TiPb hits 10,000 Posts! [Giveaway]

TiPb hits 10,000 Posts! [Giveaway]

This is the 10,000th post to appear on TiPb. Okay, well, technically it's the 10,000th post to appear on Phone Different, which merged with theiPhoneBlog.com, which became the TiPb.com you know and love. By pure post count, however, we just hit one heck of a milestone. Reviews, how tos, editorials, apps, accessories, podcasts, videos, interviews, polls, games, live events, news, rumors, contests -- we've covered it all.

So to Marcus Adolfsson who founded Smartphone Experts, to our editors emeritus, Dieter Bohn and Mike Overbow who started Phone Different for SPE, and Kent Pribbernow who started theiPhoneBlog, and to all the editors and writers and special guests, past and present, who've joined us along the way, thanks and congratulations.

We're just getting started.

Now how about a little giveaway to help us celebrate? Yeah?

Get on over to store.imore.com and...

  1. Find your favorite case.
  2. Paste the URL into the comments below.
  3. Tell us why you chose it/want it.

We'll pick ten (10) of you and send you the case of your dreams. We'll also pick one (1) lucky poster and send you a $100.00 iTunes gift certificate.

Contest starts now and ends Tuesday, June 21 at 12pm. So what are you waiting for, get to it!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Jose Luis Machado says:

I'd love to have an otterbox defender so my iPhone is fully protected against mostly everything. and not worrying about my phone getting damaged all the time.

Jonathan Seals says:

I'd love to have the Incipio Bombproof case (any color except the pink one :) ) because it looks very cool and is very rugged. I love the design and protection.
Also congrats on TiPb for the 10000th post! That's a lot for just 4 years!

Justin says:

I choose http://store.tipb.com/seidio-innocase-active/4A54A7388.htm
I thought I'd be unique, this is why I like it:
All around good looking
Where I need it to be (my iphone)
Efficient, doesn't run on gas :D
Omniprotectant (5 syllables!)
Mobile not too thick
Everything I need a case to be
Also, I seem to be the first, or close to the first commenter! That shows dedication. Also, I am "RenesOnlyFan", I've been at the chat rooms for your live shows under that alias. TiPB is awesome, and I hope I am picked!

ShiftPursuit says:

Almost a year of having my iPhone, I still don't have a case cough Metallic Gray cough, even after getting a long vertical crack on the back shell :(
Help me fix this problem TiPb! Congrats on 10,000 posts! :)

PinoyPundit Ph says:

With this case, I'm pretty sure I dont have to worry about my iPad being shattered into pieces!
Congratulations TiPb!

SmoothWitIt22 says:

I would Love to have this case. I really like the carbon fiber look that the case gives.

Anjo Miranda says:

I'd love to have this case. It's the ultimate case for protection. This would lessen my worries of having to let my nephews borrow my iPad.

Disturbed_Angel says:

Would Love this case. I really like that you can upgrade or downgrade the level of protection as needed.

Justin Custodio says:

white would be awesome.
Congrats on your 10,000th post guys. I've been following you for a while now and have to say you're one of my favorite blogs.

A.D. Maynard says:

I also love the minimalistic design of the Incipio feather case. Had one on my blackberry storm and loved it!
Turquoise please :)

zurch says:

I would really like and appreciate this case for my Ipad2. The case i have on there really is just a smart cover and a enki smart cover for it and the enki sucks it doesnt even fit and gets scratched easily. Please help !

realphood says:

Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for AT&T iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone 4http://store.tipb.com/seidio-spring-clip-holster/4A24A7290.htm
I like this one because I am always on the run, and its easy to take out and put back in .. or if I need to do something I can have the buttons out and basically do it and leave it in the case. Also Its cool because the case can be left on while charging in the car! I am travelling all the time 24/7 in the vehicle! so this works best for me.

Ricardo Ballesteros says:

i would love this case, because every morning before i go to school i go for a 1 hour run with my dogs and this would be perfect for my iphone in those runs i can just wrap my iphone around my arm and it would be more comfortable instead of having it in my pocket.

Bduran727 says:

I have a iPad 1 and I dont have a case for it yet. I'm going on a trip to Europe soon and I want a lightweight case just to protect the back and such. That's why I chose this particular case, it's lightweight and convenient.

KeiMar says:

Congrats on the milestone!
I need a case for my iPad and would be perfect for personal and business use.

Brandon McDannald says:

This is the case I would like to get for the iPad I will be getting next month. I know it is a first gen, but I am on a teacher's salary. A first gen iPad will work for me.

