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xbox music

Groove is the new name for Microsoft's Xbox Music app on the iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has rebranded its Xbox Music app for the iPhone and the iPad with the new Groove name, as it has already done for the Windows 10, Android, Xbox One and web versions.

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Microsoft updates Xbox Music with free streaming for tracks stored on OneDrive

Microsoft has released an update for Xbox Music on iOS. The latest release of the multimedia app introduces some neat new features that will please those who rely on Microsoft's offering for the ultimate beat.

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Future Xbox Music update will let you stream songs from OneDrive for free

Microsoft is planning a future Xbox Music update for iOS that will let consumers stream music from their OneDrive cloud storage for free.

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Xbox Music now available for iPhone and iPod touch

Microsoft has finally released their Xbox Music service in iOS form, with the new app now available to download for iPhone and iPod touch. Microsoft had promised Xbox Music would be coming to iOS some time ago, and it's been a bit of a wait – we've seen a web client release in the meantime – but fans of the service can now rock out using their iOS devices. It comes alongside a simultaneous launch on Android, too.

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Microsoft launches Xbox Music web player, iOS app still nowhere to be seen

Microsoft has taken another step forward with its Xbox Music service by launching the much rumored web player, though any iOS app is still very much absent. With a web client now active, it means that Mac using Xbox Music subscribers, of which we're sure there's a few, can listen to their music. Until now, only Windows users had been able to get their music on their desktops.

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Microsoft announces Xbox Music iTunes competitor, coming to PC, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices

Microsoft has launched a new music service which it hopes will offer significant competition to Apple’s hugely successful iTunes service. The new Microsoft music offering will be called Xbox Music and will debut on its own Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices initially but will also be rolled out for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a well as certain Android devices too; very soon afterwards.

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