TiPb hits 10,000 Posts! [Giveaway]

TiPb hits 10,000 Posts! [Giveaway]

This is the 10,000th post to appear on TiPb. Okay, well, technically it's the 10,000th post to appear on Phone Different, which merged with theiPhoneBlog.com, which became the TiPb.com you know and love. By pure post count, however, we just hit one heck of a milestone. Reviews, how tos, editorials, apps, accessories, podcasts, videos, interviews, polls, games, live events, news, rumors, contests -- we've covered it all.

So to Marcus Adolfsson who founded Smartphone Experts, to our editors emeritus, Dieter Bohn and Mike Overbow who started Phone Different for SPE, and Kent Pribbernow who started theiPhoneBlog, and to all the editors and writers and special guests, past and present, who've joined us along the way, thanks and congratulations.

We're just getting started.

Now how about a little giveaway to help us celebrate? Yeah?

Get on over to store.imore.com and...

  1. Find your favorite case.
  2. Paste the URL into the comments below.
  3. Tell us why you chose it/want it.

We'll pick ten (10) of you and send you the case of your dreams. We'll also pick one (1) lucky poster and send you a $100.00 iTunes gift certificate.

Contest starts now and ends Tuesday, June 21 at 12pm. So what are you waiting for, get to it!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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TiPb hits 10,000 Posts! [Giveaway]



I choose http://store.tipb.com/seidio-innocase-active/4A54A7388.htm
I thought I'd be unique, this is why I like it:
All around good looking
Where I need it to be (my iphone)
Efficient, doesn't run on gas :D
Omniprotectant (5 syllables!)
Mobile not too thick
Everything I need a case to be
Also, I seem to be the first, or close to the first commenter! That shows dedication. Also, I am "RenesOnlyFan", I've been at the chat rooms for your live shows under that alias. TiPB is awesome, and I hope I am picked!

Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for AT&T iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone 4http://store.tipb.com/seidio-spring-clip-holster/4A24A7290.htm
I like this one because I am always on the run, and its easy to take out and put back in .. or if I need to do something I can have the buttons out and basically do it and leave it in the case. Also Its cool because the case can be left on while charging in the car! I am travelling all the time 24/7 in the vehicle! so this works best for me.

I'm hoping to get the Griffin Elan Passport for [original] iPad (http://store.tipb.com/griffin-elan-passport/4A22A6615.htm). I've begun using my iPad a lot with my job. (I'm a psychotherapist and I head up the education and training department in my group practice. I need a good, professional iPad case. It needs to look good and have a couple of pockets, mainly for business cards. The Elan Passport looks like it would do the job.

I need to protect my precious iPhone 3G from any damage and the cheapo silicon case isn't cutting it. I love my iPhone 3G and plan to keep it safe and hand it down my family as a reminder of the era of innovation. Congratulations Rene for writing the 10,000 post for TiPB. And congrats to the blog, its writers, commenters, and moderators take part in this wonderful community. And finally, a congrats to Apple. Without their innovative thinking, we would not have the phone that revolutionized the mobile industry forever. (A bit cheesy but you get my point.) Pssst...white. ;)

I would like this case for the iphone 4 because i am a HUGE baseball fan and an Iphone addict. I always check TipB every single day literally like 5 times a day either on my phone or online im not even kidding. I always learn new things about my iphone. And cant wait to learn more about ios 5. I always wanted this case but unfortunetly i couldnt afford it because im only 15 /: But this is the first contest i've ever entered on TipB so i hope i finally get the chance to own this case. THank you and congrats for the 10,000th post.

. What makes this case great is that it is a two-part case that snaps about two thirds down. You slide the iPhone into the top, then slide the bottom on. The two pieces snap into place to provide a secure casing for iPhone 4.
The inside of the Innocase II is covered with a very soft, velvet like material to ensure that your beloved iPhone 4 receives no scratches when being pulled in and out of the case. Most cases have some sort of lining, but I have not seen too many like this. The lining is not meant for shock absorption, rather it’s purely there for protecting your investment from scratches, thanks Seido.

i've been eyeballing this otterbox case for a while, and what better way to celebrate your 10K posts but trying to win it! but seriously, congratulations! i'm hoping that this case will help my insomnia which is induced by my fear of dropping my iPad 2, and trying to avoid the recurring dream where my i see my iPad falling infinitely, ultimately to crash into a floor of concrete and shatter. i need protection!

