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Windows Mobile 6.5

The Competition: Microsoft Unleashes Windows Mobile 6.5, My Phone, and Market Place

Microsoft today takes the wrappers off their latest generation of mobile software and services, and our good friend George Ponder from sibling site gives us the details in his complete Windows Mobile 6.5 review. The pre-amble sums things up well from an iPhone point of view:

For some, the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 may very well be a non-event. But it marks the beginning of a journey for Windows Mobile and a new approach to mobile computing with the Windows Phone.

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The Competition: Palm webOS 1.2, Android Donut 1.6, BlackBerry 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.5

While TiPb is still waiting for an iPhone 3.1.1 bug-fix update, not to mention iPhone 3.2 betas to start dropping, it looks like the competition is getting their OS on this week:

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The Competition: On Pure Pink Turtles and Surface Tablets

So the Zune HD is out, Windows Mobile 6.5 is starting to come out, Windows Mobile 7 will come out end of next year, and all of this relates to project Pink and new rumors of device code-names Pure and Turtle, and a Surface-related tablet just how exactly?

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The Competition: Windows Mobile 6.5 Launches Oct. 6

Microsoft has officially announced that the next skin point release for their handheld operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5, will launch on Oct. 6 and include App Store Windows Marketplace for Mobile (catchy!) and MobileMe MyPhone services. WMExperts asks the impertinent question:

Will Windows Mobile 6.5 be available for any phones on that date? Will we see new phones released with WinMo 6.5?

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The Competition: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5

Check out the video over at WMExperts (via PocketNow). Never mind that it's Windows Mobile 6.5 rather than the still-in-the-desert Windows Mobile 7 -- that words like "finger-friendlier" are being used in 2009 sends us into sympathetic collective apoplexy. Yet our ever brave sibling site holds to hope and we wish them well, 'cause we might see iPhone 4.0 sneak-previewed by the time this ships...

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Attack of the iClone Daily Double: WinMo 6.5 Phone iCon Looks Strangely Familiar...

One of these things is just like the other; one of these things is exactly the same...

Wow, we just got through listing the various ways Micrsoft is iCloning our beloved iPhone and its services, and now this? Bad enough they've taken the old hex grid from our AD&D days, but the iPhone Phone App, all green and rounded and gradient like?

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Send in the iClones! Windows Mobile 6.5 Services Edition!

Welcome to 2009, where Microsoft will -- at some point later this year or next -- release versions of what Apple released in 2008!

Our frenemies over at WMExperts have the details, and we have the snide remarks:

  • SkyMarket looks to be the App Store done Microsoft's way. Does that mean each app will ship in Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Really Professional, Ultimate, and 8 more server SKU's?

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