How to: Jailbreak/Unlock Your 1st Generation iPhone 2.2.1 - Windows PC QuickPWN Edition

Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing.

It was not long ago that we filled you in on the steps to take in order to jailbreak your iPhone 3G on Mac OS X as well as a Windows PC. Well today TiPb is proud to present a step by step guide to not only jailbreak your first generation iPhone 2G but to unlock it while jailbreaking. This is for Windows PC's only.

So if you are against AT&T in the US, or simply need to run your original iPhone on an international carrier like Rogers in Canada or any GSM/EDGE network around the world, then please read on after the jump!

This guide will show you how to jailbreak/unlock the original iPhone 2G only, not the iPhone 3G. Some important notes before we begin: You must have iTunes 8 installed and you must be on firmware 2.2.1, if you are not, be sure to update via iTunes. Also make sure to go into the task manager and disable ANYTHING Apple or iTunes related.

1. Get the tools.

Once you are positive you are running the 2.2.1 on your iPhone and have iTunes 8 installed it’s time to get the tools you will need. Create a folder on your desktop named “Pwnage”, then download the following files into that folder:

Unzip the file inside the Pwnage folder.

(opens in new tab)

2. Launch QuickPwn

Simply click on the pineapple from the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop.

(opens in new tab)

3. Connect your iPhone

Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer and click the blue arrow to continue.

(opens in new tab)

4. Locate Firmware

Now we have to click the browse button to locate your iPhone firmware.

(opens in new tab)

5. Selecting the 2.2.1 firmware IPSW

Select the 2.1 firmware IPSW file from the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop then select the IPSW file and click the open button.

(opens in new tab)

6. Firmware Verification

QuickPwn will now verify you have selected the correct firmware. After it is verified click the blue arrow to continue.

(opens in new tab)

7. Customize your firmware

This step allows you select what you’d like installed on your iPhone. You have the ability to select Cydia, Installer, replace boot logos, and unlock your device. Once you have made your selections click the blue arrow to continue on. If you want a full jailbreaking experience, installing Cydia and Installer is highly recommended.

(opens in new tab)

8. Bootloader Files

You will now be prompted to select your bootloader files that I instructed you to download a few minutes ago. Click on the Browse button and select the 3.9 bootloader from the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop. Repeat this for the 4.6 bootloader file. Then click the blue arrow button to proceed.

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

9. Verify Connection

QuickPwn will noW verify that your iPhone is still connected to your PC. Again click the blue arrow to carry on forward.

(opens in new tab)

10. Potential Tricky Part - Pay Attention

Ok, this part seems to give some people issues, but I assure you it does work. QuickPwn will now put your iPhone into recovery mode. When its in recovery mode you will be given directions to: Hold the Home button for 5 seconds, Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and continuing holding the Home button until your iPhone is in DFU mode.

(opens in new tab)

11. Let the jailingbreaking begin - no going back now!

QuickPwn will detect your phone is in DFU mode and proceed with the jailbreaking process.

(opens in new tab)

12. You are officially jailbroken - Congrats! Now Time to Unlock - Be Patient

(opens in new tab)

Once jailbreaking is complete, QuickPwn will then reboot it and run BootNeuter. Let BootNeuter take over, do not interupt it. This process will take about 5 minutes. Your iPhone will reboot when it has completed and you will have a fully unlocked iPhone!

13. Setting up data connection - T-Mobile ONLY

Go into Settings, General, then Network and enter the following information.


Username: (leave empty)

Password: (leave empty)

For other Mobile Carriers data settings check out this link.

Well that’s it folks, it’s time to start exploring this whole new world you have just opened. For answers to more of the questions you may have regarding jailbreaking please head on into our forums. There are always members of our community willing to help you out!