Hey, hey, joining the ranks of the "big boys" now, eh? Congrats, guys! As a completely new Apple fan (just been bought an iPad2 for my "big" birthday, I am now an avid follower of this site for my daily news and updates, etc., etc. What would finish off my iPad party would be the Seidio ACTIVE Case for iPad 2 - so please make me a winner!! (url: http://store.tipb.com/seidio-active-case/4A123A8535.htm). Thanks.

I like this case because it is not as expensive, not so big and not heavy.
I was recently diagnostic with fibromyalgia, a disease with many pains. It also makes that I can not lift my ipad for extended periods of time - hence the need to lie in my lap.
If I got this case, it would protect my ipad and because of my illness the money is VERY few and would therefore help me twice as much as the next guy.

First off, congrats to the entire TiPB team :)
I would like to win this case because it looks like something that would be immensely useful for me. I love my iPhone 4 and it's not worth being hidden. So I could use the basic first layer here. And also, the second layer could be used when I'm trekking because that is something I just love doing along with my friends. Thanks a lot guys :)

Congratulations on your 10000 posts, hope you double that numbers in the coming years, more power. Now off to that giveaway, checking my favorite case now...

Congrats on the milestone!!!
I'd love the Case-Mate Barely There - the iPhone 4 is too attractive to saddle with a bulky case!

I've tried many cases since getting my iPhone 4 and the Otterbox Defender is still the best I've used. It's not perfect but I really feel like my phone is protected. I'm admittedly a bit paranoid seeing as the iPhone 4 is made of glass and I just get some peace of mind with it in a case as durable as the Defender. If this case had an aluminum back cough @Georgia then I'd probably just keep it in a holster and have a screen protector on it.

Now why do I like this case?
I am an IT Manager and a EMT (part time) in NYC. I like this case because I have it for my iPhone and I have dropped my iPhone 4 in several places (subway, at client sites, out of my ambulance going 20 MPH - dont ask) and it still is in one piece.
If I had this case I would feel more free to use my iPad for various things without the fear of its fragile self shattering all over the floor. Otterbox +1 :)
Thanks TiPB - From your local NYC EMT/IT Worker

This case is the perfect compliment to a business suit and professionally designed to walk into a boardroom looking sophisticated and ready to deal. There is no longer the need to drag in the hefty laptop roller bag and lug cables and mice when all you need is your handy iPad secured in this nice leather case and you're ready to go. That's why I want this case!

My favortie case is the PDA Skins Horizontal Organizer for AT&T iPhone 4 in Leather because it is a great way to carry your phone and necessities when you don't want to grab your purse (obviously I'm a female). It would be perfect when going to car shows, other peoples homes or other events that you need to have certain things with you but it isn't practical to worry about where you are going to put your purse down at. This case has many options for how you carry it so if you need to be hands free, I love that I can hook it on my belt and that it will have enough room to carry my headset, extra battery and cables for charging as well as my drivers license and credit cards.
Thanks for the fantastic opportunity, Robin

I just ordered my Ipad 2(still waiting for delivery)
I picked this case for a few reasons. 1. I am a huge fan of the otterbox cases I currently use them on my phone. 2. I just spent xxx.xx on an ipad I am trying to offer it the best protection possible. And the case functions like the rest(I can conveniently watch movies) Now the reviews aren't the best, but I would like to find out for myself.

