problems with it and its opacity, and Paul Haddad expressed similar concerns during the second episode of Debug. More so even than Siri and Game Center server issues, it felt like proof positive that Apple faced significant challenges in a future where online services were as important as native software.

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HTC targets iPhone users with its new Sync Manager desktop application

HTC announced the HTC One last week which is its latest flagship device running on the Android operating system. It appears that HTC believes it can pull current iPhone users away from iOS and onto android with its latest device and it is going all out to help people do just that by releasing software that can access an iPhone’s backup file. According to CNET Asia, HTC will soon be releasing an update to its desktop Sync Manager software that will have the ability to open up an iPhone’s backup file that has been created through an iTunes backup.

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Dropbox announces an easier, more constrained way for developers to implement sync

Dropbox, folder sync darling of iOS developers and users alike, has announced a new Dropbox Sync API that aims to make implementing in-app sync easier, but also safer and more constrained. The Dropbox blog announced three key parts of the API:

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iTunes and iTunes Match users still having issues with iOS 6

Since the release of iOS 6, our forums and tip lines have been buzzing with issues relating specifically to iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match. Issues seem to range from iTunes Match expiration notices, sync issues with ringtones and text tones via iTunes, and slow performance when it comes to streaming music.

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CASE:Lynk iPhone case with integrated charge and sync cable hits Kickstarter

The CASE:Lynk has just arrived on Kickstarter and it is basically a case for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S with the added feature of an integrated sync and charge cable. The CASE:Lynk has been designed for moments when your iPhone is woefully short of battery power and you get the opportunity to plug it in then realize you don’t have a cable with you. With the CASE:Lynk you will never have that problem again.

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Samsung tries to tempt iPhone owners with iOS data transfer utility

Samsung has recently launched Easy Phone Sync for Galaxy owners that want to bring data from their old iPhone over to their shiny new Android devices. The desktop application is supposed to be able to transfer music, videos, podcasts, pictures, contacts, and text messages to any Galaxy device, inclulding the latest SGS3.

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Ford SYNC and AppLink for iOS set to expand globally

Ford's iPhone-friendly voice recognition system (SYNC) and app developer environment (AppLink) are expanding to Asia Pacific and Africa after its original launch in North America. The Ford Focus will be spearheading the expansion in Taiwan, and will include both English and Mandarin recognition. SYNC's European launch is also kicking off this year.

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iCloud gets properly integrated into the Mac with OS X Mountain Lion

Apple released a developer preview for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion today, and it finally makes the Mac an equal iCloud citizen, alongside the iPhone and iPad. Previously, iCloud could be enabled as a sync tool for OS X, and a way to re-download iTunes content, but versions of apps like iWork for Mac weren't updated to take advantage of Documents in the cloud.

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