Danny2582 says:

Congrats! I love TIPb. I visit NUMEROUS times a day via my iphone 4 when im working the graveyard shift. Keep up the good work.
Oh and i also am rocking a naked iphone (verizon) and would like any case

Stetson says:

I would like the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 3GS. I had the Defender case but I found it to be bulky and hard to get in and out of my pockets because the silicon. I like how the there is a hard case over the silicon part of the commuter case.http://store.tipb.com/otterbox-commuter-series-case/4A54A6834.htm

tigivok says:

i would like to get this case, becouse my brother like it, but cant afford to buy it atm. (in white)http://store.tipb.com/marware-ceo-glide/4A25A3802.htm
And congratz to the milestone.

Freiteez says:

My current case is scratched and dented. i've been needing a new one and wanted to go with a bumper. I'm a minimalist. White would be my preferred color also.

JonathanG says:

http://store.tipb.com/case-mate-barely-there-case/4A123A7164.htm i would love to get the case mate. for some reason i always put my phone in my lap so when i get up it always ends up in the floor and this way it has a nice case that can keep my phone safe. This to me is one of the better phone cases they have.

Jason Martin says:

I'm hoping to get the Griffin Elan Passport for [original] iPad (http://store.tipb.com/griffin-elan-passport/4A22A6615.htm). I've begun using my iPad a lot with my job. (I'm a psychotherapist and I head up the education and training department in my group practice. I need a good, professional iPad case. It needs to look good and have a couple of pockets, mainly for business cards. The Elan Passport looks like it would do the job.

Nati Cabrera says:

I need to protect my precious iPhone 3G from any damage and the cheapo silicon case isn't cutting it. I love my iPhone 3G and plan to keep it safe and hand it down my family as a reminder of the era of innovation. Congratulations Rene for writing the 10,000 post for TiPB. And congrats to the blog, its writers, commenters, and moderators take part in this wonderful community. And finally, a congrats to Apple. Without their innovative thinking, we would not have the phone that revolutionized the mobile industry forever. (A bit cheesy but you get my point.) Pssst...white. ;)

Gabe14 says:

I would like this case for the iphone 4 because i am a HUGE baseball fan and an Iphone addict. I always check TipB every single day literally like 5 times a day either on my phone or online im not even kidding. I always learn new things about my iphone. And cant wait to learn more about ios 5. I always wanted this case but unfortunetly i couldnt afford it because im only 15 /: But this is the first contest i've ever entered on TipB so i hope i finally get the chance to own this case. THank you and congrats for the 10,000th post.

deuts says:

I would love to have this Marware SportShell Convertible http://store.tipb.com/marware-sportshell-convertible/4A123A7216.htm because I would like to start to take on jogging, and this thing is perfect for me. Thanks!

Chris Muir says:

I've just gotten back from a vacation where I didn't take my laptop, and survived with just my iPhone 4. A Morphie Juice Pack Air would have really helped.http://store.tipb.com/mophie-juice-pack-air/8A37A7982.htm

Janricsi says:

I will buy my Iphone 4 next week and I will just spend all my money on that,so please guys help we with buying me a case :D

Bill Kim says:

I want the Otterbox Defender for iPad 2 because in my house we have a 3rd gen iPod Touch, two iPhone 4's, and a first gen iPad all covered in Otterbox. I am the dual purpose fanboi!... and i just got my iPad 2

Martin says:

I really like this case because it is universal. It has a back protection pefect for daily use, a kickstand for watching movies and it is the ultimate solution for jogging(which is a big thing for me).
Good luck to all!!

Jonathan Bradbury says:

I chose this case because my grandma loves it. I bought her an iphone 4 and she needs a cooler looking one. I would use it on my iphone but i bought a portal 2 skin for it and imma sport the hell out of it.

mrdavis55 says:

This case is super classy and the ipad two is just too pretty for a shell...

Steve Doherty says:

I wrecked my iphone 4 when I was drunk on St Patrick's day and dropped it. The phone has no shock absorption. If I win this case, with it's advertised shock absorption, I wont have a problem if I get rat-faced drunk NEXT St Patrick's day and drop the replacement phone.

Applefan60442 says:

I chose this case because it protects the back and because I have had my iPad 2 for just a month and it is getting scratched up, which is making me very scared it will not look as good on the back. Also it's compatible with the smart cover!!! Yay! Thanks and good luck to everyone else who is entering for these!

langley182 says:

Nice case for full protection. Better to have protection than that horrible, time-stopping feeling as you watch your phone plunge to the asphalt below.

