TiPb AT WORK Instant Messenger Showdown: BeejiveIM vs Palringo

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Instant Messaging has become one of the most popular forms of online communication because it offers instant access, no SMS costs, and unmatched convenience. How Apple doesn’t implement an iChat Mobile on the iPhone is simply beyond us, we at TiPb think an iChat Mobile would be a top contender for an App vs App.

With that said, 3rd party apps are beginning to fill the holes that Apple left open. Two of the more popular, argued about IM Clients available in the App Store are Palringo and BeejiveIM. Though at the core of each is an IM Client, they could not be more different. How do they perform? Which IM Client is better? Who will win the first edition of AppvsApp: AT WORK ?

Read on for the rest of the review!

First Impressions


Okay, the $15.99 price tag is hefty and borderline egregious but it doesn’t come without cause. BeejiveIM is perhaps the easiest, most intuitive, and slickest IM Client on the iPhone. Everything makes sense, it supports a ton of different Instant Messaging programs and is very, very stable.

I had no problems logging into my AIM and Google Talk accounts at the same time and was off to chatting in a moment’s notice. The buddy list supports buddy icons, groups and status. The basic layout of the application includes tabs for Buddy List, Favorites, Chats, Accounts, and More

It also provides a very neat feature where it can keep you logged in after you exit BeejiveIM (24 hour max period) and will send you a notification of IM through your E-Mail account. This works best if your E-mail account supports push since it serves as a pseudo-push notification feature. So if you reason that you’re using their servers to remain connected, the $15.99 price doesn’t look as bad.

To put it into perspective, BeejiveIM is essentially everything you want AIM to be but better.



Palringo is free. That’s a huge selling point in itself. But make no mistake though, Palringo isn’t some second-class IM Client; it is capable, almost as stable, and possibly even more full-featured.

The unique aspect of Palringo is that it strives to be more than just an ordinary IM client. Palringo serves as a full communication tool—you can send text IMs, voice IMs, or even picture messages—all in Palringo. It is limitless fun to send your buddies snapshots of your daily life and accompany them with voice notes.


However, with Palringo you have to sign up for a Palringo-specific account. Though this sounds easy enough, there have been reports of spam reaching your linked E-Mail account because of Palringo. Also, when I first tried to log in, the app just kept loading and loading and loading. Not until I re-installed Palringo could I finally get access.

Palringo also supports pretty much all the Instant Messaging programs available but its buddy list doesn’t support groups and buddy icons. It also lacks a favorite tab and a chat specific tab.

I found that even though Palringo is free, it is absolutely a full-featured IM Client that doesn’t cut any corners.




I really believe if Apple were to design an iChat Mobile, it would look strikingly similar to BeejiveIM. The buddy list is clear, the fonts are wonderful, and the whole experience is unbelievably smooth. Even the colors and sounds used are consistent with iChat and the iPhone in general—if you showed a Mac user BeejiveIM they would automatically think iChat—it’s simply that well made.

When in a chat, the typing interface is unique and well thought out. Instead of offering a small linear box to type in, BeejiveIM instead chooses to offer a text bubble overlay—the overall conversation moves to the background and what you type comes to the forefront—this offers more seamless chatting. The conversation is still visible because of the transparent text bubble.

Though this method of inputting messages is smart, it isn’t consistent with the iPhone and almost looks out of place in BeejiveIM. BeejiveIM uses a lot of blues and muted greys in their interface so using a black text bubble sticks out like an eyesore.

Though I absolutely love using the text bubble over any other text input interface and certainly appreciate the innovation, I just can’t wholly agree with its design—a more streamline color would have been appreciated.


BeejiveIM also offers support for landscape mode so our fat-fingered friends won’t feel left out. As an added bonus, you can even e-mail the current chat to your e-mail account for future reference. It also has a contact search button so your buddies won’t get lost. One more tip, theres a dedicated SMS button that makes it easy as pie to send SMS through BeejiveIM (which should be cost free to you).



Palringo is well implemented and looks good but you can’t deny the fact that Palringo just looks like a third party application. Though it does use a mixture of greys and blues, the base color of Palringo is a deeper black than the iPhone that doesn't stay consistent with the rest of the iPhone's apps.

Let it be known, when using Palringo, sending text IM’s becomes bland and boring because of the alternatives offered. When you have voice and picture options, who needs text? It gets to become a minor annoyance when you want to send a text IM because every time you open a chat, it gives you three options: Text, Voice, and Picture. Select the option, than begin typing.