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  • Hi, this works for the 3G too, just not the SIM unlock yet, i guess those money grabbers over at are finally out of business for trying to sell freely available tools :-) please continue with your quest for world liberation from greedy theives!
  • well, if you guys are looking for ATT unlock these days, you might want to check out attiphoneunlocking, its a good site
  • When I did this and installed a Tmobile sim card it stayed at the make an emergency call screen! This it said wrong sim! But here's the thing, I could make and recieve calls but only from they emergency screen. Someone help please!
  • Do I need to unlock it or can I just Jailbreak it..?? I currently have ATT, and just want the installer...
  • WOW, Thanks alot this helped out alot everything worked just as you put it. Thanks again!!!!
  • Thanks! Worked a treat. One happy unlocked iPhone user1
  • I had the same issue as tewest86. I must have restored back to 2.1 native in iTunes and tried this two dozen times. I have an EDGE 8G iPhone, and haven't had this work yet. Is there another Windows unlock tool for 2.1, or should I try to roll back to 2.0.2?
  • piece of cake ... thxs
  • Had same problem tewest86.
    I am rolling back to 2.0.2
  • When I did this and installed a At&t sim card it stayed at the make an emergency call screen! This it said wrong sim! But here’s the thing, I could make and recieve calls but only from they emergency screen. Someone help please!
  • You need to restore your iPhone to factory first before you use QuickPwn.
    Insert the sim from the provider you WISH to use first.
    Clear down the folder where your iTunes restore files are Should be “C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates” (where is your PC’s profile name)
    Open iTunes with the iPhone connected and hold down the ‘home’ button. iTunes should recognise an iPone is connecting in ‘restore mode’. iTunes will now download and install the latest 2.1 firmware. Let it complete this but when it is finished do nothing more than close iTunes. DO NOT ACTIVATE THE PHONE just close iTunes.
    Now run QuickPwn select the newly downloaded firmware that iTunes just installed from the folder above, click on and tick all the required boxes, choose the boot file paths and click on, go through all the steps and once the phone reboots you will be active with no prompt to activate! Happy Dayzz
    The crutial part is the iPhone firmware must never have been activated via iTunes in the first place otherwise it will always fail when you change SIM cards.
    Hope this helps ricardo.
  • 101% Satisfaction
  • Unbelievable !!! It works perfectly !!!
    1) Nice screens
    2) Easy, very easy
    3) Just follow the instructions
    Put pay pall link here! I'm gonna pay for this !!!
    THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gr8 help..very helpful steps.. Thxs a lot..U guys r rocking...
  • What about activation. I dont have a contract with ATT so I need to activate it also.. Can you help me with that.. Thanks
  • It works like a charm.
  • I need help. When i get to quickpwn and click the blue arrow it says unhandled exception has occured in your application. I still click continue and nothing happens. What do i do?
  • Thanks. Worked fine.
  • Just picked up a 1st gen off craigslist yesterday and jail-broke and unlocked it. Worked great. Thanks for the instructions.
  • after i jailbreak and went thru all the phases, my iphone 2.1 - could not reconized my T-MOBILE sim card , I try to do with the ATT and after with the T-mobile but keeps saying different sim card please connect to itunes; and when I connected the iphone to the computer(windows) keeps saying: the sim card inserted on this iphone does not appear to be supported(t-mobile sim card) . WHAT SHOULD I DO ??? i try to do the unlock first with the att and after w the t-mobile but doesn't seems to wortk ??? NEED HELP PLEASE !
  • The unlock and jailbreak worked great, thank you, but I am having trouble getting it to recognize the EDGE data service. I put into the APN line as instructed, but no dice. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  • If you still cannot run T-mobile Edge service, Check out
    Basically re-install new Tzones Hack from BigBoss at Cydia
  • APN has been change to T-MOBILE customers, the new one is :
    thank you to all :-)
  • Weird, My first gen phone was already jailbroken and unlocked at version 2.0 I upgraded to iTunes default 2.1 before proceeding with the tutorial and the phone is only missing my Cydia/Cydia Apps (Not Jailbroken) but it is still unlocked and Im ready to make calls and didnt loose any other settings. Just an FYI for those who are in my same config and the jailbreak isnt important to you. (-:
  • Which power button is supposed to be held? The iPhone or my laptop? My computer just shuts down after 5secs.
  • hey guys it unlocked it and the top left sYS T-MOBILE WITH ME BARS butit says different sim detected and and it will only let me make emergency calls but i can call any number and recive calls did the jail break not work or what do i do plz help!
  • ok i really need help, the sim works but the phone is still locked like i cant enter the phone past the emergency olny screen its my only phone can some one please help- greatly aprectiated! thank you
  • Tried (and retried) all steps as published. I had previously 1.1.3 and upgraded it to 2.1 via itunes. After completing the jailbreak and unlock I get the emergency screen... am I missing something, appreciate if someone could respond.
  • very very very good its piss to do and works thank you so much let me buy you a drink!
  • I wonder when somebody will figure the emergencie problem out. Ive try to unlock my iphone so many times, and never works, I can see the tmobile sign in the up left, make and receive calls but, thats all.
    If somebody can help, we might need before 10/29 cuz Apple is gonna have a new version on this date!!
    Thanks a lot folks!
  • My iPhone stuck where Quick pwn asking to hold for 5 sec 10sec & 30 sec
    I have tried it 10 times but its not working for me any help will be appriciated
  • I had this problem before, I was not following the instruction properly. You have to follow it carefully. (I used the MAC version). Ready means "do not touch the buttons yet"
  • do you know of a software that will enable youtube and safari to work after you have jailbroken and unlocked the iPhone?
  • Thanks a ton. I was about to throw my I phone. After updating and jailbreaking as per ur guidelines everything is fine. My syncing problems too sorted out.If you guys are coming to dubai please send me a mail for a party. Once again thank you for your unconditional & unselfish help
  • Thanks a million times dude .... ur the Best.... plz recomend more stuffs to make iphone better....:) ...
  • hey guys,
    People having problem with TMOBILE check this link and do the last step with AT&T sim card. then switch to TMOBILE sim and do the above steps. This solved my issue :D
  • went the various steps and things worked as expected. I started having a problem however. The phone would freeze and reboot again and again. Whenever I try downloading and application or calling someone, the phone would reboot. Please help with this problem?
  • Great! Works perfectly for me ... Thanks for the tutorial!
  • I jailbroke my iphone 2G, first I did it without the T-mobile sim card in place and then with the sim card in, but it still gives me the same error, "Different sim detected, Please connect to iTunes", When I connect to itunes, it says, "The sim card is not supported", I can receive and make phone calls. Does anyone know how this could be solved??
  • Guys all the way from Guatemala, Central America... This worked awesome, eternally greatful!
  • I had already tried 3 other methods I found on the internet and my son's friend (who's supposed to be an iphone guru) tried it too with no success. I did exactly as you said to do and followed all your directions and it was a total success!!! Thank you guys so much!!! I installed a T-mobile sim card works great!!!
  • i have a problem after the 7th step. it sais that there is a problem with the application... do you have any idea what am i doing wrong?
  • So, do you put the SIM card you want into your iPhone before you do this? after? in between? not matter?
  • I have tryed to do this over and over again but it is stuck on the emergency call screen. I have AT&T but can not get the iphone plan. I just dont have the internet. It will make calls from the emergency screen. Someone please help!
  • I myself have the iPhone 3G I used winpen2.5, noticed it only jailbroke my phone how do I go about unlocking it also and when do I have to insert the tmobile sim card before or after I start using quickpwn? And where can I get the little needle tool to pop out the apple/AT&T simcard??? Thank you
  • DUDE.. if we do this to get the 2.1, can we call and also have itunes apps at the same time? CUZ INSTALLER APPS SUCKS!!! please tell me
  • thank you so much... its my first time using the iphone and everything was so easy!
  • WOW! i have tried MANY(!) other attempts to jailbreak with other things and other versions of quickpwn. i even followed videos of people on youtube and NONE worked. THANKS!!!!!!!
  • oh.... i typed that when it was just turning back on, and now it is stuck at the pineapple. What is wrong?
  • i did jailbreak now how i can use my sim in iphone 3g... b'coz its showning no sim or no service.... can anyone help out to sort out this problem.... i need to unlock iphoen 3g to make call
  • Hi,
    i´ve got the German Version for this. If somebody need´s it in German language.
  • Worked like a charm. I used my sim card for my ATT prepaid phone. Works perfectly!! THANKS!!!
  • I'm havin the same problem as JOSH it keeps sayin unhandled exception and i've restored my iPhone...PLEASE HELP ME I NEED THIS PHONE UNLOCKED!!!!1
  • damn guys im really pissed off !!! i tried this methods almost over 4 times and not only with this method but with many others that i found in the internet and none seems to work !!!!! im really pissed offff i want to unlock my iphone but damn there's simply no way !! i have the 2.1 ,,, after the prosedures it gets locked at the emergency screen!!!
  • does anyone know if the t-zones plan for T-mobile is just as good as the 20 dollar plan? Can I still get my email with it?
    Also I found that first restoring the phone on Itunes and then using that image to pwn it worked after using the file here did not.
    Rock on
  • i am using the tzones $5.99 one and it works ok.. but better with wi-fi.
  • I have to re-unlock and re-jailbreak phone.. will this work even if it was already jailbroke/unlocked? I am already on 2.1 firmware..just want to make sure this is the correct tool.. I bought my phone already unlocked etc. my data is showing up as all orange and itunes says it cannot read my phone anymore.. so wanted to check before I do a restore ..thanks
  • this step by step tutorial worked perfectly. great screen shots guys and so easy to understand. everything works.. calls, features AND tzones. thanks again!
  • One question, does the EDGE service from tmobile work free? or do I have to pay the 5.99 plan?
  • Comment number 10 is a must read. It should be step #1 in the unlocking process. Thanks Clever!
  • Thanks so much. This worked like a charm. You guys rock!
  • When I did this and installed a Tmobile sim card it stayed at the make an emergency call screen! This it said wrong sim! But here’s the thing, I could make and recieve calls but only from they emergency screen. Someone help please!
  • I unlock my phone thanks! But I have a problem, it wont let me go onine, cant use youtube, no itunes, no maps, im using a T-mobile sim card.. Am I doing somrthing wrong here? How can I get Wifi turn on?
  • I have tried this method for so many times and still works ! The best method ever .
  • This was attempted on 5.11.2008
    Hi I was using ziphone with 1.1.4 firmware and wanted to use Quickpwn 2.1. I restored my Iphone from I tunes by clicking and holding SHIFT then hitting restore in I tunes and after it rebooted it asked me to insert original sim-card. I inserted my pay as you go O2 sim-card, which it was happy with. I went to upgrade to 2.1.1 firmware but it asked me to upgrade to the latest I tunes. After updating I tunes I then uploaded the firmware 2.1.1 I then followed the procedures exactly as explained from QuickPwn, everything worked fine. It came to the end which also unlocked the phone but when putting in the unofficial sim-card, it said “Please insert original sim-card.”.
    I would really appreciate any help to solve my problem.
    Thanks James
  • Hi Jonathan mine does the same after what i did above
  • My anti-virus picked up a trojan from the Quickpwn file, anyone else have that problem?
  • hello thanks man.. its working
  • Yeeehhhhaa! Finally managed to unlock my iphone. Tried many times and failed. Pay attention to the step pointed out in post #10.
  • Wow, I was gonna hack my phone the day I got it which was right when the price dropped for the first time but I decided against it waiting for the process to be perfected, and wow I can;t imagine it getting any better/easier/faster than this...Thanks
  • I had a bit of a problem with the unlock procedure, but as others have said you need to use itunes update before quickpwn. {Pay attention to comment Number 10 by Clever. Cheers m8}I also did it without a sim card in and it worked. It will come up with a message saying there is no sim card but just tap the screen and it goes off.
    1. Use itunes Version 8 to do the restore, clear any other update out of the itunes folder and let itunes download the file not the ispw from here Use quickpwn 2.1 and follow it exactly as the tutorial says and it should work for you. Thanks for all the help guys I now have a 2.1 iphone unlocked and jailbroken. Cheers Kev
  • Thanks, this worked like a charm!
  • this thing is just awesome man . just try it bro .its really good ,i never thought i can do this so easily u know its gr8 , u guys should try it
  • hi for some reason i dont get the Customize your firmware
    and Bootloader Files window, i have tried every thing, when i start the process i dont get the 7 and 8 it goes straight to #9, what could be the prob, pls help.