Joe Dorn says:

I have Seidio cases for both my iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 and know they make a pretty good product. It would be great to have another one of there cases for my iPad 2 when it arrives on the 29th.

Harshmehta says:

This case is solid, value for money, and makes apple think should we bring this in our ipad accessories section.

Wardy says:

I use my iPhone all the time both for business and personal use so I need a great looking case that will protect my phone as well and I think that http://store.tipb.com/case-mate-firenze-case/4A185A7202.htm (in brown/tan) will be able to give me what I need.

Luisnegroavila@yahoo.com says:

. What makes this case great is that it is a two-part case that snaps about two thirds down. You slide the iPhone into the top, then slide the bottom on. The two pieces snap into place to provide a secure casing for iPhone 4.
The inside of the Innocase II is covered with a very soft, velvet like material to ensure that your beloved iPhone 4 receives no scratches when being pulled in and out of the case. Most cases have some sort of lining, but I have not seen too many like this. The lining is not meant for shock absorption, rather it’s purely there for protecting your investment from scratches, thanks Seido.

Sanjiv Batra says:

I would love this case so that my device is protected while running in the park.
Congratulations to the whole TiPb crew.

gibhyder says:

I really want this case for my iPad because it is smart, light, and has really good protection and I really need a case.

Hobbit2513 says:

I want this orange case because my latest case just broke and I need a new one.

James Ricketts says:

Because the magic cover, in all its wizardry, does not protect my iPad 2. These case (more of a sleeve) looks very stylish and will compliment my tan magic covet. Thanks!

Joshmskinner says:

i've been eyeballing this otterbox case for a while, and what better way to celebrate your 10K posts but trying to win it! but seriously, congratulations! i'm hoping that this case will help my insomnia which is induced by my fear of dropping my iPad 2, and trying to avoid the recurring dream where my i see my iPad falling infinitely, ultimately to crash into a floor of concrete and shatter. i need protection!

Mark says:

Hey, hey, joining the ranks of the "big boys" now, eh? Congrats, guys! As a completely new Apple fan (just been bought an iPad2 for my "big" birthday, I am now an avid follower of this site for my daily news and updates, etc., etc. What would finish off my iPad party would be the Seidio ACTIVE Case for iPad 2 - so please make me a winner!! (url: http://store.tipb.com/seidio-active-case/4A123A8535.htm). Thanks.

AbhorrentUser says:

I don't know what the problem is, but I've had TWO iPhones and an iPod touch end up water damaged. One by rain, one by falling into a pool, and one by a cup of cola. The fact remains that I am a magnet for damaging liquid. Help me out TiPB. Let's make this new iPhone live longer than it's ancestors.

PeterK says:

I've always wanted this case, it beats out my speck case thats torn and busted.

AbdulRaman says:

I need this to ensure the full Protection for my iPad 2, after i saw how it could easily be destroyed on videos throwing it from waist high, i panicked and wanted a protection for it, and this seems to be a perfect one.

A-Tohamy says:

I have an iPad 2, and i want to protect it. There is no any simpler form of saying that.

Alex Willum Petersen says:

I like this case because it is not as expensive, not so big and not heavy.
I was recently diagnostic with fibromyalgia, a disease with many pains. It also makes that I can not lift my ipad for extended periods of time - hence the need to lie in my lap.
If I got this case, it would protect my ipad and because of my illness the money is VERY few and would therefore help me twice as much as the next guy.

Jejoro says:

I choose these guys over cases in the tipb store because I just think that this is the best idea for cases for all OS devices & more... The word needs to get out there to all who may be interested...!

Je5terhead says:

http://store.tipb.com/seidio-convert-combo/4A24A7387.htm love the clean design of this and being blackberry and having sedio its good quality! reason i want is because i am rough on phones and need to protect this one, the case i have now has already broken from dropping it so i would like to give a bulk case a try! plz pick me

nDutz says:

I Love to own this Case since my current one is a crap one. Cheap leather, not foldable, makes my iPad much much heavier.
It's going to the bin once i got the Marware EcoVue Case :D

Ali says:

First off, congrats to the entire TiPB team :)
I would like to win this case because it looks like something that would be immensely useful for me. I love my iPhone 4 and it's not worth being hidden. So I could use the basic first layer here. And also, the second layer could be used when I'm trekking because that is something I just love doing along with my friends. Thanks a lot guys :)

iamjose says:

User name: iamjose
I saw this case on amazon and it looks really durable and awesome. Especially when it has the white backbone. It would really make my white verizon iPhone 4 look like a stormtrooper. And I think it is dockable too! ::crossing fingers::

Guacho says:

Congrats guys !! all cases I've used for my ip4 are bulky so this would be an excellent choice for me..