I loved Seidio's Innocase ii for my 3GS, but needed a bit more protection at times, and I (for one) hate switching cases all the time. Between that, and the cost factor, I just went for protection at a cheaper price point, but I've always had my eye on this one HOPING for a sale...
As with the Seidio I had on my 3GS, I'm sure the touch case portion of this would still dock with my speakers at work, but still allow for a QUICK convert to protection when I'm hitting the open roads on 2 wheels, out and about tossing heavy things in various Highland Games, etc!
Thanks, TiPb, for the site and regular info, and CONGRATS on the 10,000th post!

I would love to get the "BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for AT&T iPhone 4". Simple and i won't have to worry about scuffing the glass back of my iphone 4
Thanks and congrats on the milestone!

I would really like this case! The reasons will also serve as to why the case is so great! This case is a solid and isn't too expensive. The face/touchscreen of the iPhone 4 is protected because the case subtlety lips around the front, creating a buffer between it, the outside of the case, and the screen itself. The outer "candy shell" is complemented by the inner, softer rubber lining, protecting the iPhone 4 from scratches and other possibilites from other cases. The outer shell surface is smooth enough to slide in and out of a pocket without it getting stuck like the traditional rubber or silicone cases however in each corner the rubber interior is exposed a little bit in order to provide that non-slip grip on a table or on the dashboard of a car that the rubber cases do provide. Its the best of both worlds! The case itself fits snugly with the body of the iPhone 4 and is more difficult to take off, keeping your phone (hopefully my phone!) safe. The sheer simplicity of the color choices ( The black is my favorite!) and design as well as the quality of material make this case ideal for anyone with an iPhone 4. Even if I don't get this case, I still recommend it to anyone and what better place to buy it than at http://store.tipb.com/

This case is the ultimate in Carbon Fiber, nothing can penetrate it. Not water, not bullets, not even Superman's laser sight. The case is by far one of the most gorgeous cases in the history of mankind, more stunning than the most beautiful of Super Models, and It makes the shiniest diamond dull in comparison. It'll make your friends drool, your enemies jealous, and my Mom to actually think I'm cool.

Incipio DRX Case in White/Light Grayhttp://store.tipb.com/incipio-drx-case/4A54A7137.htm
I'm off to college soon and I need a tough/stylish case to protect my falls. I've been using an apple bumper but I don't always feel 100% protected. Also they have been disoriented a little and doesn't fit the phone snug anymore. This would be an awesome case if I wasn't in such debt.TipB is the first blog I check for new updates almost everyday. This is awesome, congrats on the 10,000!

I have to say, this case looks absolutely sleek and like perfect eye-candy! It adds all the protection I need for my handy iPhone and doesn't make the phone look less appealing! Plus, when someone asks me where I got my case, I'll be glad to say "TiPb.com!" I have access to all my buttons and controls just like a regular case but 10x more support with one silicone piece, and a hard cover on the back!

I like the Incipio SILICRYLIC Case for iPad in Lime Green/Black because it looks like it would feel good to grip while holding the iPad, it's green (my favorite color) and would provide protection while my kids take their turns playing Angry Birds, or Cupcakes on the iPad.
My current case is twofold, a hard case which snaps on the back and a sleeve that the whole thing goes inside of. I don't really like the hard case, and I think that this one would provide better protection around the sides and back while having a good grip feel in my hands (and my kids hands).

PowerMat Wireless Charging System Case: http://store.tipb.com/powermat-wireless-charging-system/5A199A7821.htm
I'd like to win this case because of my job. I'm always traveling and I'm using my iPhone 4 almost all the time, during my travels, which ends up in power running out quite fast. That's why I need something to charge it while I'm not able to plug it in somewhere. I've found this wireless charger, which is quite innovative in my opinion in your online store and already thought about buying it. But I always couldn't decide if I should or shouldn't, because of the quite high price and me being unsure if it's worth it buying this new innovative stuff which could also be useless (ex. only 10 min charge power) or stop working after a week. So that's why I'd like to win this case, test it out, use it while traveling and write a proper review about it.
Oh and also congrats on the 10'000 posts, keep 'em news coming! ;)

Because I have the defender for my iPhone 4, I know what kind of a beating it can take. That, and I'd like to run over my iPad 2 with my car without breaking it. Damn thing just doesn't take too kindly to it as it is now. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to start their day by setting their iPad 2 under their car tire and nonchalantly driving over it?