  • hey when i download the bootloaders, i try to open them and it says u can't and windows needs to know what program created them , what do i do?
  • worked wonderfully! thanks so much!
  • I've followed the steps up to number 3, BUT QuickPwn wont detect my 2g iPhone. The blue arrow is greyed out.......HELP????
    The phone has been updated from 1.1.4 to 2.1 using the custom firmware. Phone now shows the emergency call screen and iTunes says that the sim is not compatible.
    I wish I'd never bothered updating - can anyone help????
  • AWESOME! Worked like a charm.
  • Worked like a charm, thanks to all the geniouses who programed this!
  • I just did it, and now get the emergency screen, and I can receive and make calls (in the emergency calls screen) but nothing more. I would like to know one thing... If I restore the phone in iTunes I will get some trouble? Like killing my iPhone?
  • I was having all sorts of problems with QuickPwn - but managed to do the whole process very easily last night. What I would suggest is to put the phone into DFU restore, open iTunes and restore the firmware to the official 2.1.
    Using the above tutorial, start from step 2 and make sure that you follow all the onscreen prompts. Do not disconnect the phone or dislodge the usb cable. Everything should work fine.
    If you synced your phone to iTunes, before attempting the QuickPwn process iTunes will popup a dialog offering to "restore data from a backup". You can then restore your contacts, text etc....
    Some issues have been found though using this process with phones previously on 1.1.4. See how it goes.............good luck.
  • Under Settings, General, then Network all that appears is DATA Roaming, VPN, Wi-Fi. Nothing about APN. What is the solution?
  • Just finished three days of forensic reading, dozens of systematic, scientific efforts, and tonight found this page. No science necessary; Just follow the instructions!! Wow, my phone works, and I am so pleased. Cash to follow.
    silver? good advice!!!
  • Ran this program multiple times. Still saysay "no service.
    Can make or recieve calls. Sim card tried in another phone and works great! Help asap???????
  • For those of you who has the issue with “Please insert original sim-card.” after unlocking with QuickPwn please follow comment #10 first then run QuickPwn again. This includes you guys with AT&T sim cards and pay-as-you-go sims.
    I had that problem and this site helped me fix the issue.
    1. Had to restore back to factory default of 2.1
    2. Put my carrier's sim card in (Tmobile). It could even be a pay-as-you-go sim
    3. Ran QuickPwn again
    4. Phone works now.
  • I also got my phone off craigslist and had scoped out this website knowing that i would use it to unlock my phone for t-mobile. I restored it using itunes 8 and followed the procedures but like most of the people before me, got left with the "emergency" calls only screen. I repeated the procedures about 3 times and nothing, so i decided to do the restore again and ran the applications once more and BAM there it was, up and working. For those of you who plan on following this procedure anticipate this happening to you, be patient and restore if you get the emergency message and try again. Worked for me. Thanks for all the info and help!
  • gives problem on every reboot but yeaaaa THIS IS AWSOME!!! thanks to all team members
  • Thank you so much. I have been seaching for days for an easy to undestand tutorial. Downloaded all files you specified, followed your direction EXACTLY and my first attempt at unlocking and jailbreaking went much more smoothly than I had anticipated! In about 30 minutes (including download time) I was done and using t-mobile, wi-fi worked perfectly and so far everything seems to work perfect! YOU GUYS ROCK!
  • Worked without any hassles – BTW, though it says all Apple processes and services in the Windows Task Manager should be disabled (or stopped), Apple Mobile Services needs to be ON. The Pwange tool does not recognize without this services ON. I had stopped iPod services as a precaution.
    Otherwise, the entire procedure seems to be seamless and thoroughly hassle free.
    Actually speaking, the entire process is meant for dumbest of dummies!!!
  • I have a 2g 2.1 iphone that im trying to unlock for my mom. She has a razor with at&t and i would like to switch the sim from her razor into the iphone. I have tried to unlock it multiple times and i always get the emergency screen everyone else keeps getting. Is there something I could possibley be doing wrong? Do I leave her sim card in there right after i restore the iphone?
  • I was afraid to upgrade my 1.1.4 firmware to 2.1 because i didn't know if i would be able to unlock the phone. so i tried this process on a buddies, and sure enough it worked perfectly for him. now its my turn. thank you!!!
  • This is fantastic. I have been stuck with a dead phone for over a week! the secret is to pay attention to comment #10! Thank you!!
  • It keeps saying my usb was interupted. please help! followed the instructions to a T
  • works perfectly! im on optus prepaid (australia). i was scared to put my sim in before unlocking the phone, but i did and nothing happened. i just lost all my contacts and msg's etc, but that was expected, being a new phone and all. thankyou soo much! also, remember to follow cmnt #10. i didnt try it without that step first, but it worked for me with using that step, so i would recommend it.
  • hey whats up!! Im just unlocked my iphone first generation and is worked. I can use my Chilean movistar SIM. originally I get th iphone with a contract on England with O2 company, but I done it and unlock it. Th only matters now is with the phone keyboards..doesnt allow me to dial any number, when I go to trough th screen, this one appears a few second, and then goes to th main screen. I can make phone calls and received them trough my contact list, but th main phone keyboard doesnt work properly...any recommendation?
    thanks in advance
  • Hey, thanks a lot, I had no problems unlocking my 2gen iPhone, I use T mobile and I had no problems like other people here,maybe it got betters. Thanks again!!!
  • Great!! I tried and it worked a the first try very easy to do with these tutorial thanks!!
  • my ipone 3g is unlock.and working fine.all the function are also working .but the sim is not yet unlock.its not showing the network is this case what can i do now can any one help me plz.any one there
  • Is there an unlock for AT&T sim cards for a 1rst Gen iphone running 2.1 firmware? I have a jailbroken phone but evertime i put in a different sim it want me to activate thru i tunes and wants me to upgrade my sim to a data plan. I just want to put a sim card in without adding data and use it as an ipod, iphone, text messages, and wifi. Is this possible and If so is there also a tutorial out there?
  • HI.. need some help. I had used ZiPhone GUIv2.5 to unlock my i-phone(16GB) but unfortunately i happen to restore with the latest version of i-tunes (ver8) and now I am not able to unlock he phone with the sofware. wonder if anyone can help me on unlocking it..
  • If you are sure you are running 2.1 can you just go ahead and skip to step 2?
  • Hello all,
    I'm trying to jailbreak/unlock a iphone 2g with 2.1 firmware already on it using QuickPwn using the steps shown above. However; everytime I get to the activation screen where I have to hold home for 5 seconds and then home+power for 10 seconds and home for 30secs I get the following message:
    Your device has connected in the wrong mode. This can be caused by incorrect following of the instructions, or a faulty USB connection.
    I've changed USB connections so I know it's not the USB, how do I know what mode I'm in?
    I've also followed the procedures in comment #10 where iTunes 8 uploads the most recent firmware 2.1 on the iphone; however nothing happens since I already have 2.1. iTune just prompts if I want to activate with AT&T, at that point I just close iTunes as directed in comment #10.
    Also, I can't get out of the "slide for emergency" mode; it's suppose to say "slide to unlock".
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I've been at this for a few days. If more information is needed please ask and I will respond. I have a AT&T SIM card as well.
  • im running 2.2 so i hope this works. 2.2 is a real pain in the arse. also to those that dont know you can unlock or jailbreak to your discression but you need to unlock to make calls and you void your warrenty if you screw up... usually those you can just system restore and begin again.
  • Thanks a lot ... it was really easy and very fast... it worked for the 2.2 firmware, the new QuickPwn22-1, it was easy for my iphone 2G. Thanks a lot guys..!!!
  • Idiotproof..
    worked a treat for me from start to finish.
    It does wot it says in the tin :D
  • now that i have unlocked my phone, it does say t-mobile but my phone only lets me make emergency call.
    can anyone hepl me
  • Worked like a charm. first time around thanks guys :)
  • this is what i did i used zi phone and used the option to set my phone up for an update. Then after it was done i used the steps from number 1.
  • whats i mean by the steps from number 1 is the steps from this page.
  • how long does it usually takes?
  • OK guys to those people who are having problems with their sim cards not working. What I did was have my sim card in the phone when i updated to 2.1. Before you start quickpwn make sure everything itunes related is not running then just run quickpwn and follow steps oh and the part that gave me the most trouble was the step where you have to hold the buttons down. You have to wait till it tells you that your phone is in recovery mode, then start holding the buttons down as it prompts you.
  • ^^^^^^^
    oh and make sure your sim is in the phone throughout the whole process.
  • i've been doing it for hours and nothing have changed? it keeps telling me to put a sim card to activate it
  • it keeps saying my iphone cant be used because of sim activation! help pls!!!!!
  • how long does it usually take for quickpwn to browse for firmware?
  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hello, my phone will only let me make emergency calls. Can I still jailbreak my iphone 2g (firmware 2.1) using quickpwn if it is in this mode? If not, how do I reset it?
    Souwoop, did you get your phone to work? I think we are having the same problem.
  • Hurray, I just got it working!! The trick is to hold the home button for 5 seconds
  • i have been trying to unlock the iphone for 24 hours straight. i follow all the directions but it always gets stuck when it takes the phone to recovery mode. it never tells me to go ahead and press home button for 5 seconds or anything like that. i followed comment 10 to a T. i have my sim in there. i must have restored the phone back to factory 20 times already. its driving me crazy. i tried quickpwn and ziphone and everytime the programs take my phone to recover mode everything just sticks. then i go to itunes and restore it myself and start over. argh
  • na my phone still dont work! wen i do step by step process it gets stuck at step at number 5 selecting the firmware.. it just stays on that step and doesnt change! i neeed seriousss help!!!! PLSS!! THANKS!!!
  • Hurray, I just got it working!! The trick is to hold the home button for 5 seconds let go of the home button and then select it again while simultaneously holding the power button for 10 seconds, then let go of the power button after 10 seconds but keep holding on to the home button until your phone is jailbroken
  • do you need a data plan to get the jail break. because i tried to go to installer but it wants to connect to a internet connection, can someone help me. i do not have a data plan. thank you.
  • for t-mobile it is for the network apn
  • Help! I originaly had the I phone 2g now I have the I phone 3g. My dad wants the 2g phone for his t-mobile simcard can I still unlock it even though I had already used the phone with my at&t sim card? Please help!!!!
  • thank you brother, I was strugling with this iphone you saved me. thank you so much... keep it up.
  • HELP!.. i tried doing this but when it comes to select the firmware, i clicked browse and i clicked what it says i should click but it did not work..
    what do you reckon i should do?
    Oh and also i own the iPhone 2g and on the screen of QuickPwn it says;
    "The correct IPSW will have a name beginning with iPhone1,12.2 but on your printscreen of QuickPwn it says "iPhone1,12.1"
    i really don't know what to do.
    Help please,
  • a big big gigantic thank you thank you thank you ....
    i've a 2G iPhone which was on 1.1.3, bought from US and carried to Singapore in Mar08.
    i used Ziphone to unlock, jailbreak and activate to singapore's local mobile svc provider..and that worked well
    just yesterday (29Nov), my itchy fingers "upgraded" the device to OS2.2 thru a consequence, my iPhone died on me...i struggled for the entire day and then... windows quickpwn2.2 did the job. i still needed the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloader (at the top of this page)
    it worked and now, my iPhone is able to detect my svc provider (it's called, MobileOne) and after struggling for 24 hours...i finally got it to work...
    what a relief....
    thanks a big big bunch to the dev team.... really appreciate your quickpwn2.2 solution to unlock, jailbreak and activate
    God bless u all !!!!
  • Hi,
    I still can't use my T-Zones. I had it working on 2.02, but then restores and upgraded to 2.2. I can't upgrade through Cydia (it shows no internet service; logical, since TZone is not installed). How do I get it to work without Cydia?
  • Hi!
    I'd just like to say thank you so much for your wonderful help. When I found out that my I couldn't use my iPhone because I was on a different network, I was devastated. However, after a week of research, I stumbled across your website and 30 minutes later... here I am!
    Happy with my finally unlocked iPhone!
    THANK YOU! :):):)
  • different sim detected, please connect to i tunes,,,, what that means i can not do any thing pls some 1 help me...
  • Question: I have a 2G iPhone running 2.1 firmware but the phone has not yet been activated. Can I still run this and get it jailbroken/unlocked?