IT Rush says:

Congratulations on your 10000 posts, hope you double that numbers in the coming years, more power. Now off to that giveaway, checking my favorite case now...

Ted Roberson says:

Congratulations on your 10000 posts!
I'm looking for the ultimate protection for my iPhone 4 and this case looks like it would do the job.
Thanks for the chance!

Nick Kohli says:

I've only had the Apple Bumper since Day 1 (free) and that's coming apart as we speak. TiPB, help me get this case in Black or Blue...
And congratulations on all your hard work (10,000 posts) and for making this one of the best iPhone sites around.

DaViD_BRaNDoN says:

Loving Marware C.E.O. Glide (Brown) leather pocket pouch as my iPhone 4 is naked and this will offer me full protection with good looks. Plus, I need to replace my aging CAPDASE leather pocket pouch :P

Festus says:

I really want this case for my iphone because i like the feel and look of it

Mad_Eyes says:

i'm usually quite boring when i choose my cases (all black). in fact, my friends poke fun at me for never having "fun" cases. i think this case is a good medium between the typical boring black case and a wild, exciting colorful case.

ubuntudroid says:

I love this case because it offers by far the best protection of any case out there. I had one for my Storm2 and it came through for me a few times. Especially when I got drenched taking a video by the water slide.

cchs227 says:

This is such an elegant looking case! I would like this because it provide all-around protection for my iPhone 4 while also having it look great! The TiPB store has so much to offer, but this case is top-notch, and will also have me and my iPhone happy!

Guzman says:

This is the case I would choose as I work in law enforcement and at times can be rough on a device. It seems like a nice alternative to the Otterbox and has the vertical style of latching, versus otterbox's new side latching which is awkward and cumbersome. Thanks TiPb and congrats!

Sid Panjwani says:

I want this because I need a new case and the 1st case that I bought for my iPad 2 didn't actually fit.
Please Choose MEEEEE!!!!!

Joe A. says:

Congrats on the milestone!!!
I'd love the Case-Mate Barely There - the iPhone 4 is too attractive to saddle with a bulky case!

iSam says:

Looks like a really nice and good case that I can use in the beach or while biking.
Congratulations for the great work!

Travis Sluss says:

I've tried many cases since getting my iPhone 4 and the Otterbox Defender is still the best I've used. It's not perfect but I really feel like my phone is protected. I'm admittedly a bit paranoid seeing as the iPhone 4 is made of glass and I just get some peace of mind with it in a case as durable as the Defender. If this case had an aluminum back cough @Georgia then I'd probably just keep it in a holster and have a screen protector on it.

Ananth Numburi says:

First of all Congrats to TIPB on completing 10000 posts.
I like this case as it serves as a 4-in-1. Everyday I hit gym so the armband will be more useful and also the view angle is very useful to see videos on TIPB and other parts of Internet. Hope I win this. Thanks.

yzzilyzzid says:

The Otterbox Defender, only because I've heard so many people rave about it. Plus, I'm clumsy.

Hagan says:

This case would cure my tennis elbow.
Shameful suck up: You guys rock! Congrats on 10 000 posts!

Chad says:

I like this case because it is slim, and leather so sheer looks quality. It is also a pouch case rather than a traditional case, which I would not want around the iPhone 4 al the time as it takes away from the overall appearance.

Seasprout says:

I totally need a new case, mine isnt very high quality and it's showing. Also Congrats on reaching 10,000 posts! Love this site.

Jon says:

I'm using my iPad primarily for scorekeeping fastpitch softball games. I need a rugged case to protect against the inevitable.

Felipe Castillo says:

So Next Time my little sisters throws it Out of my 6 story window it atleast stays in 1 piece

Adam Farage says:

Now why do I like this case?
I am an IT Manager and a EMT (part time) in NYC. I like this case because I have it for my iPhone and I have dropped my iPhone 4 in several places (subway, at client sites, out of my ambulance going 20 MPH - dont ask) and it still is in one piece.
If I had this case I would feel more free to use my iPad for various things without the fear of its fragile self shattering all over the floor. Otterbox +1 :)
Thanks TiPB - From your local NYC EMT/IT Worker

nagasaki69 says:

Congrats! I love the aritcles and the wealth of information this site provides. Congrats to everyone and all the bloggers, Keep up the Great work!

iNitvizn says:

I'd love to have this case -- putting my iphone in my pocket while working out, mowing, etc... just doens't work. This case would solve that problem!http://store.tipb.com/marware-sportshell-convertible/4A150A7216.htm

Spook says:

Why want this? It looks great!!! Let's face it; iPad is about looks, and what better to protect it with than something that makes it look even slicker?! ;) Besides I love red, so... :P hehe

Jonnygerman says:

I'd like an Incipio Ultra Light because it's a good look and gives me the grip I want without covering the screen.

