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From the Forums: Camera Flash? EDGE Only iPhone?, BlackBerry Storm, iTunes Gift Card, and Sync Time?

Lately the forums have been on fire and leading up to another iPhone release it is bound to be one wild ride. So now is a perfect time to get yourself registered and join in on the conversation.

Just yesterday Rene started a interesting thread, Are You Running Your iPhone 3G on EDGE and Why? While I understand why some of you may choose to EDGE over 3G, for me, I like to live dangerously, 3G or go home. How about you? Stop by and let Rene know what you think.

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The Great iPhone Sync Debate: Desktop, Laptop, or Cloud?

For the last few months I've been conducting an experiment, trying to figure out whether it better suited my needs to sync my iPhone 3G to my desktop computer, to my laptop, or to embrace the (potential) future and try to sync only over-the-air with the cloud (online services and storage).

First, a little about the contenders.

  • My MacBook is purposefully kept light. Aside from whatever temporary I'm working on at the time, it has almost nothing on it, including no media unless I'm actively watching it. It's speed on-the-go with limited capacity.
  • My iMac is heavy duty and also serves as my media machine. It's connected on one end to a Drobo and serves an Apple TV in the living room on the other. It's pure power and content, but absolutely no portability.
  • My cloud is, well, the cloud -- everything I keep on my MobileMe, iDisk and Apple keeps ready for me on their massive iTunes servers.

A month with each of them (Round Robin interuptus notwithstanding) and what were my results? Which have I stuck with (for now)? Read on to find out!

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Apple Puts Some Snap Into MobileMe/Windows Outlook Sync

Good news, Windows PC users: Apple's MobileMe News blog has just announced that they've finally put some shove into their Windows-side push:

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Today on the Forums: Google Sync, iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G? MobileMe Renewal? iPhone Help Forums

The forum community here at TiPb keeps growing in numbers every day! With more and more great threads getting posted it's been hard to try and keep up. Today on the forums, we have a few more good ones that you should definitely check out!

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iPhone Todo List Syncing Comes to iCal

Been looking for a way to sync todo's with iCal? Well now you can with the recent beta from Appigo. Appigo Sync is their new tool to sync your Todo tasks with iCal via Wi-Fi on your local wireless network. The tool syncs calendars, but not your contexts, tags, etc. So you can't add them in iCal, but they are still viewable on the iPhone app. 

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Google Calendar Announces iCal Support

Google has dropped the iCal bomb. That's right. Buh-bye third party intermediaries, hello built-in Google Calendar support for Apple's open source CalDAV standard:

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Quick App: PocketMac Entourage, Lotus Notes, and Meeting Maker Sync for iPhone

I'm so boring. I don't use Entourage, Lotus Notes, or Meeting Maker. However, for those of you Mac users who do, and are looking for some help syncing things over to your iPhone, PocketMac may be worth a look. As a bonus, it will also sync your SMS messages and call logs.

If you give it a try, let us know what you think!

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Today on the Forums: TiPb At Work Week 2, Passcode Lock?

It's that time of the week where we bring some of the discussions from the forums to the main page.

Big reminder to everyone, the voting for the latest TiPb AT WORK Contest ends tomorrow! This weeks contest, to do/task apps! Time is short so go get your vote on now!

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