  • One more thing: will this jailbreak/unlock allow me to run it with t-mobile and still have access to iTunes and the App store?
  • Awesome - just did it and it finally worked. I think I was having problems with a USB hub and also DFU mode. The key is to count out exactly 10 seconds with the power and home button pressed to get it right + a good USB connection direct to the PC. woo! awesome.
  • I think I had most problems listed above before I actually got my phone to unlock and jailbreak. Mostly I had the “Please insert original SIM card” message. My phone was not new and had been used with AT&T service. This is everything I had to do before it finally worked. Use ITunes to restore you phone to the factory default 2.1 firmware before you begin. TIP- find a way to do this without the SIM card installed. I say find a way because I had to try multiple plug in sequences before ITunes stopped giving me the message no SIM card installed. I believe this is the only way to remove the record of the AT&T SIM card. Also ITunes will want to install the latest version of firmware 2.2 don’t let it. If you hold down the ‘SHIFT’ key when you press RESTORE in ITunes the software will let you choose what firmware to install. From here follow the procedure as outlined keeping the SIM card slot empty. Once procedure is complete put in your NON AT&T SIM card.
  • I have a 2nd hand iphone i got off a mate who bought it from the states, 8GB. my problem is the phone was already unlocked and jailbroken, i tried to update it via tunes with ym optus sim in it but now it wont restore the original settings and is just onm the emergency call screen with itunes and a USB in the back ground. so i can't do all the steps above, as it takes me back to the lets set up your iphone page on itunes. i cant set it up cause it always comes up with intunes cannot complete the setup after i agree to the terms and conditions cause im guessing it needs the original sim which i have no idea where that is..
    can somebody please help, i just got all my numbers onto this new phone
  • Thank You. Many other programs are corrupt or simply don't work. This one does off the bat. Thanks again.
  • Went through all the steps; was working perfect. Then i reset settings and files from the settings screen (the one that takes around an hour). Now when I restart it just gets stuck with the apple (pineapple) screen and wont show up in iTunes. Is there anything i can do to fix it or restore it?
  • my Iphone is 1rt gen but it is updated up to 2.2, how can I go back to 2.1
  • my iphone is having issues i had to restore it and now i cant find the firmware or it is just not passing step 6 for some odd reason i need help not smart enough to figure out!
    Thanks a lot!
  • I torrented all the files from the links provided, but when i try to run quickpwn it says "To run this application, you must first install one of the following versions of the .NET Framework: v2.0.50727"
    what does this mean? does this method only work on vista? i have a 1st generation iphone on 2.1
  • I have completed quickpwn and everything seems fine except that I keep getting no service with my new tmoble pay as I go SIM card. My phone is 2G and I just moved to Germany. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  • I need ur help guys, pls...its not working.. everytime I am trying to open the QuickPwn programm, the window just Debug..Pls guys let me know what can I do?
  • got a used locked 1g 4gb iphone i want to unlock it to use it with t-mobile. I'm not sure what firmware i have or how to check it. it is in emergency call mode. I'm not able to open the quickpawn program i get the debug screen i need some direction at this point thanks
  • I have my phone unlocked and working with my T=Mobile Sim card. Everytime I connect to Itunes, it asks if I want to upgrade to 2.1. I'm currently running 1.1.4. If I upgrade, will it re-lock my phone? Thanks
  • Brilliant!!!!!! I have struggled 2 days with a iphone that my brother brought from the US to South Africa, and it works beautiful!!!!! Thanks!!!!
  • hey, im have trouble, on the 4th step where i locate the iphone firm ware and open the file that i downloand (iPhone 2.1 ISPW, it does'nt verify it and does not fully load therefore i am unable to continue the process.any suggestions?
  • It is amazing I actually did it!! It worked!!Took me three attempts. I had to restore to 2.2 in i tunes the 2nd time around, until I found out from a comment above that if you hold down the shift key as you click restore it will allow you to pick the firmware and I got back to 2.1.On my third attempt I used the t mobile sim from the beginning and it worked, I didn't have to remove it at any point! Don't give up guys, trust me, I am not good with computers, I amazed my daughter, it was her phone, she was going to pay to get it done! Thanks sooo much everyone, it didn't take too long once I got the hang of it, and I really feel I have accomplished something now! Happy Holidays to you all!!
  • this was a great.. it worked beautifully. I wasn't able to make it to work first couple times .. since i was not following the instructions properly .. but this is amazing.
    thanks for sharing this.
  • hi! i have the same problem as everybody does! when i tried to sync my unlocked 2G 2.1 iphone with itunes, i got the phone locked with just an itunes background and the ability to only do an emergency call!(basically i can dial and receive calls but i can;t do anything else. my service is t-mobile) does anybody can help me :(?
  • same problem as everyone else with the emergency calls only problem with tmobile. Follow step 137 and it will fix this
  • This worked well. The key was to make sure I restored the 2.1 software WITH my T-mobile card in and then follow the steps. looks like it's working just fine.
  • Hey All of you guys and Specially Posting # 10 .
    Anyone who wants to unlock the iphone please read # 10 Posting.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
  • btw, to get the simcard out, u can simply use a paperclip. Don't press too hard, but apply certian pressure. Keep trying and it will come out . eventually...
  • Hey guys sorry for the inconvenience but im trying to jailbrake but my process get stuck on step 4 i dont know why it doesnt load the firmware help any one? thanks...
  • yo good looks to everyone that posted u helped me big time when i fucked up big time real fast, but onto the next thing. when i updated to 2.2 i lost all my numbers in the process when i restored it back to unlock. is there a way to get those back and is there a way to get my email to work? it keeps telling me that the ssl isn't working correctly. thanks guys and once again THANK YOU BIG FUCKING PROPS TO ALL OF YOU!
  • hi
    thanx you very much :)
  • One question, how do I activate the iphone w/o an ATT simcard?
    Also will pwnage software work without a sim card in it? I tried the home and power key routine and man my hands are tired and can not get into that mode. I'm really not that uncoordinated..please help
  • Brilliant, I was updating my apps to show off to my family and I thought I had screwed my Iphone on Xmas morning. Got up today, found your site and fixed it. Merry Xmas to me and thanks to you!!!
  • I have a 1.1.4 firmware iphone (unlocked and jailbroken) that I bought new about 6 months. I want to upgrade the firmware so that I can get some of the new Apple apps.
    Do I need to do the full process. I just need to upgrade the firmware!!!
  • how do I jailbreak my 1st gen (2G) iPhone now that I've updated to 2.2? The article promises a "How to", but I cannot find such a document. Is it possible to jailbreak my iPhone?
  • please help!
    ma brother just got me an iPhone,im with t-mobile so he had to get it unlocked for me. it was working fine then i guess when i connected it to my computer something went wrong. everything got earased and itunes said i had to restore the phone so i did. when i disconnected it, it told me that my SIM card wasent compatable. i took the SIM card out and put it back in and it did the same thing. i tried resetting it but nothing works.
    i know that it's back to the factory settings but i want to unlock it again so i can use it with my t-mobile SIM card. i started to unlock it and it was going well until i got to step 6. where it tells you to browse for firmware. the right bundle is selected but the blue arrow won't pop up so i can go to the next step.
    if there's anyone who can help, because i really need it, please do. thanks!
  • Yaya,
    Try the link below. I just completed this last night.
  • thank you!
    i'll try it
  • I just finish unlocking my iphone with the program with iPhone1,12.25G77_Restore and I dont have the emergency mode problem anymore
  • Brilliant. These instructions work perfectly with my 1st gen. I am blown away by how well I am running an iPhone on the T-Mobile network. It's nice to finally have a phone that isn't a piece of shit.
  • Hi, I did all the stuff needed here, im running 2.1 on my iPhone, i recently downgraded my iPhone from 2.2 to 2.1 and i still cannot unlock it, i did everyhting and now im stuck in emergency mode, i can call people and revieve calls but nothing else, i cant text or anything, please if you know what to do please contact me.
  • y doesnt my firware gets verified..i updatd to 2.2 from phone got locked aftr dat..den i downloaded 2.1 in a folder as stated wenever i go to verify firmware..da BLUE remains..freezed,,wat do i do now??
  • It took some doin but it worked... Thanks ..... it helpeed reading all blogs.... it can be done!!!
    Thanks again
  • How to Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 3G
  • The firmware verification step, step 6, is not working for me and I'm not sure why. I tried both the 2.1 and 2.2 IPSW and I still don't get the green check mark. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  • I have an iphone 2g. And I have a (regular) ATT Sim card from my old regular phone. I tried to do all steps here and it didn't work. I tried to downgrade to FW 1.1.4 and used ziphone 1.0 and still didn't worked: No Service Wifi seemed to have a very weak signal. It only works if i go VERY near my wireless modem. At 5 feet away, i lost the signal. I tried resetting all on General settings and still wont work. My first question is, would my OLD (non-iphone) ATT Sim could actually work on un unlocked/jailbroken iphone? Is somebody out here actually use an OLD ATT Sim??
    Secondly, what is wrong with my wifi signal?
    I really appreciate any Help...Thanks Guys!
  • Hi all,
    I will be receiving my new gently used Iphone tomorrow and am excited to jailbreak and unlock it to use with t-mobile. But I am bit confused. I have been researching for the past week on current jail breaking/unlocking procedures, and so far this website is the most thorough and detailed of all of them. But these steps and intructions are on how to to jail break/unlock iphones on 2.1 and other sites are already posting procedures and steps for 2.2 with QuickPwn 2.2
    IE -
    Does this mean that this procedure is outdated or does it mean that the experts on this site do not recommend upgrading to and jail breaking/unlocking for 2.2? I ask because these instructions are dated back in early October 7th and quite a bit has occurred since then. Can anybody, or experts, editors of this site, comment on this? As I about to unlock my iphone tomorrow and want to make sure that I am applying the most current, verified, and recommend method out there. Thanks and have great day!
  • Hi Ethan well you can upgrade to 2.2 if you want but i heard that it may cause serious problems because firmware 2.2 upgrades the baseband so some times it becomes incompatible. So what i would suggest u is to go for 2.1 it has quite the same thing as 2.2.
  • Hi,
    I have read all of the feed back. I have a different problem. Followed all the steps and it worked perfectly as describe, right until the last step on QuickPwn. After following the sequence of buttons an error message comes up in the last second before preparing to jailbreak sayin “Your device has connected in the wrong mode. This can be caused by incorrect following of instructions, or a faulty USB connection. Please try again”.
    I have tried numerous times, and differnet IPOD leads and different USB points, does it need to be an IPHONE lead specifically or are they universal. I have followed the steps 100% so I am thinking connection but has anyone heard of this? The leads work fine recognising the phone in I tunes to restore it???
  • I am jailbreaking my phone and unlocking it so I can use a T Mobile SIM. At what point during the above process do I put the SIM in?
  • IphonePro, Thanks for the reply. I researched some more on the actual Iphone-dev team blog and found that upgrading your Iphone first gen/2g is fine and breaking it with QuickPwn 2.2 package is fine. This Baseband issue only occurs when you are trying to unlock 3G. I just jailbreaked and unlocked my iphone2g successfully. Everything is working perfectly without a hitch.
  • Bart, it doesn't matter. You can leave it or out at the restore. But I would put it in before you initiate QuickPwn. Also, if you plug in your Iphone and get some kind of message stating that "your sim is not supported", and it won't recognize you iphone in itunes, don't worry. Just hold down the power and home button till you get an error message with a triangle warning starting that your iphone needs to go into DFU or recovery mode. Then select ok on the error, hold down shift and select restore and select the firmware you desire for the procedure. After the restore is done, you will still get this error (sim unsupported) but at least you know for sure what firmware you are on. Go ahead and run the QuickPwn utility and follow the directions on the utility. You should be good to go. Good luck!
    NOTE: Since you are unlocking your phone to tmobile, I will assume you were like me and not need any old data on the phone. Restoring will erase all old data on the phone. btw - I upgraded to ver 2.2 fine with the below link. It's awesome.
  • how long does it take for the iphone to
    "connect in recovery mode"
  • omg quickest and easiest thing ive ever done thankssss a mill
  • can't run QuickPwn.exe, comes back with net framework initilaisation errors (windows).... i'm stuck.
  • Please see below comment. All hail the great UsMan..:D