Sending voice messages and picture messages are a breeze, over Wi-Fi and 3G it is absolutely snappy and even on EDGE it can be considered quick. There is also a search bar option for contact search and you can swipe screens to move over to the next window. Palringo also offers support for hyperlinks, making it easier to surf the web and IM at the same time.






Though BeejiveIM is absolutely well-designed, there are still a few missing features and odd choices that make you question your money spent. Firstly, its chat-to-chat movement is less intuitive than AIM and Palringo. Instead of swiping the screen to move to the next window, you tap the top of the screen and select the buddy icon of the chat you want to jump to. Though this method is sometimes more effective than swiping multiple times to jump to a specific conversation, it is largely less intuitive. BeejiveIM also lacks hyperlink support which makes it much more troublesome to access web pages.

I had a few more complaints about BeejiveIM until I realized the features I thought were missing were actually included. BeejiveIM has different depths and layers to grow accustomed to, you won't learn them all overnight. It is probably one of the most well-made applications in the App Store and has features that make you go “Man, that’s just smart”.


As well made as Palringo is, it doesn’t approach the streamline level of BeejiveIM. There are a lot of confusing features and a few hiccups in the user interface as well. The text input box is much too small, with only a few words visible at a time and the buddy list is just much too cluttered to be pretty. Also, it seems like Palringo is driving their own services down your neck—a lot more useful buttons could be implemented instead of Palringo-specific options.

There’s also no way to keep your message history, so good luck looking up information on your old IMs. Also, if you misspell the last word in Palringo it doesn’t automatically correct the error instead choosing to send the message as is. I also preferred the font of BeejiveIM over Palringo. The interface just didn’t work as well as BeejiveiM’s, it did the job but it never really raised the bar.


Final Thoughts

Obviously, the hefty price tag of BeejiveIM will deter a lot of folks from purchasing it. And I agree, $15.99 is a very steep price to pay for an IM client especially when there is one as good as Palringo available for free. But as the iPhone is currently without push notification, BeejiveIM’s system replicates the same idea to great results. If you are a heavy IM user, BeejiveIM is obviously worth the price and the best way to go.

It can be argued that Palringo offers an arguably more well-rounded service than BeejiveIM. But when comparing IM to IM, BeejiveIM manages to run away with a victory.

BeejiveIM is simply one of the best applications available in the App Store: it is polished, it is well constructed and it is stable. It overcomes the lack of background apps and push notification on the iPhone by coming up with its own solution. It handles multiple accounts very well and is designed almost perfectly. The BeejiveIM team certainly needs to be commended for such great work. In the end, both IM Clients are great but BeejiveIM is simply in a class by itself.


BeejiveIM Rating:


Palringo Rating:


TiPb At Work Winner: BeejiveIM

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Reader comments

TiPb AT WORK Instant Messenger Showdown: BeejiveIM vs Palringo


Great review. Palringo will also keep you logged in to their servers for about 10 minutes after you close the program. Not nearly as cool as being logged in for 24 hours and IM notifications but it works well if you need to check something quickly while chatting with someone.
I think I'm gonna take the plunge and jailbreak to see how Palringo operates in the backgroud. Just can't wait for Apple's push notifications and am too poor to shell out $15.99 right now. If anyone's already using Palringo in the background please let me know how it's working.
Again great review and keep up the good work!

Thanks. I'll consider getting beejive now. Although $16 is to much for me. I'll wait thill it's under the $10 mark. Paleingo for me (for now) :-D

You've gotta be kidding me. I have both BeeJive IM and Palringo and there is absolutely no comparison. BeeJive is the hands down winner if not for the landscape keyboard then the dedicated server that keeps a session connected for up to 24hrs. You even get emails stating that you have received a new im on any of the many IM clients supported. Ok, at least you rated BeeJive IM the winner but I still believe the scales are tipped way more in BeeJive's favor because of all the functionality provided.
My rating would go something like this:
BeeJive IM- 4.5 out of 5
Palringo- 3.5 out of 5
Aim- 3.0 out of 5
And yes, I know BeeJive is $15.99... but trust me, once you use it, you'll never want to go back to the Aim app or Palringo for that matter. It was still a good review though Casey, I'm not knocking your review, just your scoring.

palringo is pretty neat, but it's annoying that you can't put up a status/away message or a picture. also (and maybe this is just me) if your friends have status/away messages up that are longer than the iPhone screen you can't see what the heck they're talking about because there is no way to view information for your friends. and yes, the IM window is pretty small and doesn't allow you to refer back to what the other person typed, so conversations typically consist of brief one line responses on my end. but... for free, i'll take it. i would be interested in beejive, but i can't imagine that the cost is going to stay at that price point for too much longer. with my luck, i would buy it and the price would drop the next day or apple would come out with a program.

