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iPhone to iTunes Wi-Fi sync app rejected by App Store, finds home in Cydia

No shock: Apple has rejected that nifty Wi-Fi sync application that was submitted for the App Store. Good news is, it's now available via Cydia for any jailbroken iPhone for $9.99. Engadget contacted the developer by phone and here is his rejection explanation.

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Smartphone Experts S&C retractable cable for iPhone and iPad - accessory review

The Smartphone Experts S&C retractable sync and charging cable for iPhone and iPad [$4.95 - iMore Store Link] is for those who abhor long cables that always getting caught, tangled and the imposing clutter, the SmartPhone Experts S&C Retractable Cable for iPhone is the way to go. Small and lightweight, you can take it with you everywhere and charge/sync your iPhone through the USB connection on your laptop or computer with ease.

The Smartphone Experts S&C Retractable Cable for iPhone expands to a length of 2 ft. and has a locking feature which allows you to choose which length you would like the cable locked at. A light tug on the cable and it retracts back to its wound state. When wound, the Cable is only 4.5 inches long, making it very easy to bring with you. My regular usb S&C cable was always a tangled mess when I carried it loose in my briefcase. A good deal of time and effort was spent on untangling the cord from whatever it had become attached to. With the Smartphone Experts S&C Retractable Cable for iPhone, charging and syncing my iPhone is a snap, just take it out of my briefcase and plug it in and when I am done a quick tug and is thrown back into my bag. The cable is quite well constructed and after a month of use it is still working like new.

I would recommend getting this for everyone who charges and syncs their iPhone. I absolutely love this Cable and at $4.95 it is practically free (appeals to my Scottish side).

Pictures and video after the break!

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TiPb Apps #1.4 -- Documents To Go for iPhone to get Google Docs, Desktop Sync (MWC 2010)

We just finished having a sit down with the fine folks from DocsToGo and they shared some exciting news about DocsToGo Premium: Desktop Sync and Google Sync are en route! They expect they'll be submitting the app to the Apple in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for the release. DocsToGo is currently $14.99 in the App Store.

Document Sync with the desktop works just like you would expect it to: plug in and Sync. What's more exciting for me (and for cloud-lovers everywhere) is that you'll be able to sync with all the documents you've stored up at Google Docs. It's a full sync client - meaning that you can download and edit documents offline and then sync them up with Google Docs later. Another thing worth noting is that Google recently updated Google Docs to allow you to upload any file - which means you will be able to upload and store PDFs, images, and documents to Google Docs and then access them later with DocsToGo. (Video after the break!)

Otherwise, as it always is with major mobile conferences, the iPhone isn't officially here but unofficially it's everywhere. My completely unscientific method of "hey, what's in people's hands" poll shows that it's slightly edging out Nokia as the most popular phone at Mobile World Congress.

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TiPb Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Accessories for New Users

The following Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Accessories for New Users guide is sponsored by the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store

Just got a new iPhone? Congratulations! Now it's time to decide if you need a little something extra to go along with it -- a case to protect your investment, Bluetooth for wireless phone calls or music, headsets for wired, batteries and chargers to get you powered, and cables to keep you connected.

There are lots to choose from, enough to personalize your iPhone just the way you want, but if you're having trouble deciding, we asked TiPb's editorial staff to pick some of their favorites. Check them out, after the jump!

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Apple Looking at "Grab and Go" Simplified Sync for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV -- Patent Watch

AppleInsider has the goods on yet another Apple patent, this one for a "grab and go" simplified sync solution that would let iPhone users more easily and organically share bookmarks, iTunes content, Time Machine backups, business and personal documents, video game status, etc. between Macs, Apple TVs, the cloud, and other gear real and imagined:

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Unofficial iPhone and iPod touch Sync Coming to Linux

While Apple made a Windows version of iTunes years ago, they still haven't seen fit to roll out any official syncing solution for our Linx friends. That leaves unofficial solutions, which according to Marcan's Abort, Retry, Hack? blog, are finally on their way:

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Mozilla Working on iPhone App. Don't Hold Your Breath for Firefox

This weekend GigaOm brought word that Mozilla was working on an iPhone app. Of course, thoughts turn immediately towards their most famous product -- Firefox. However, Apple doesn't allow 3rd party code interpreters and that means no Gecko HTML renderer and no TraceMonkey Javascript engine. And again, I don't think there's any need for Mozilla to make a WebView wrapper...

So what else is there? Browser link sync? The iPhone will sync Safari links, or Internet explorer on Windows, but syncing links for Firefox users is thus far unsupported, and no doubt many would love to have that functionality:

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We Want: "WhisperSync" for iPhone and iTunes

With Apple's September 9, "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" event fast approaching, and its promises of new iTunes 9 social media and app management features, here's something else, just like @sethclifford, we'd love to see added to the list: "WhisperSync". More specifically, for MobileMe to do a little over-the-air syncing of our location in a podcast, audiobook, or lengthy video so we can switch between the iPhone, iPod touch, or iTunes and always be at the same location in our media, regardless of where we continue listening or watching.

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iPhone Dev-Team: iTunes 8.2 Updates Low-Level USB Protocol, Prevents Jailbreak, May Prevent Palm Pre Sync?

Jeremy already passed along the warning from the iPhone Dev-Team on iTunes 8.2. In case you missed it, they told jailbreakers and potential jailbreakers NOT to install Apple's just-released iTunes update.

According to their latest Dev-Team Blog post, the reason seems to be:

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Ford Sync to Support iPhone Voice Interaction?

Microsoft produces Windows, the operating system of choice for most iPhone users, and Exchange ActiveSync, the push data system Apple (and Google!) have licensed for business users. They also make Sync, the integration system found in Ford cars, which has just gotten an update.

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