    December 16th, 2008 at 4:13 am
    I downloaded quickpwn now it wont let me open it. it tells me i need to install one of the following versions of the .NET framework: v2.0.50727 it also says to contact my application publisher for instructions about obtaining the appropriate version of th .NET framework. any way can i get some help in laymans terms. I’m really lost.
    jack you can download the latest ver of .NET framework from the link below.
    after installation reboot your windows and when you run quick pwn right click it and click on “Run as Admin”
    everything will go fine.
  • Thanks a million times .......... thnxx so so so much ....
  • Woo Hoo! It worked!
    The first time, I did it, it did not work - I saw the "Different SIM Detected" screen. Then I followed Comment No 10 and it all went fine!
  • I was frustrated trying to unlock my iPhone with QuickPwn until I tried it without the SIM card in the phone and QuickPwn worked perfectly. That is the exact opposite of what Comment 10 says to do as the first step.
  • It worked like a charm... the tricky part was to get the right iphone firmware installed... if you do restore on itunes it loads with the latest 2.2 version but for 2.1 I had to download the firmware from another site then did the shift+restore and gave me the option to choose the firmware. After that i followed the procedure as written... the process went very smoothly... Thanks Guys, you rock!!!
  • I just bought an iPhone 2g currently running on version 2.2 and is NOT Unlocked or Jailbroken... I am a current AT&T customer usding a Palm Treo... When I enter my simcard it only lets me make Emergency calls... Any help?????? I also have Windows XP... I dont see why I would need to Unlock/Jailbreak since I am already a AT&T user, but if any1 can help it would be greatful.....
    Ill fix it later :]
  • thx for your all in4mation...... relay help full methods...
  • so after i hack it will i be able to use tmobile? for the first gen and the 2nd gen iphone?
  • hi
    i cant hack iphone 2g
    I restored and updet with itunse but i can not heck with quickpwn .donot worked
  • hmmm anyone pls help me..i was stucked with the firmware validation..if u could just help push through that step was taking too long...
  • very helpful
  • Firmware Verification step five is taking to long ........can someone pls help.
  • It worked fine, but when I got to Settings, General, and Network, I don't see anything that says APN, just VPN and Wi-Fi. What's going on?
  • Hi, to whom ever created this cool easy software. I really do appreciate it, Thank you so much, everything worked out just find. Its unlocked (NO JOKE)!! to everyone else reading this just follow this mysterious person's easy instructions and everything reveals and unfolds itself. There is one thing that I need help with though. This had been going on since I had ATT, but when i make calls I can hear the person just find, but they cant hear me, I dont know if its my speaker or anything, please email a my personal email if anyone has an perticular idea as to what steps i can take to resolve this problem. THANK YOU :-)
  • can anyone accually help i duno whats going on iv sucsessfully unlocked my iphone but i switched it on this morning and its being a dick and wont let me dial any numbers or hang up soo if anyones had the same problem yea say soo and help me out (Y) xx
  • worked perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
    just youtube doesn't work ..
  • Lost, I'm having the same problem I can not find APN anywhere only VPN. How can I get data back on the phone with T-Mo SIM?
  • @iFONE, simply connect your phone to iTunes and after that YouTube should work. If not look for a YouTube fix via Cydia.
  • Omg Thanxs!!!!
    l0l love it so easy and quick
    im using vista home basic and
    it was so quick and it didnt delete
    anything like contacts or pics or music
    its tight Thanxssss
  • Before I try this, I just wanted to know if all my apps, data, pictures, etc. will be deleted? My brother gave me his old iphone so I won't have the same itunes to restore it with.
  • O my god gys!!!!!!!!! That f.....g iphone. I took my three nights to get the f.....g thing to work. Sorry for the language but i was pretty pissed till 5 min ago. Thanks for that blog it helped me a lot. I was trying to unlock my 2G iphone so i can use it back home in eastern europe.
    Everything that is shown on that web site is 100% true.
    The onli problem is that the very beginning is not clear- this is when (comment #10) comes in place, but still might be a little confusing
    That's why i am going to tell you exactle what i did.
    1)i'm using 2G updated on the same computer already at 2.2.1
    2) my computer is slow and running xp proffesional :)
    3) as (#10 clever) says take your original sim card out, and put the one you want to use after the unlock
    4) plug your iphone,open itunes hold the home button down or both of them if it somehow does't work. You need to get it to say that "iPone is connecting in ‘restore mode". The only option you will have is to hit "restore"
    That's it after that follow all these steps and you will be fine. Just keep trying.
    I know i am probably repeating other comments i just wanted to make it a little more clear.
    I hope that helped you and you will never see tha f.....g sign "Different sim detected"
    Thanks a lot
  • hi .. i have a 3G , 8GB Iphone which i purchased from Australia and need to unlock it so i can use it in Singapore . can some please let me know how to go about doing this.
  • i jailbroke my iphone 2g but wen i put my tmobile sim card it said diffrent sim detected connect 2 itunes then i connect it 2 itunes and it shows sim card not supported how do i fix this problem some one plz help me
    email me at thanks
  • your'e an angel
  • My iphone was jailbroken and unlocked and then I upgraded to the latest update from itunes. Once, update was finished, the screen was stuck in the "slide for emergency" connect to iTunes mode. I could receive all texts and calls, and make calls from the emergency keyboard, and the phone recognized my GSM carrier, so I figure it was still unlocked. How do I get my iphone screen back to normal? Help. My phone is a 2g (8gb).
  • Followed all thesteps trying to unlock my phone.
    Went from 2.1 firmware to 2.2.1.
    Had the Bootneuter running at its last step.
    But i am still unable to UNLOCK my phone. It shows NO SERVICE. But manage to installed cydia n installer.
    Under CARRIERS > Network Selection, im able to see my provider. Upon clicking it i get "RESTRICTED NETWORK" "Your selected cellular network is restricted. You can choose a different network in Settings"
    Plz help
  • I installed the Quickpawn software and extracted it, but I can't seem to get it to open up. My computer brings up an error that says it was failed to initialize properly. What could be the case here?
  • john..u gotta install .net on ur machine
  • Just want to ask for some links. I upgraded my old 2g iPhone her. 1.1.2 to the new 2.2.1 with the pawnage tool. It's unlocked and jailbroken. I can call and send and recieve text. Tried 3 different sims I have. At& t. Orange and a free generic pay as I go. All worked But. Some things don't can't locate me you tube doesn't work. My bitesms account can't update credits to this phone. And there's probably more. That I haven't tried. So any links or help would be greatly appreciated. Thx ltr mike
  • great one!...i like this one!
  • Thanks....
    Worked perfectly for me. God bless you
  • worked like a charm! my only stump was Quickpwn wouldn't work properly but I downloaded .net program and it worked!
  • THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I just got my iphone in the mail and it was supposed to be unlocked but of course when I inserted my tmobile sim it said emergency calls only and when I connected to itunes I got the unsupported sim message. I followed your instructions and comment #10 and was unable to unlock it myself. I am the least computer literate person on the planet and I was afraid I would have to send the phone back or pay to have it unlocked. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!! If I could do this anyone can!!!
  • People keep asking how to solve the 'emergency call only' problem. Please read #10, it works. If not the 1st time, keep trying! I had to repeat the whole process twice, but I've read someone else had to do it 4 times. So, a bit frustrating maybe, but it the end it should work!
  • i downloaded everything and when i use QuickPWN it freezes up and says something is wrong with it i am currently using windows vista is the the problem?
  • i'm on the 1.1.4 software i have to plug in my iphone to the computer and update it first before i do all of this or should i guess go str8 to the installin ??
  • THIS WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! First time around. For T-mobile, just add unlimited internet and your set! The tip earlier about removing the AT&T SIM before beginning the process.....
  • Having spent all night trying to get this to work, I finally figured it out. I was suffering from the "Wrong Sim / Emergency Only" call screen and it was doing my head in.
    So here is exactly what I did. Insert the new sim card (the one you are wanting to use once unlocked) Connect the phone to the pc and open itunes. Once opened press and hold the POWER button and the HOME button until the screen turns off (black). (Your device also disappears from iTunes) When the screen turns black release the POWER button while still holding the HOME button until your device pops back in iTunes.
    iTunes will then detect your device in recovery mode and ask you to restore it. Click to restore, it will then ask to restore default setting and update. Again click yes to this. Allow this to run fully. After roughly 2-3 minutes it will ask you to "leave your iPhone plugged in for updating or rebooting" (can't remember exactly what it said). As soon as it says this close iTunes, but don't touch the iPhone. Next follow the steps as listed above and hopefully your iPhone will be unlocked. Well that's how I got it to work for me.
    Thanks for the help above, especially # 205 (Fobus666)
    Good luck
  • Comments 10,205,223 ... You are amazing...
    Thank You Very Much..... absolutely working..!!
  • I already performed jailbreak on my iphone, i try to use it with my T-mobile card but it won't let me use it. What can I do? It turns into the emergency call mode only
  • HI Guys
    This thing works. I was worried that it would fail because i used WinXP SP3 but the entire process went smoothly like drinking juice. Congratulation to guys who made this software. Thanks guys
  • what you need to do is put your wanted carrier sim card before you unlock it
  • thanks man, this defenitely works, can someone let me know if you can still plug your iphone into itunes without needing it jailbroken again?
  • Wow these instructions worked perfectly. Very impressed. I'm only 15 and I had no problem with it, not to say that 15 yr olds are stupid.. ANYWHO!.. great stuff. Thanx
  • hi, its says that im on the network of my sim, but i cant get it to the the iphone it didnt work, any help? thank you.
  • hay, thanks it is jailbroken fine, but wasnt unlucoked, ?
  • after downloading the QuickPwn zip files, I tried to unzip it. But when I click on the pineapple, it prompts error application.
    Anyone can help?
    Pls advise. Thanks
  • Hey i have a problem well its about my sim card and i have tmobile and its asking me about "different sim detected" so i you can please help me!!!!
  • does this fully unlock the iphone.. where i can use my US carrier and then if i go out of the country like asia i can just pop in an asian sim card without having to redo all of this? if anyone can answer that question i would appreciate it.
  • i got the same problem as #223 person do. it say tmobile on the top and stuff but only saying emg call. i cant access nothing esle
  • JARRR!!! #10 was the key for me to getting my AT&T iPhone unlocked onto T-Mobile prepay. This actually had a disabled AT&T SIM at first because I upgraded to the 3G 6 months ago. I had the different SIM problem at first until I found comment #10. I had to use my AT&T SIM to connect to iTunes and initiate a Restore, but IMPORTANT: I closed iTunes while the iPhone was rebooting after the restore (before it could activate via AT&T), put in my T-Mobile SIM and then ran QuickPwn selecting only the unlock option. When it was done and phone finally rebooted, it was up and running on T-Mobile! Yes! Thanks everyone! Now I'm ready for iPhone OS 3.0...
  • ... and even though I had to do a full restore (wipe out all my info and media), after I successfully unlocked, I was able to restore from the previous backup (even though it was from when I had AT&T and associated with a different phone #) and get all my stuff back. It just takes a while...
  • Just wanted to say thank you very much !!
    Works like a dream !!
    Friend did update his unlocked phone to 2.2.1 and was sim-locked again. But after following these instructions his iphone works again and is sim-lock free. Big "A+" for your help.
  • thank you vary much. It realy rocks.
    As Comment #10 says: The crutial part is the iPhone firmware must never have been activated via iTunes in the first place otherwise it will always fail when you change SIM cards.
  • wow! im really happy now. i just followed the steps and there, i had my phone unlocked. thank you!
  • absolutely amazing guys done mine on 24/03/2009 as i borrowed a freinds iphone and basically f****d it up but with your help ive sorted it just hope he doesnt notice the home screen change!!!!
  • my iphone just showes a pinapple and vibrates twice and does nothing elese please help
  • hi guys,
    all is working just fine, thank you very much,
    but under Settings, General, then Network all that appears is DATA Roaming, VPN, Wi-Fi.
    Nothing about APN. What is the solution?
    i did see others here with the same problem,
    but no solutions :(
    anyone can help me?
  • 244 still having the same problem if any one can help me please send me a email at
    thanks justin
  • i am having the same problem as every one elese i put my tmobile card in and it wants me to connect it to itunes.
  • what do i need to do email me a
