Playing Xbox games on a Mac will soon be way easier

GeForce Now
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You've been able to play Xbox games on a Mac thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, but now Xbox has teamed up with Nvidia to bring more games with better streaming quality to more users. Xbox Game Pass is now coming to the streaming service, with 'select PC games from the library' available in Nvidia's offering.

The Verge reports that the two services will be working together – and we're excited because it means there will be more games easily accessed from our Macs.

Excellent streaming on Mac

While the news isn't just for Mac users but rather for everyone that uses Nvidia GeForce now, it's still a big boon for those that want to play on the best Macs. This new addition will add more games for Mac players, as well as bringing improved streaming quality over the existing option.

GeForce now offers a streaming option that gives quality up to that of the Nvidia GTX 4080, one of the most powerful graphics cards that PC gamers can pop in their already expensive PCs. This option does require a good internet connection, but you'll get some of the best quality possible.

It's worth bearing in mind that it looks like this is unlikely to include the entire PC games library on Game Pass – although given that it was previously thought that Microsoft's involvement with GeForce Now would just be with the Microsoft Store, it is good to see that there will be more from Xbox.

This also coincides with Microsofts ongoing issues with an anti-monopoly case in Europe, as it tries to acquire Activision-Blizzard, with many concerned about Xbox cornering the cloud gaming market. This could serve to show that Microsoft is trying to branch its offerings out to other services, in some way placating the concerns of those decrying the potential monopoly that Microsoft might find itself with.

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