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Windows 8

Mac vs PC ads are back from Microsoft for the Surface Pro 3

With its latest ads for the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has re-ignited the old 'Mac vs PC' battle by taking aim at the MacBook Air. Previous Windows tablet ads have taken aim at the iPad, but this time out Microsoft is going for the big guns with its newest 'laptop' in three new, short ads.

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Having trouble upgrading from Windows 8? Here's what to do!

Based on all the questions and comments we're seeing, some folks are having trouble upgrading from Windows 8. That's understandable. Windows is a complicated beast, and that it boots one thousands of different configurations each day, every day, is a software miracle. But it can also be an incredible pain if you're one of the people for whom it's just not working at the moment. So, if you're having trouble upgrading from Windows 8, the single best thing you can do, sincerely, is this:

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Microsoft debuts Remote Desktop for iOS alongside Windows 8.1 launch

Alongside todays launch of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has debuted its previously announced Remote Desktop apps for both iOS and Android. Perhaps late to the party, Microsoft's free app is designed to get you onto your PC from wherever you are.

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Windows 8.1 now available on the Windows Store

If Microsoft's Windows is your iTunes-running, iCloud-synching operating system of choice, good news! Windows 8.1 is now available for download from the Windows Store. Rich Edmond from our sibling site, Windows Phone Central:

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Apple Retail Stores making a play to sell Macs to Windows based business customers

Apple is to make a play for the currently Windows based business users in a new sales initiative according to reports. Retail Stores will now display a 27-inch iMac in their business section prepared with Parallels and Windows 8. From 9to5Mac:

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Microsoft continues to poke fun at the iPad, but are they actually selling any more tablets?

Microsoft continues to try and use the iPad to sell Windows tablets with this latest effort, starring the Dell XPS 10. Never heard of it? That's possible, since there's a good chance outside of the store you've likely not seen one. The tactic is still the same -- highlight what the iPad can't do, that Windows can -- but at least this time they've moved away from using Office as a weapon.

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Halo: Spartan Assault announced for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, will we see it for iOS?

Microsoft has announced Halo: Spartan Assault, a top-down action game exclusively for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. There has been a lack of exclusive games that would bring users to their mobile platforms, but Microsoft is undoubtedly hoping that the Halo name is big enough to do this. But could we see it on iOS?

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Microsoft once again fails to understand that, when it comes to tablets, Windows isn't a feature - It's a liability

Microsoft has been fielding some new anti-iPad commercials that, on the surface (see what I did there?) seem to take a page out of Apple's old "I'm a Mac" ads of days long gone by, or even Motorola's "Droid Does" campaign of a few years back. They show an iPad side by side against a Windows 8 tablet, and then demonstrate several areas in which they, Microsoft, think the Windows 8 tablet beats to iPad. And that's where it goes off the rails...

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Microsoft recruits Siri to take on the iPad in their latest Windows 8 commercial

Microsoft has launched their new Windows 8 commercial, and appears to have recruited Siri to help them take on the iPad. OK, so Siri would never do such a thing, but they're licensing the same voice, and it achieves the same effect. The 30-second clip takes aim at what the iPad can't do, that a Windows 8 tablet can. The whole thing is a parody of an Apple ad, right down to the chopsticks played on Garageband at the end.

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The problem with iTunes and Windows 8

According to the chief financial officer of Windows -- what, your company doesn't have a product-level CFO? -- Microsoft has laid out the welcome mat for iTunes for Windows 8, but Apple has yet to come a knocking. Why ever could that be?

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