  • Just ran it with the SIM card in. Worked perfectly.
  • Id like to leave congrats for this program! just like everyone else im so thankful people have taken their time to create something so easy. just two hours ago i screwed up in cydia and deleted the wrong file for my unlocked 2 gen. i was freaking out since i had no idea how to unlock or anthing. even though i gotta start from scratch, its such a relief to be back on t-mobile..
  • My iPhone malfunctioned an was on "Emergency Only" mode. This worked like a dream, thank you so much! Only, for me, connecting the phone and THEN launching QuickPwn worked, not the other way around, but that's just a small detail.
    Keep it up!!
  • Been searching and trying to sort this for a week... thank you sooooooo much!!!
  • worked great very easy! thanks! i just jailbreak it i did not unlock i have att works fine!!!!
  • Followed all thesteps trying to unlock my phone.
    Went from 2.1 firmware to 2.2.1. Had the Bootneuter running at its last step. But i am still unable to UNLOCK my phone. It shows NO SERVICE. But manage to installed cydia n installer.
    Under CARRIERS > Network Selection, im able to see my provider. Upon clicking it i get “RESTRICTED NETWORK” “Your selected cellular network is restricted. You can choose a different network in Settings”
    Im getting the same thing as jaws..anybody got solution to this? pls helpppp
    jaws have fixed ur iphone yet?
  • Hells yeah this ish is bad azz! Ziphone what?
  • worked perfectly - thankyou!!
  • lol dis shxt really preciate this pplz, ya'll were a big help. my phone is fully unlocked and ready to go! even without a sim card! thanx!
  • Thank you.
  • its amazing and very simple
    thx fot the app and steps
    love ths thng
  • Thanks! my iphone is unlocked and works perfect with t-mo.
    i ran into one problem though with applications. When i tried installing an app using my itunes, there was a pop up that said "unable to verify application". I heard of this problem before and seen people inquire about it on other sites, couldnt find an answer however. can you help ?
  • hey, i hav an ipod touch 1.1.5, i hav tried so many different updates but it dint work for me, cn anyone give me a download link or help me out, every time i try and update it says update eror. thanks
  • Worked like a charm..thank you sooo much.You saved me a lot of headache and money. Thanks again.-uae
  • So once the phone is unlocked, I can put a T-Mobile Sim card inside of it then use my T-Mobile plan on that phone, correct?
    The only problem is I don't have T-Mobile service right now or a T-Mobile sim card. Do I have to buy a T-Mobile plan then ask them to send me a sim card, or do I have to buy a T-Mobile plan then get one of those free phones, then take out the sim card from there and insert it inside the iphone?
  • Thanks a lot guys! I was using an iphone 2G 1.1.4, and my cousin who had got it unlocked had warned not to upgrade.. But with the AppStore, I couldnt resist ;) This worked like a dream, but I had to do it like 20 times .. The tricky part was step 10. I solved it by looking at an actual clock and counting instead of relying on the counter provided by QuickPwn. Also I had the sim card inserted. Hope this helps someone! Thanks again, and Thank You Jesus! :D
  • yeah it works so cool
    by the way the top part of the screen doesn't work..... do u know how to fix it I don't have warrenty
  • this sucks, everything loaded great on my phone but when it did its last reboot it just stays on the boot screen with just the apple, im really pissed i need my phone tomorrow badddddddd,,,,, Can Someone please help
  • I keep getting this stupid message..
    in the last second before preparing to jailbreak sayin “Your device has connected in the wrong mode. This can be caused by incorrect following of instructions, or a faulty USB connection. Please try again”. tried in another pc and still the same
  • the phone refuses to go into dfu mode.. any help will be apreciated.
  • Holy balls, I don't usually comment, but this was the easiest 13 steps ever! Worked like a charm, I love you guys!
  • thanks a million! i picked up my friends used iphone 1st gen for 40 bucks went to tmobile picked up a pre paid month to month base data and minute plan and now i have cool iphone!!!! i will be donating asap!
  • I have a First Gen iPhone (2g) which is not activated and the SIM inside it is a deactivated SIM. I just upgraded it 2.2.1. I don't have a T-Mobile SIM.
    First Question:
    My question is, can I still Jailbreak/Unlock it without an activated SIM? Or can I only Jailbreak it? Or neither?
    Another question I have is:
    Will unlocking allow me to use this phone with AT&T WITHOUT a data plan, and only WiFi? Or will AT&T find out and begin charging me?
  • Thank You! This works very well. I had the difficulty with the sim card as described by several others. This is how I was able to overcome that issue. First, you have to make sure you have the 2.2.1xx on your itunes on your computer. The best thing to do is to take the firmware file you already downloaded and go to your itunes and upload it as the firmware for your iphone to run on. This means you need to take out the sim from the phone, connect it to your itunes, go to the firmware screen in Itunes, use the shift key and click on the button to change the firmware, and upload the firmware file you have already downloaded. OK that was the hard part. Now close itunes, put your sim in your phone, and start here on step 1 and you should be good to go. Most of the problems are due to the firmware in itunes or that you have itunes open when you go through the process. If you have tried the process listed above more than 5 times you need to search for more technical reasons why it is not working. There are other sites with great info and a different perspective or way to describe the process. Dont give up yet. Thanks
  • IS Quickpwn the best jailbreak 4 iphone 2g? I want 2 get customizer on my phone, but I need 2 jailbreak it first! Please help me now! My friend has customizer and its sooo cool
  • coment 223 work for mee i ,had the same problem emergency call
  • The best way to do this is follow comment number 10, 2.1 or 2.2.1 doesnt matter. I put a different sim (of my choice) and put the phone in DFU mode, restored factory settings and denied updating carrier settings on the itunes. then followed this guide word for word. Hope this helps. Follow comment number 10
  • This really works! My iphone 2g was locked after I updated software on itunes. I restored the phone using itunes hoping that that would allow me to use my phone, but all I did was erase all of my data. I tried two other jailbreak programs, which did not work. Finally, after 8 weeks of searching the internet, I found this one and jailbroke and unlocked my iphone on April 2. It worked perfectly. My iphone was unlocked in less than 10 minutes and I was able to install cydia and installer. Keep up the good work!
  • I didn't have to use the firmware ipsw at all because I restored my phone to factory settings using itunes before I began to jailbreak and the firmware restored was 2.2.1. It's really important that you disable all itunes and apple programs on your computer, otherwise when you connect your phone, itunes will open and interfere with the jailbreaking process. Also, pay close attention at step 10. The screen will prompt you by highlighting the step you should be taking when it's time to hold down the home and power buttons. Don't hold down those buttons until prompted to do so.
  • A couple more things - insert the sim card that you want to use when you restore the phone at itunes. Once restore is complete, itunes message will say sim not supported. Close itunes and disable it on your computer, and then begin quickpwn process. Even though I live in The Bahamas, my phone works with the local service provide "BTC". No glitches so far. I'm so happy that my "toy" is working again.
  • the top part of rthe screen on my phone doesn't work what I do ...crying.......
  • thank you so much!
    i searched everywhere for something like this
    its really good for those of you in same situation as i was which is i upgraded to 2.2.1 and it said "DOES NOT RECOGNIZE SIM CARD" or something like that
    the only hard part is the last but it definatly works
    THANK YOU!!!
  • this is really great. very clear and easy to follow instructions... comment 10 was of help as well.. thank you soooo much...
  • Wow. After reading the article and 282+ comments, i decided to give it a go from 1.4. Had some problems due to firmware 1.4. I updated from iTune to latest and started to follow all the instructions. It worked smoothly and no problems at all.
    Great article!!!!! Thank you very much ^____^
  • Worked perfect and was EASY!!! Have no clue why anyone here had any problems..probably did not follow instructions correctly.
  • well i installed it but my iphone is stuck on a black screen with a pineapple
  • Wow!!! Piece of cake, but it took me most the morning to do it! And, I thought I screwed up the phone. Bought a phone new/used, a 2G that had never been used and although I am an AT&T user, I didn't want to go through their process and procedure plan (new 2-yr contract and data package expense) so wanted to unlock the phone and just drop my SIM card in the phone. Everything worked well as far as Jailbreaking and Unlocking...EXCEPT during the latter process I was holding down the "HOLD" key on my keyboard, not the "hold" button on the phone!!!
    I only discovered that is was the "hold" key on the phone when watching a YouTube demo on restoring the iPhone setting which I thought I needed to do. Duh!!! Needless to say, the Pwnage program kept coming up with an error message since I was pressing the keyboard, not the phone button!
    Anyway, thanks for the tutorial!!! But man, at 49-years-old, I feel like such a rookie when it comes to this type of stuff and my missing the mark about which "hold" button to use. ;-)
  • I Do not want to unlock my iphone, i have a contract with ATT but i want the installer and Cydia, what do i do? I tried one time and my phone went to the apple logo and i got scared and restored it real quick, i think i almost effed up my fone... but after finding this i want to try again... im a n00b and i dont wanna eff up my fone forever.... help please!
  • This program is amazing! If everyone has the patience and doesnt mess with it while it is being jailbroken THIS WILL WORK! The only issue I had was apparently something with iTunes being active. I waited until it timed out and Quickpwn worked. VERY EXCITE!!
  • THANK YOU!!!!!
  • perfect ! it is worked .you could trust it.
    عالیه کار میکنه
  • Thanks man!!! Worked flawlessly!!!
  • INDEED perfect!! i had no problem at all, very easy steps...
    Thanks a lot....
  • You have to restore the firmware before you can unlock it successfully
  • Hi,
    I am having an iphone 2G with firmware 2.2.1. I was trying to unlock it via the procedure using quickpwn.
    During the initial step while clicking the shift + restore, itunes is bit asking for the ipsw file but checking the intenet for the firmware. I tried to disable the internet but gets the meesage that "make sure that the settings are correct and your network connection is alive, then try again'
    Please advise what need to be done.
    Thanks & regards,
  • Hi,
    I tried this, iphone 2g. from 1.4 to 2.2.
    Really worked at first try!!!
    Im so happy! thank you sooo much.
  • After one or two tries it worked beautifully, but when I connect to the itunes on my laptop itunes tries to "restore" software. Will restoring it re-lock the iphone? I need to connect to it so that I can load my music library. Anyone know the answer?
  • hi great blog......ive followed the steps and jailbroken and unlocked my iphone 2g....i get t-mobile and full reception but i just cant make calls or send txt....anyone got any information which may help my problem!!!! thanx
  • for all those that T-Mobile user that had the error with the emergency call only, here what i did after many hours of agony, i inserted my friends AT&T card, open iTunes, tell iTunes that you want to restore the phone after answering the first question, remove the AT&T card and insert your T-Mobile card, the hit restored on the second question, after the phone finishes it will reboot make sure you close iTunes after that, then follow all the instructions above with your T-Mobile card in it and wa la...
  • one thing not in the instructions that is a MUST! Insert the SIM you are going to use then do a restore from within Itunes. Then DO NOT register the iphone. Shut down itunes and commence with the Pawnge process just as it is described. It will work!
  • Thanks so so so much. you are a star. i did it from my Mac and now my iphone back to unlocked.
  • i love you
  • sorry, still have a problem, my sim card didnt work on my unlocked iphone. could anyone advise me what to do. thanks
  • Hi, I have unlocked my 2G phone which is on version 1.1.2 & what I'd like to do is to upgrade to at least version 2.0 ! Can you tell me how to do this ? Many thanks
  • I LOVE YOU , keep your sim card that YOU WANT inside while doing this
  • Do we need to stop the AppleMobileDeviceService.exe service as well? Should we stop it from Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services? If we stop it then it goes back in "Automatic" mode. Do we need to change that mode as well?
    Or, can we skip stopping/killing AppleMobileDeviceService.exe service while starting step no. 2 i.e. "Launch QuickPwn".
  • Thanks Amar (comment 91) for the clarification.
  • i have been looking allll overrrrrrr for a place to unlock my iphone
    thank you Goddddd!
    i love youu.
    i wanna cry
  • Amazing man!!! Thanks a lot.
  • Hey, I tried unlocking my 2G phone using the QuickPwn-225-2. Everything went on smooth when I put on Tmobile SIM in my iphone, the left top corner shows full signal... calls out as tmobile... got a message I have an voicemail but reads "SIM card not accepted"... allows only emergency calls...
    Do I need to call Tmobile to unlock my SIM before I install it in my iPhone?
  • I got it working.. just follow the steps from #205 before starting the unlock process... my iphone works like a charm.. :) thanks folks... and for the newbees... happy.."un"-locking...
