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$117 (not billion) dollar giveaway! Tell us what you would buy... and you could win it!

What would you do with $110 (not billion) dollars!

Apple just announced they have $117 billion dollars in the bank. We can't give you that much -- sorry, we'd love to! -- but we can give you a $117 gift certificate for the iMore Accessory Store to spend on whatever you like! Need a case for your new iPad and a charger for your iPhone? We got you. Itching for one of those iSuper Helicopters? You got it! Want to grab some screen protectors and throw in an olloclip to make your pictures even more awesomer? Go for it! To enter, just head on over to, figure out what you'd buy, and post the links to whatever it is that would set your heart aflutter below. We'll pick a winner the first week of August. Good luck!

Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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There are 178 comments. Add yours.

kmiahali says:

Would love this! Never win these things, why not give it a chance huh? :) always stay optimistic

djayme7 says:

use it to upgrade my iPhone4

soysauce44 says:

I would LOVE a LifeProof case for my AT&T iPhone 4! I've always wanted a case that I can take underwater!

Plazmic Flame says:

I would definitely get the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for my iPhone 4S!

Been dying to get one for sometime now. I use my iPhone for pretty much everything. Doesn't matter if I'm at home or at work, it's going all the time. Messaging, emails, banking, Web browsing, notes, maps... all day long. I charge up probably 2 to 3 times a day. Would be awesome to only have to charge up once at the end of the day when I get home!

georojas says:

This would help when my wife buys her new Iphone 5. I could buy her a case or something for it lol. Thanks for the opportunity!!! Keeping all the fingers crossed.

MacBookBuddy says:

I would go for a high quality screen protector or pack, a battery case, cool looking skin, a heavy duty case, and slim fitting case all for the iPhone 4S! :)

Tyrannusrex says:

I've broken soo many iPhone4s at the beach because of water and sand.. This would help alleviate the pain of yet another waterlogged iPhone.

Thanks for the opportunity!!!

youthieguy says:

I just started running so I need a pair of these

But I am really into photography so maybe I would get this in red of course.

Maybe I would just get both and pay the difference.

pr_boy08 says:

So that my iPhone has a little bit better treatment than my car cup holder I'd get this bad boy! Also would allow me to hold another drink in my car... YES!
And for my passionate hate for cold weather... This would be absolutely loved.. so so much..

matt8783 says:

I would get the for helping me when ever my phone dies on me and the to protect my gorgeous retina display.
I hope I win the $117

iSight says:

I'd buy a Mophie Juice Pack or some fancy thingy. I'm really indecisive, so it could actually take days before I decide what I'd buy :L

InitialR says:

Ohhhhhh! I'd definitely buy an olloclip! I remember asking Georgia about it a little while ago on Twitter. She took some amazing shots with it! Do want!

awil26 says:

I would buy this I badly need a case to protect and prop my iPad up.
Also this since my 6 foot cord has a shortage in the cable

azzsse says:
i want this stuff for my iPad2,
i wish imore give it to me :)
yeay, new otterbox!

Sketso says:

As a biker, I'd get this and the belt clip. With this case I could feasibly attach the phone to my handlebars, utilizing GPS and camera features with little concern about dirt and dust!

kidkamel says:

I would get The Qmadix Portfolio with Removable Bluetooth Keyboard for my wife's iPad. She deserves something nice.

babyblues197669 says:

oh man, there is SO much i wanna get! lol i would start with cause i have been wanting one for a while! then maybe 3 of these because my son is ALWAYS breaking his, and this one for me in Vintage White Winning these would help shorten my want list! :)

jquinto says:

If iMore would give me the opportunity to win this prize I'd go and get two LifeProof armbands:

or get two rockin' Bluetooth headphones like the Motorola S9-HD:

or its newer (but cheaper) sibling, the Motorola S10-HD:

...and cover the extra amount over $117.

Why two of each? I'd share my blessing with my girl (if I win!), that's why. :-)

Crazygaloot says:

I would love to buy these awesome speakers! Thanks for the chance, this is really cool of you guys to do!

RobertsDP says:

I would get this for my iPad because I will be going on a boat a lot this summer, and this would put me to ease on having it with me. The rest if the money I would get some iPhone stuff.

uf_gators says:

I would be greatful. I would have to use this, and apply it to my medical bills. :(

mady53 says:

Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPad 2
very cool.........

JNCOMAN1636 says:

If you guys sold the Sphero, i would buy it in a heartbeat....LOL. But you dont.....So I would buy this cuz i am a Instagram Whore....
I also would buy this cuz these cases are Awesome...

utgreenhead says:

I'd buy an iSuper Heli (Large) so I could have some fun times with my baby girl. She's only six months old, but she loves playing (and drooling) on my and my wife's iPhones.


tbro4033 says:

Well since you guys aren't selling the iPhone 5 yet ;) I guess I'd grab one of these power mats. Always wanted one of these things.

luiscapobianco says:

I would buy...
A GoFlex Satellite Wireless HD to use as an external media to share between my Macbook Air and my iPad.
or a Bone Conduction Headphones the are so cool

But definitively I would go for an iSuper Helicopter Large since those $117 are a gift, lets go for something I don't need but certainly use (I hope to be able to play with it once before my kids gets their hands on it).

chris8sirhc says:

This is a great thing that you guys do over here. I love giveaways and am proud to be a member of this community! This money could help me purchase a car charger, a very nice stylus.