I chose this case to be a gift for my parents' original iPad because of all of the great reviews on how well it protects the iPad in all situations. My mother frequently carries her iPad with her in its leather case when she visits with family/friends to show off her pictures and the leather case won't provide any shock protection should she accidentally drop it. This case would be perfect for that use and for all kinds of protection. Hoping I'm able to win this for my parents! :)

Awesome!!! Congrats to 10,000.00! This is the case I would love to win:http://store.tipb.com/marware-sportshell-convertible/4A150A7216.htm
It would fit my lifestyle and save me time, I love that it goes from belt clip for work, to armaband for working out at the gym and listening to music, to table stand to watch shows at lunch and most importantly it a case that protects my phone that goes everywhere I do!
Currently I have a belt clip case, and an armband, and yet another accesssory to hold phone to watch video without holding phone...oh and don't forget the case I have on there to protect it. that a lot of stuff just to easily use my phone day to day.

This would be a great little accessory for my iPad 2. I can slip it in and have it protected while I am traveling and the handle will be very useful for carrying it around or pulling it out of luggage. When I get to where I am going I can just slip it out and have my nice thing iPad. I use a screen protector and a custom skin on the back plus a smart cover. I don't really like the big bulky cases. One with a stand could be useful but not worth having the bulk all the time and not easy to get on and off.

Congratulations on the 10,000 posts! that is a very great milestone for this website. I have always liked the Otterbox cases, I used to have one for my iPhone 3GS, but after upgrading to the iPhone 4 back in December I never got around to getting one. It would be very cool to have another, and in my opinion the Commuter would be perfect! Thank you all for this great opportunity.

(Metallic Black color)
I Like the Feather case "Incipio Ultra Light feather" Because it provides almost everything I need.
I am a college student so I need to take my iphone out of my pocket every couple of minutes to take a photo or record a lecture and ofcourse make&receive phone calls which are many. So it really bothers me having sticky rubber cases cause i can't get the phone out unless i stand so most of the time I miss important calls.
This case is slim, light, doesn't stick to the pocket but give enough "grippy" feel as i quote from your review. and it helps with the signal problem which by the way is a pain. and the 2 screen protectors add an extra bonus :)
One down side is that it has no extension on the screen so it won't protect it if put on a table for example but the screen protector can be sufficient for accidental scratches.
By the way, thank you for your great reviews and updated news. keep it up :)

Aloha TiPb and congratulations for your 10,000 post! That's why I always check out your site first because you are the pulse of what's happening with my favorite gear iPhones and iPads. I also love the looks of your website and how your store items are easy to see in your sidebar. Mahalo for the chance to win a Marware Sportshell Convertible. I love how versatile it is and the reviews are very good.

Seidio ACTIVE Case for iPad 2
Other Apple iPhone accessories by Seidio
'Not yet rated'
List Price:  $69.95
Price:  $64.95

I would be quite grateful if I were to win one of the free cases. I currently live right on the beach and the case I have for my iPhone 4 (Otterbox Defender) doesn't keep the dirt and water out.. :( My phone has scratches all over the top and bottom of the front and all over the back.
The Aquapac would protect my case from the sand and even the water when I go and take pictures and videos.
Thank you for allowing me the chance to enter the giveaway! :) Congratulations on the 10,000 posts...it won't be too long until 100,000 is reached! :)
Take care and best wishes,
Brian Dunn

I chose
Why? K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sir!)

I had the case-mate pop case for the Verizon iPhone and after a few weeks the lip at the bottom cracked and now is bent outwards. The other edges of the case have also warped and are starting to wear away. The back scratches like no tomorrow because the hard plastic is slightly turned out on a hard surface. A friend has this case and after almost a year it is still in perfect condition without a scratch or bend. It just feels like its a better build quality and seems like the perfect case for me.