  • Thank you. Everathing works excellent:)
  • Kick major ass!!! Now I can use my iPhone here in rual Oklahoma. Thanks to all involved with this.
  • thank you man!!! helped me heaps i was up all night trying to di this n u helped me to it in like 2 mins!!! i love u!!
  • Everything was working good until it restarted. I followed all the steps and now all it is showing is the pineapple icon on the screen and it vibrates once in a while and the screen goes black and the pineapple icon comes back it has done this for hours. Is there a way I can speed up the process. Please tell me ASAP my email is :-(
  • same problem as ahlaM plz respond here i want my phone jailbroken only contact
  • Hi, I have an unusual problem with my iphone 2g. I followed these instructions and made it work, but after 3-4 days the phone freezes and locks up again. Then I have to restore it with itunes and unlock again with quickpwn. I tried this several times, always with the same result. It just stops working after a few days. Andy advice? Thanks
  • Thank you guys very very much. I have the original 4Gb (had bought the 2nd day it released) 2g iPhone. I had updated it to the latest firmware using iTunes and was a little unsure if this would work. Initially before looking at this post I tried a couple of times doing the unlock but as many people have commented, the jailbreak was going through but the unlock wouldn't happen. The phone after rebooting would go to the Emergency call screen and would say needs activation. When I tried a T-mobile sim (after the process was done) I could make calls and receive but the phone technically was not unlocked - I could not get to the normal UI and other functionality.
    So the following work for me (same what Indy has mentioned in post 223. Bought a prepaid T-mobile sim card (10 bucks). Took my original sim from the phone out and put the above sim in. Connected to my laptop (Vista). Started iTunes (8.1 version). At this point iTunes told me it could not identify the SIM in the phone and I should get a valid sim from the proper carrier. Pressed the Home and the Power buttom simutanously on the phone till screen went blank and then released the power button while keeping the Home button pressed. iTunes at this point detected the phone was connected in restore mode and asked for restore to be done. Clicked on Restore and Update. iTunes completed the restore of the software and firmware and when it completed and rebooted the phone, I disconnected the phone immediately (as mentioned by 223,10 etc.). From here on followed the QuickPwn instructions exactly as mentioned in the post. And that was it. When it came up - no trace of AT&T. The phone accepted the new SIM like it had been married for ages!!! Started iTunes again and asked it to update the phone. iTunes updated and synched all my library and I got my phone as it had been with everything on it before - but now unlocked and ready to go without AT&T. Even my home wireless was intact and remembered. Thank you very much to all the guys on this post (I read each and every comment here) just to make sure I may not miss anything and lose my phone doing something wrong.
    Thanks again!!!
  • A little help please
    had the iPhone for a year now highly satisfied with out ever jail-breaking but i want to jail-break now. Anything special I should do? I have tried this in the past and QwkPwn never recognizes that it is in DFU mode, although Windows "recognizes DFU device" and the screen that its says should be on the iPhone is there!
  • This tutorial is truely amazing! It makes me looks like I am some sort of Pro hacker but I am actually nothing close to it. LOLZzzz :-p Following are the summarized steps in order to succeed:- Read comment #10, #205 and #223 before you begin the process. I personally recommend all comments to be read. Open Window Task Manager and disable "Ipodservices" and "Applemobiledevice" before you even start Pwnage. Follow the instruction listed above and you will be fine leading to the last stage before jailbreaking. ON THE LAST STAGE, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE ON SCREEN INSTRUCTION EXACTLY! Which means you only press the button on the moment when you are asked to! Hold the button according to the on screen ticking clock to the exact seconds. I had to attempt twice to get it. My 2nd attempt was smooth as glass ^_^. We are here to help. Keep the Iphone rolling coz it rockzzz!!!!
  • Ryan, You need to restore the Iphone to to the latest 2.2.x.x firmware before you start. Read my post above.
  • hi. thank you for the info.
    i just unlocked the iphone 1st generation, so it will be good for tmobile. i just have a little concern. how do i add apps that i got online. i tried using itunes, and it says like they are not regisered o something.
    do i need to modify the iphone in any other way ??
  • I did everything right and got to where the pineapple is in the full screen loading and then when it went to reboot it kept on the apple logo>? Can you please help me. Plaese
  • I dont know what to do. I turned it off and on again but it stays at the apple logo. I dont know what happened and i try to plug it back to iTunes but it does not recognize it. Please help me I am 16 and my moms mad at me.
  • I was trying to jailbreak it only Please help
  • Does jailbreaking iPhone delete photos and contacts???
  • Agustin.. When u jailbreak everything will be deleted as you had buy as new iphone.
  • Can anyone tell me why my iphone stuck in downloading jailbreak data... while i'm jailbreaking and unlocking using quickpwn. for version 2.2.1 2g iphone.
  • 10, 205, 223, 320 i have read and re-read to the point of exhaustion...i keep on trying ova and ova i jst keep on getting the emergency screeen plzz help afta 5 days its still not doing it plzzzzzzz help
  • plz can any1 help i am still stuck on the emergency screen... i am stuck in this mode and i cant get out.. i tried the hard reset (holding the home and power button down) this for a brief second displayed the phone menu then disappers back to the emergency screeen plz help
  • walkerz01... Please try steps given in 318 exactly as they are given. You probably need to restore your iPhone to the proper firmware before restarting. What I would suggest is first restore it and see you get to proper function (withou jailbreak and or unlock). Once you get your device back and properly functional as before, then retry the steps again.
  • thanks for the software...thanks for the well written instructions...and YES PATIENCE IS DEFINETLY NEEDED HERE!!!
  • Okay I have an iphone 2g and I have followed the steps in 10, 205, and 223. My iphone is already unlocked. I want to jailbreak my phone so I need to know the steps for this. Kevin you said to 'disable' those services before opening pwange but I don't have the option to 'disable' .. it gives the option to 'terminate' that the same thing? And everytime I click on quickpwn (the pineapple) I get an error message that says...."the application failed to initialize properly (0cx0000135. click ok to terminate the application." Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong or the exact steps to jailbreak my iphone 2g? I have been trying to do this for days now and am getting nowhere.
  • hey guys
    yer i re did everything and follow the steps exactly to how it was written but it still comes up with the emergency screeen... should i buy a new simcard??
  • I've tried ziphone 3.0 and could make it work, then I gave a chance to PWN and my God it worked like a charm, congratulations to the builders.
  • I owe these people so much thank you!!!!!
  • Guys, one big THANKYOU..Your instructions are easy as.
    Just should have put at the start to insert the simcard you want to use..and then the emergency screen never comes up.
  • Booya! att= 0, me=1
    Thanks guys, this is awesome!
  • tried about 10x and still can't get it to work.
    now when i do it, quickpwn won't work unless my iphone is already plugged in and AppleMobileDevice is running. any help would b greatly appreciated.
  • am i supposed to turn off itunes when I see:
    Your iPhone has been updated, and is restarting. Please leave your iPhone connected. It will appear in the iTunes window after it restarts
  • How long time should it take to get in Recovery Mode?
    And have the Iphone to be in Recovery Mode before you
    hold the buttoms etc..
  • getting same error as number 333 :S plz help ASAP
    application failed to initialize properly (0cx0000135. click ok to terminate the application.
    thanks in advance ... btw im using windows XP and my iphone is 3g
  • i did everything you said but i get the different sim card error please help!!!and one more thing do i have to have my pho activated with at&t to do the jail break?? cuz i bough my phone from ebay desactivated!!!thanx
  • Anyone know what I need to do to get around this one?
    Download error, /users/myname/desktop/iphone1,12.2.15h11_restore.ispw could not be saved because of an unknown error. Try saving to a different location.
    I'm running on a Mac Book Pro, version 10.5.7, first gen iPhone, iTunes version 8.2. My iphone has been jailbroken before and restored with no problems. I just finished a complete restore thinking this would fix the problem but no joy here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • ok i get thru all the steps when i get to number to it says wait for your iphone to connect in recvery mode and it has all the other steps in gray why cant i get further then this what am i doing wrong
  • i will love you forever you are my god
  • Wow what a way to respect God, your going to hell.
  • please help. i have tried to jail break my phone, but now it is just stuck with a pineapple logo, and is not recognised by the computer so i cannot restore the original software.
  • Hi
    i am trying to jail break iPhone 2g ,but after 10th step,it goes to recovery mode more than 4 hrs i was waiting but it says there only.
  • not able to install bossprefs on my iphone what to do help me
  • hey guys i have a problem.. i just jail break my ipod touch 1st gen... but after the first booting from the quickpwn the ipod is now starting up. it just shows the apple logo.. i cant use any function of the ipod as all i can see is the apple logo.. i need help!... if any one want to help me.. pls email me at
    i would really appreciate it!
  • Hey guys I have the same problem as Kannan, I have the 3G but after step 10 and one hour later ,the phone never back again and the pc say still waiting.
    Please Help )))))))))))))
  • I do all the steps and it says that I have completed the jailbreaking process but as it is restarting it stays on the screen with just the apple and it wont switch
  • the same thing happened to me said pwnage was succesful and rebooted and now is stuck on apple screen plz help
  • I cannot restore cause itunes cannot access iphone because passcode lock. then i tried to use pwnage again and pwnage says this version of quick pawn con only jailbreak devices with versions 2.0. My phone was the correct version when i started plz plz plz help
  • i currently have at&t. but i do not have the iPhone service plan. by unlocking the phone does that mean i won't have to pay all the extra iPhone fees?
  • Robert That happened to me and I thought my phone was done. Check online and see how to put it in that DFU mode then restore. You probably got alot of stuff on the phone. i had lots of apps and stuff. Then jailbreak and put everything back onto the phone
  • My phone is fully unlocked but i can't download music from itune. Could you tell me how to do that. Can jailbreak will help me?
  • It worked the first time but then i got the 3.0 Update and everything just went back to normal. So i opened Quickpin. The first time i jailbreaked it automatically found the iPhone 1, file. So i opened Quickpin and the second time i couldn't find it. Where is it and why can't i find it?
  • how long does it take to unlock it, coz right now it's taking a lg time, please somebody let me know thank you
  • nothing happens when i touch the home and power button....... what's going on, somebody please reply to me. thank you
  • im stuck in number 10
  • my phone is already jail broken as far as cydia and installer when i do the steps the unlocking key is not there for me to press.. am i doing something wrong or will it still unlock with out the option to?
    thanks for any feed back
  • I successfully (i think) used this application correctly, but when I insert my t-mobile sim card, it still doesn't recognize the carrier. Am I missing something here, I thought it was supposed to unlock the phone as well.
  • i can't do this software
    i have try any thing but didn't pass
    if any you guys can hell
    call me on 0423746890
    please i would like to jailbreak my iphone
  • my iphone screen is white. how do i reset it? i can't get it to do anything. please help me to restore my phone.
  • i downloaded all the programs i need to jailbreak my iphone and the iphone 2.2.1 ISPW does no work! the 2.1 firmware IPSW file from the Pwnage folder i created on my desktop when i browse it on the quickpwn it says firmware error strings what do i have to do? plz tell im desperate!
  • The Internet's #1 iPhone unlocking website! Cheapest and easiest! - Free your iPhone now!
  • OK to people with white screen and wrong mode problems. You have to make sure your iphone has to have firmware 2.2.1. It's a MUST otherwise this program WON'T WORK. If you dont know what firmware your iphone has, you can check the link below and downgrade or upgrade to the 2.2.1.
    This is the link :
    After verifying the correct firmware version. THIS PROGRAM WILL WORK WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM because I've spent the whole Sunday and searching all over google. Finally, I came up with the above link and have the correct firmware version and this program WORKED perfectly. Thanks a lot Jeremy Sikora
  • hey, i just followed all the steps and used the instructions #10, it works perfectly! thnx a lot, really appreciate it! The key is to use itunes to restore iphone to 2.1 firmware (this can b done by downloading it and then go to itunes and press shift and restore and u cud choose the version u want to restore it to) and then go to quickpwn and use the 2.1 firmware u jst downloaded and then u jst follow the usual steps... mainly for T-mobile users.