AtomicButtercup says:

A LifeProof case and some cables with the rest. Never seem to have enough cables.

elavum says:

I will buy a iPhone pouch . I will by two desk top cradles with speaker for my iPhone and I will buy one OtterBox commuter and ZAGG screen protector . I would surely love a hands free in my car. If I get a AppStore coupon I am looking forward to buying navigon gps software

stturner says:

How about a Otterbox case for Me and my Wife...
Me: Part Number: A9226
Wife: Part Number: A9230

jasonehand2 says:

I would get the windshield mount for my new ipad and a new case for my new ipad, maybe a cool stylus or cig adapter if there was any $ left over, thanks :-)

StrictlyNaija#IM says:

I'd love to get the MOTOROKR S10HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, these would help me so much on my day to day, as im sitting in front of a laptop for over 10 hours a day, and itll be great if i had this device to listen to music and make calls on the go

I'd love to use this splitter for the djay app on my ipad

Finally, so I stop getting finger smudges on my iPad, a stylus would work perfectly for me

I love this website, keep it up! Hope I win!

MichaelPayton21 says:

Probably a nice stand and a keyboard for typing schoolwork.

iDonev says:

Double post due to unreliable connection. Disregard if chosen.

Dhenz says:

1. Mr Handsfree Blue Beat Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker for AT&T iPhone 4. $89.95.
2. OverBoard Waterproof Case for AT&T iPhone 4. $24.95.

TOTAL: $114.90

$2.10 for subsidized my shipping cost to Indonesia :)

infiniti says:

This would make a good down payment of the upcoming iPad mini.

Jozh45 says:

I would love to have this:
My current charger broke, so my iPod Touch 4th Gen is living thanks to a Cheap RipOff charger :P
Thanks for we awesome Giveaway!!

justinplett says:

I would purchase the iHealth Dock if I won.

DDS0728 says:

I would by 0.203 shares of Apple Stock!

IMFSHN says:

My original ear buds are...due to be relieved

Wife's car's need an iPhone charger

Son used my factory wall charger piece in the tub as "loot" on his Playmobile pirate ship

I've gone through two of these connectors already, and lost a third-yikes!

andrewansell says:

I just got the new iPad and this would be a great thing to win. I don't usually win things like this, but why not take my chances because I might just be lucky this time. With the $117 I would get the Just Mobile AluPen Pro: and the Incipio Premium kickstand: In addition, i would buy the ten one design pogo sketch plus for the new iPad: With the rest of the money, I would save it just in case I need anything else in the near future.

Marrkkk_14 says:

What an awesome giveaway! I have the new iPad, so I would get two of the apple headphones with mic. ({17.95 each}, the speck products pixel sleeve plus ({29.95}, these pair of touchscreen gloves ({17.95}, and this case for the iPhone 3GS ({9.95} (:

jasonprice says:

Easy choice. This would be used to terrorize my wife/family/neighbor kids/neighbor animals. All if a safe and funny manner of course. Perhaps a camera would be mounted on this thing and the footage would be shared on YouTube.

dev2nsu says:

Hmmmm i allwayyys wanted a bluetooth speaker and this would be a nice gift for myself.

Good luck everyone

taustin5#IM says:

I would love one of these for my iPad 3. It would make typing on it alot easier:
Then with the little money left over, I would get one of these:

I think these things would make my iPad that much better. I really want to win this!!!!

tibbi64 says:

I would get this, so I can wow my nephew. He is 3 and loves my iphone4 and ipad he calls it "Puter". Currently out of work so I can't buy any new toys and I love my gadgets. :)

ChaosShadow says:

The Kiwi WiFi OBD reader for the car would be very beneficial for me... gotta track those MPGs!

rvzz says:

I can use it to upgrade my iPhone 4

FlopTech says:

We love the Jawbone Jambox, but it's way more than $117. And apparently worth every penny.

nickpthemft says:

Totally could use a new speaker dock. I'm using an Altec Lansing inMotion from about 2006, and it doesn't charge, and has massive interference with my iPhone. $117 would put me mighty close to any number of awesome options :)

TheBiggmann says:

Any OlloClip would be great! My roommate destroyed my point and shoot so that would go a little ways in replacing it!

copernicus0001 says:

I would pick up a pair of these portable bluetooth speakers - they look really interesting and great reviews....
Qmadix iharmonix Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers:

Thanks for the sponsoring the contest!

captain_dl#AC says:

Thanks for a chance to win!

I would get this for my iPad2:
Incipio Smart feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case for iPad 2

This for my iPhone 4s:
Seidio SURFACE Plus Case for iPhone 4S

And this for both of them:
Qmadix USB Mobile Duo 2.1A Charging Kit for iPad 2

thombs2001 says:

I would put it towards stock in apple so I can afford a macbook.... :(

ahals says:

I can't decide between the Olloclip and the MotoRokr S10, but I'd definitely get an Adonit Jot Pro no matter what!

