Tinkering Monkey's WoodFlip stand secures iPad and credit card reader


Tinkering Monkey — the custom wood signage company that created the terrific 2012 and 2013 iMore hall of fame award icons — has announce a great looking product called the WoodFlip. It's made specifically for businesses that use an iPad in combination with a credit card reader.

The WoodFlip stand comes in two models; one works with an iPad and the Square card reader while the other works with the uDynamo reader. Both models cost $200 each. The company offers the WoodFlip in three wood versions; Natural Light, Dark Walnut Stain or Black Stain. The stand words with any large iPad except the first generation model; it will not work with the iPad mini.

Tinkering Monkey even offers a free laser engraving of a company's logo for each WoodFlip and the nine inch tall stand can be tilted while also offering an integrated but discreet charging port for the iPad.

It's certainly looks like a high quality product and the company's previous reputation is solid. What do you think of the WoodFlip?

Source: Tinkering Monkey

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Tinkering Monkey's WoodFlip stand secures iPad and credit card reader


I use ncr silver in my business. They have a super heavy duty metal stand with a magnetic base and looks really nice. You can get them for less than half of what this one is going for. Plus I don't like the plywood look. Looks cheap.