  • Hello I have the iphone 2G first generation, but just recently uograded software to the 3.0.1, and I have tried to downgrade using your method and it does not work. It dosnt recognize the 2.2.1 firmware in the folder created. Also, I see that in your pic it shows a music box, but in mine it shows a zip file. I have tried several ways and it seems to be impossible for this iphone to jailbrake or unlocked, can someone please help. Thanks
  • as with #104 when it comes time to do the timing thing, I just get an error that states that I'm in the wrong recovery mode...and to check usb connection or make sure i have followed instructions. Up to tht point everything is working fine.
  • Hey Guys, ok, this is the thing, for some stupid reason i did the restore option on itunes, my iphone was brought to me from USA and im using it in Mexico, it was working ok, with the jailbreak and everything, now it wont recognize the sim card im using in mexico, when i connect it to itunes, it shows me the leyend that i need to insert a valid sim card in order to activate, you know the leyend, so, i dont even know if my firmware is the right one i cant do anything, only receive calls, can you guys help me fix this?? please i´m getting desperate. Greeting from Mexico City.
  • Why i cannot install Quick pwn in to my laptop?
  • Hi, I have a 2G unlocked/jailbroken ihpone 2.2.1 version and want to upgrade to the 3.0.1 via itunes. obvioulsy this will undo the unlocking and jailbreak. For which, I wonder if I can install the apps and follow the steps above?
  • I just bougth an 1st generation iphone wich only have the emergency call screen, and itunes ask for sim card or buy a line. I did all the step in this wonderful page, but pwnage said that i have a 1,1_3.0 version and I need to 2.2.1 HOWWWW CAN I DO THAT PLEASEEEEEEE HELP
  • i have updated my firmware to 3.0.1 will this still work?
    do i have to downgrade if so how?
  • men i download The Firmware and I cant still Jail break It
    It saids that the iphone firmware does not match
  • I downloaded everything needed mentioned above, but still I couldn't jailbreak/unlock it cause it says that the firmware I have doesn't match.
    Please help me ? What should I do know ?
    PS: I already tried other versions of firmwares and they failed =( Help me !
  • I'm having the same problem Jessica. The downloaded firmware from the steps are iPhone1,12.2.15H11_Restore.ipsw
    and i get an error saying iPhone1,12.2.15H11Restore.ipsw does not match the firmware of my device (2.2.1)
    No idea what to do. Can we just rename the downloaded firmware?
  • never mind i figured it out. you need to go into taskmanager and disable everything itunes or apple related.
  • I really wished i'd known this website long ago. However, I took quite a good step and bought iphone unlocking software from Matt Frank Stanley that operates the site . I have personally used their software on two occassions and cannot fault nor would I recommend. All I am saying is that, these guys are at the top of the game based on my personal experience with my recent iphone 3gs.
  • when i extract the files for the quickpwn and click on the pineapple to start the step, it doesnt want to start it cuz it says the application failed to initialized properly
  • Is this safe to use with vista?
  • is it safe to use itunes 9?
  • Ive updated my iphone to 3.1.0 and i currently have I-tunes 9, will this still work? i previously used this software when on version 2.1.1, and it appeared to brick my iphone
  • i am trying to update the firmware. i followed the directions and cleared out the folder but then when i bring up itunes it goes straight to the activation page even though im holding down the home button. what am i doing wrong? someone please help.
  • I stupidly updated my iphone(1st generation) to firmware 3.1. It was an unlocked phone but now when I connect to itunes it wants me to activate my phone but I dont want to activate it. I am not getting the restore button on my itunes I need help now. All I see when I turn my phone on is the itunes icon and the usb cable....PLEASE HELP.
    P.S. I did not unlock my phone and have no clue how to do it.....
  • I followed the steps until the part where it says to hold the power button now my phone wont turn back on
  • Same problem as Nate (388). How do I turn my iphone back on?
  • The instructions were very clear and easy to follow...but my iphone will not go into recovery mode during step 10. The "preparing" icon just continues to rotate. Tried it multiple times.
    I think my problem is that I didnt disable Apple/Itunes software in TaskManager(as it states to do in the beginning of the instructions)...didn't know exactly what this meant lol. Help please! Thanks
  • I just seem to Have trouble with this whole unlocking thing. I downloaded quickpwn on windows for my first generation iphone. When I started trying to unlock my iphone it said I had the wrong firmware so I spent hours looking for the right firmware so I downloaded them all, but none of them work the quickpwn software still said I have the wrong firmware. So I tried redsn0w, its said I had the right firmware, I did all the steps the screen even had a picture of a harddisk it said 'jailbreaking' and it had a loading bar I waited a while for this screen to go away but unfortunatly after I did I put my tmobile sim card but it did not work... I need help!
  • When I did this and installed a Tmobile sim card it stayed at the make an emergency call screen! This it said wrong sim! But here’s the thing, I could make and recieve calls but only from they emergency screen. Someone help please!
  • I have downloaded the files from several sources. But every time I click on the pineapple to run the program it says " Quick Pawn has encountered a problem and needs to close"
  • Here's a good web site if you need you can use to unlock your iphone
  • can this work with a non sim card service, like verizon??
  • I have itune 9 version install in my laptop. Will that be work? Thanks
  • Does this work for the iPod Touch as well, with the 2.2.1 ipod touch ispw and without the bootloader files on a 1G iTouch?
  • it doesnt upgrade my firware
  • please help me who ever made this
  • Your solution worked just fine. I´d like to add that in my case Windows XP Pro english release was needed and I´ll repeat it as the author said above: you have to have firmware 2.2.1, iTunes 8, be careful and patient with the given directions. Don´t try with Vista, or iTunes 9.0 it doesn´t work I´ve tried for 10 hours but at last I´ve made up everything works fine.
    Thank you very much !!
  • I have gone through the steps on my first generation Iphone and it is unlocked but when I put the tmobile sim card in it just goes back to the syncing to itune screen. Any ideas??
  • I successfully unlocked my phone last year and this year I upgraded the software to change a sim using automaticiphoneunlocker software(from last year). They seem to have run out of ideas- putting phone into recovery mode and restoring factory settings- but no unlocking software is recognised and quickpwn does not even recognise my phone when I connect- itunes does. I'm at a bit of a loss any suggestions? Using Vista
  • Please help...I am trying to unlock my 2g iphone and I currently have no service with at&t-therefore no internet access. To make matters more difficult, I am in Italy and am trying to unlock my phone and use a vodaphone sim. I have installed Blackrain but because I have no service, I cannot get online through my iphone to add the bootneuter app. Any help by a master techie would be soooo appreciated!!!
  • HELP!
    I have a locked 1st generation iphone. i cant turn it on because its locked. how do i tell what version it is ??. also my itunes 8 wont even register the iphone as being plugged in?? ,
    i have downloaded all the tools above ^ and extracted them into a file. but when i go to start the program , it says 'quickpwn has stopped working' and wont start?
    so i got my iphone re-locked, so i started to look out ways to get it unlocked again n i found this awesome, so i downloaded all the files and stuff, my iphone is in recovery mode, so when i have selected the firmware it doesnt confirme it appears that the file might be broken or that it is uncopatible, off course my iphon version is higher than 2.1 i think im not quite sure actiaully, so i put it in the recovery mode n tried to downgrade it, but than the error 1600 occurs!!
    what should i do??
  • This is B.S. DONT DO IT!!! I stays stuck in recovery mode and the poster refuses to comment
  • I have a few Iphones. One of them is stuck in recovery mode, everytime i try to restore it from itunes it somehow disconnects and gives me some error #( not sure which error # off hand).. was wondering if i could possibly jailbreak it when it is already in recovery mode as long as software would detect the device? or even if someone could help me out with the issue of it being stuck in recovery mode i would greatly appreciate it!! thanks!
  • (after I tried to update it) My screen shows an an ipod cord pointing to itunes. I can only get past emergency call.
    I just want to unlock it so my iPhone works normally. (i dont want to jailbreak it...unless its necessary)
    when i plug it in to itunes it says that my sim is not supported.
    this is the 2nd time it happened, the 1st time my dad went to some guy to get it fixed but I dont want to pay again.
  • the reason is you are on 3.1.3, you need to use redsn0w, find it here
  • I got to the browse the firmware part and it tells me "the ipsw file you selected does not match any firmware version quickpwn supports. Either the IPSW file is corrupted or the firmware version is unsupported" what do i do now?!?!!?!? Need Help! thanks!!!!
  • *******URGENT*********
  • Here's a good web site if you need you can use to unlock your iphone
  • Visit for the most recent, best value iPhone unlocking software on the Internet!
  • i just tried this and downloaded the files from the links. but i get an error message saying the file i selected doesnt match firmware version on my (original) iphone. anyone know why?
  • thx first, i have a iphone touch 8gb, jailbreaked it with your tutorial, now hanged over sim recognizing, no service/... is being shown over there in network place, i'm using vodafone as carrier in india, it would thankful if i get quick response,
    second one is should i get my old itune back up in new one or reject it.
  • In all the tutorials I've read I haven't come across one that explains about unlocking the phone specifically for T-Mobile. While trying different ways it also says that the sim card isn't supported. Do I put the T-Mobile sim card in before or after I finish all the steps? Or do I have to put it in before a specific step? If someone could please explain that would be great. Thanks alot
  • I need help got iphone 1g and need to unlock to use with t-mobile and i can't seem to do it...i have tried several different things and idk what i am doing wrong!! :(
  • Go here to see how to unlock your iphone
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  • does your iphone usally take awile to start after jailbreaking it?
    mine keeps on blinking the pineapple like every 5 min.?
  • thanks this is awesome
  • I need help :( quickpwn won't start
  • Yea i got same prob as bob Quickpwn wont start :S :(
  • The ISPW file doesnt seem to work. I have tried unzipping a few times with WinZip, but all times it says that some data in the zip file is damaged, CRC check failed. And then it asks whether I want to try the next file. I end up not getting the music box thing.
  • please help, i realized that on the screen, it shows that the correct firm ware should start with iphone 1,1 3.1.3, but in the instructions, the image shows that the quick pwn says that the correct firm ware should start with iphone1,1 2.2.1. how should i change the quick pwn so that it will show the thing shown in the instructions? i downloaded quick pwn from this website so i dont know why its not the same or doesnt work.pls help, im real desperate
  • The QuickPWN is not working? Can you please help me?
  • Hey guys, should I or shouldn't I use this program? I haven't begun the process yet but I'm trying to use a 1st Generation iPhone as an ipod touch, so use for wi-fi but no phone service. Will this work?
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  • the quickpwn thing is downloaded but it wont run. what do i do?
  • Yes, Its possible,
    Last month i had this same problem and i found that there’s no way to get the code free, the second thing’s it very important that we cant play with this number then it will make trouble for your phone. my personal advise you can just search this websites( ) and try ,these are very cheap which i found.
  • The QuickPWN is not working? Can you please help me?
  • it has error when u try to open file
  • I tried to restore a first generation with a jailbreaked Iphone (with the restore function on the Iphon), but now I only get the pineapple logo when I turn it on, and it cannot be found be itunes, my computer or QuickPWN. Anyones got an idea about what to do?
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  • Pawne does not work, unzip and just get the pineapple, wonder what that means. Tried few times and " windows says there is an error and tries to fix. Pawne does not work. Now I am reading the comments.
    Thanks Jeremy Sikora
  • i dont know what to do my iphone on goes to the ipod cord plug in itunes it wont let me get passed the emergency calls thing (dont have it jailbroken tho) i dont know what to do.
  • Here is also another simple way to do it!
  • This was stupid. All those acclaimed "iPod touch generation 5 pictures are fakes. All those pictures are is just some pictures from an iPod touch generation 4. Do you really think that the newest iPod would have fingerprints all over it? I don't think so. So next time you want to put acclaimed pictures of the newest devices, make it look like they are real. And please, be realistic.
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  • helow,my i try to open Quickpwn bt it bring a msg dat it has stopped workn..wat kan i do plizzzzzzzzzzz/....i need help.....
  • Hello. I found free method to unlock iDevices... just visit and try it :-) video:
  • Iphone 3 is not the 1st gen. ;-))