An Olloclip in black
or some MotoRokr S10
or an Adonit Jot Pro in gun metal

Vu Nguyen says:

I will sell the gift certificate on Craigslist for $100 and buy my family a nice dinner.

morphorod says:

Bluelounge CableDrop Cable Management System:

Clingo Universal Podium:

Aduro Gloves for Touchscreens:

I think that uses up all $117, but it may leave a few bucks left over. I'd probably buy a pair of headphones if that was the case.

iBOLT ProDock Alumina for iPhone 4S:

PanaVise Dual Car Power Adapter:

GameHood says:

I'd get the mophie Juice Pack Plus in cyan color for my iPhone 4. The extra battery life will allow me to be productive longer. Thank you for the awesome event! :)


johnguy04 says:

I am looking for some new goodies for my iphone and definately need to protect it while protecting. I recently broke my otterbox case and have had some close calls with the phone being unprotected. Ill keep my fingers crossed!

Definately needing a new case, somthing to stand up while on duty (police)--- or this one--

Need to keep it protected, i need some of these--

Gotta have an awesome case for keeping in shape--

tb457 says:

I'd buy a Morphie Juice Pack Plus so i could actually make it through an entire day!

Ulis101 says:

0_0 the helicopters........

And probably some waterproof casing for all.

DeftonesGirly says:

Sadly, I don't have a device, but my hubby has an ipad & nothing for it, lol. He really needs this: ! Thanks for the chance!

Dcastro13 says:

I would go with the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad review it looks awesome and i need a case for my new iPad

Tules says:

Very clever :) I would purchase a new stylus for my ipad, along with the camera lens for the iPhone 4 & 4S. (My 4S would be very happy and enjoying the beautiful pictures it would take)

Good luck to everyone!

Osumailguy says:

Telephoto lens and appropriate case

pugan says:

I would get a iPhone case , charger & bluetooth .
Looking forward to see winner list on Monday
Hope I win :) if not its oki
Thanks for imore
Good luck everyone :)

Jayry55 says:

I would love to get a universal dock so I could use it now, and when the new iPhone comes out. And maybe a case for the new iPhone.

Bcloutier says:

With $117 I'd probably buy a Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4S and an accessory to compliment it. Something like the case itself ( and the bike mount for days downhill biking ( Would be great not to worry about my iPhone anymore!

AirAaron says:

Okay time to be honest. This is what I'd like to get for my iPhone 4

Now here's the reasons why. I do basically everything with my phone. Sleep with it (under my pillow), drive with it, eat with it and even poop with my iPhone in hand. And I'd love to not have to charge it as often, because lets face it who wants to charge there iPhone when they could be sitting on the toilet with it instead?

Oh and I'd use the left over money towards getting my iPad 2 a keyboard.

dacmcbibs says:

I would totally go after one of these ...

or.... something for my girlfriends phone... but that seems so much less fun ;)

AnAppleADay says:

I would buy a bike mount attachment for my iPhone for my mountain bike. That and if there is enough leftover a backpack/case for my iPad :) ps... Pick me please! Thx

ZOFOURTWENTY says: I really need one of these guys. Carrying my charger around and then looking for an outlet in a safe place where I can walk away from my phone is getting tiresome. Especially when I'm in a bar or at the ballpark

gods84 says:

Anyway to use it as a credit for accessories in the fall? haha. iPhone 5 when it comes out the new size is gonna have all diff sizes and I don't have the iPhone 4S but I'm definitely switching from blackberry come the release on September 21st!

caropinzon says:

A good photo now depends on creativity and a good eye because of cameras like the one the iPhone. Not a $2000 Canon or Nikon + Lenses! I wish to enhance my iPhone 4s' camera with this great lens system.

Purple4 says:

I would buy a new iPad case for my new iPad, car chargers for ipad and iphone and a car charger for my iphone and if I had something left over I would get a screen protector for my iphone 4s.

Turbo_lemon says:

I cant link to any products as the only thing I would want would be stuff for my new ipad mini once it gets released! I have way to many accessories for all my other stuff already!

offetoffe says:

I would definately but this ( Of course need to add a few bucks..


protomaxxx says:

i would use the money to buy an hp touchpad

slippieslik says:

Would love to win one of these for once especially if I could hear my iPad lol...

biglee115 says:

I would buy a replacement screen for the iPhone to replace my sister's shattered screen. And also an otterbox case so her phone is protected and it won't happen again.

Gotta look out for my younger sister

Shunulu says:

Thanks for opportunity first of all, hi from heavy :) sunny (so hot now) İstanbul/Turkey. I dream about SGP GLAS.t screen protector and of course ollo clip since i saw very first time. Also thanks shipping to Turkey because i cannot find way this kind of stuff to deliver!

chagu says:

i would buy my mom something as a present to show her how much i appreciate her

AwesomePielovers says:

My mom.. I would buy her something nice and I would buy my pregnat aunt Janet a baby girl out fit for her
My mom only 112 dollars off from going to her dream place Scotland so please pick me I want to make my mommy happy

GameHood says:

you're suppose to pick something from the imore store.