Beejive sounds great, but I just can't get past the $15 price tag. I have a hard time spending $10 for game, so $15 for an IM client? Simply not worth it IMO.

I had beejive for my BB and it was great. Now to just get it for the iPhone. Who knows maybe I will win this time and get it for free - :P

If I leave BeeJive open and put my phone to sleep, it stays running... and it rings like a phone call or SMS when I get a message! Very cool.

I couldn't get beejive to work properly - a waste of money. Palringo worked first time and even much better than my experience of beejive on blackberry. And it is free!

Fring hands down over any Iphone IM app I have used so far although haven't tried Beejive but unlikley to at $15 Fring is free and allows Skype contacts and VOIP.

BeeJive's key feature is their servers (think of it as a $10 app with a $5 lifetime server account). It will let you stay online all day, and a SMS message will come in telling you when you got an IM so you can go chat and then go back. I now use it as my exclusive instant messenger, even if I am sitting at a computer.

How do you get the SMS sent to your phone to let you know you have a IM?
But I agree with a few of you... there is no comparison.
I believe Beejive is the best for the fact you do not have to leave it up all the time. It saves all your IMs and you're able to email you IM.
If anyone is debating the "plunge" to buy BeeJive and you're a huge IM freak, I suggest just going for it. It'll pay off! :D

@ Rick,
Yeah Rick, how do you get a SMS notification when you get a new IM?
I have it set up for an email notification, not SMS. If I could get an SMS notification, I wouldn't even mind not having push notifications running in the background that much.
@ Veronica,
Thank You...! I have been trying to tell everyone I know that BeeJive IM is the best mobile IM client. There is no mobile IM app that comes anywhere close to it. The best part is the dedicated servers that never sleep and keeps you connected to the app up to 24hrs. Once Apple "flips the switch" for push notifications in the background of other apps, everyone will appreciate BeeJive a lot more.

I love BeeJive ... I had been using Palringo before, and allthough it's a nice app, the GUI was kinda confusing. BeeJive has a great GUI ... real Apple like ... just tap around with your finger and everything figures itself out.
Wether it is overprized is debatable, I certainly don't regret that I bought it.

I've been looking for an IM client that will work with a corporate jabbar server, and it has to not capture the login/password. BeeJive looks cool but I'm pretty sure that they are storing the login information on their server. Comments?

palringo is kinds better because of the ability to send audio and pictures but then again status and being logged in for max 1 hour is bad

I've had palringo burn up a whole charge while leaving it running in the background all night. Happens randomly. I did notice that it does try to reconnect several times randomly as well. I'm also not quite sure how its "10 min." time limit comes into play with this. Any one with similar experiences?

Palringo 1.2.3 has the same push notification that BeeJive does and with Yahoo mail accounts you get your IMs instantly when you exit out to the home screen. Palringo also allows you to change the behavior of the app when you exit to the home. Example, I have my status set to "away". Last of all, Palringo will keep you online for 3 hours and is incrementing that by 5 minutes a day until they hit 24 hours.
I see no distinctive advantages with BeeJive now. Sorry, Palringo is #1.

Palringo is free and supports WM6. BeeJive too is but then it is in indefinite beta. PalRingo does not support email support, that is the only negative I have found. I would like it to show email notification in a matrix/table format and it will be a complete messaging solution for me.

Palringo is better. Even the best IM software to iPhone in my opinion.
It has push and UI is much better. Not as candy as is Beejive but simpler and quicker to use. Only lack of the push 24h, palringo has it like 3h?

I test iPhones and iPods apps regularly to see how much data they use. Yes Palringo only has 3hrs set for push notification but for a good reason.
The program are still logged in checking for messages and even though it is a trickle of data, it does build up over 24hrs and not everyone has data bundled plans that they can afford to keep a program active for so long. Palringo is my choice when it comes to value for dollar in both its price and considerations for limiting push notifications to conserve the users data usage.

Mobile is the way to go I agree!!! The market is swarming with mobile consumers as you pointed out as those numbers will only grow. everything is designed around the mobile consumer in today's market even Windows 8 coming out this year is geared towards its mobile counterparts. Great resources I have looked into WP Touch and I am definitely going to take some action. Online business is a competitive field and you have to stay current to stay afloat.Cheryl Lucia recently posted..1&1 Pricing