Gordon says:

Would love to have this case for my iPad to keep it ULTRA protected and still be able to prop it up for all the movie watching I do on Netflix (not to mention it just looks badass).

Curve247 says:
  1. Find your favorite case. - Casemate Barely There
  2. Paste the URL into the comments below. - http://store.tipb.com/case-mate-barely-there-case/4A123A7159.htm
  3. Its simple and it gets the job done. There is no fluff. Its just a solid case that works and gives me access to everything i need.
    Tell us why you chose it/want it.
twild says:

Summer time is here and I plan on spending a lot of time in the water! It would be even better if I could spend it in the water with a waterproof case for my iPad 2!

Christof1118 says:

i like this case because it looks so good. I have an old case, the one that apple send me for free when i got my iphone and its starting to look old already. i need a case and i will love to have this one.
Congrats on your page i visit it 4 or 5 time a day. And hoping to see when you reach 20000 post and beyond.

Bacco says:

I'd love the Smartphone Experts SidePouch (saddle). I've being using my old holster case and I'm in need of a new one. But I really like the look of that case.

bergman says:

I like this case because I need to carry my phone in extreme weather and still maintain communications during emergency rescues.

crf2318 says:

This case is the perfect compliment to a business suit and professionally designed to walk into a boardroom looking sophisticated and ready to deal. There is no longer the need to drag in the hefty laptop roller bag and lug cables and mice when all you need is your handy iPad secured in this nice leather case and you're ready to go. That's why I want this case!

pink2 says:

My favortie case is the PDA Skins Horizontal Organizer for AT&T iPhone 4 in Leather because it is a great way to carry your phone and necessities when you don't want to grab your purse (obviously I'm a female). It would be perfect when going to car shows, other peoples homes or other events that you need to have certain things with you but it isn't practical to worry about where you are going to put your purse down at. This case has many options for how you carry it so if you need to be hands free, I love that I can hook it on my belt and that it will have enough room to carry my headset, extra battery and cables for charging as well as my drivers license and credit cards.
Thanks for the fantastic opportunity, Robin

Carlo McDonald says:

I just ordered my Ipad 2(still waiting for delivery)
I picked this case for a few reasons. 1. I am a huge fan of the otterbox cases I currently use them on my phone. 2. I just spent xxx.xx on an ipad I am trying to offer it the best protection possible. And the case functions like the rest(I can conveniently watch movies) Now the reviews aren't the best, but I would like to find out for myself.

Bradjwill says:

With it being summer, I can't imagine not being in the pool. With this case I can take my iPad with me.

NickFL2011 says:

Hot Florida sun + pool/beach = potential disaster for electronics. Would love to lay by pool reading my iPad.

Fbcmusicman says:

I love these new slider cases. I will be getting a new iphone 5 and giving my iphone 4 to my wife. She would really like the style and colors of these cases.
Thanks for the chance to win.

donald.aleshire says:

I LOVE this case because it adds the amount of protection I need without adding to much extra bulk to the phone. I get a TON of compliments on it. People love how thin it is and how great it protects the back. Two people have bought these cases from TiPB because of my recommendations. Overall love the case and the site!

davjaxn says:

I have always heard such great things about Otterbox cases so this is the perfect chance to own one. I would love something that offers some real protection to my iPhone!

Matt says:

My wife and I just got married and will be taking a cruise later this summer as our honeymoon! It would be awesome to have a waterproof case for her iPhone4. We promise to send pictures of us using it!

BLiNK says:

i am not big on covering up my 4 but i would most definitely sport this one if i had the chance!

Cee1003 says:

This case looks nice and i already have a portfolio type case so I figured this would be good for when I don't want to have to deal with folding back the front cover. Hope I win!

Sketso says:

I loved Seidio's Innocase ii for my 3GS, but needed a bit more protection at times, and I (for one) hate switching cases all the time. Between that, and the cost factor, I just went for protection at a cheaper price point, but I've always had my eye on this one HOPING for a sale...
As with the Seidio I had on my 3GS, I'm sure the touch case portion of this would still dock with my speakers at work, but still allow for a QUICK convert to protection when I'm hitting the open roads on 2 wheels, out and about tossing heavy things in various Highland Games, etc!
Thanks, TiPb, for the site and regular info, and CONGRATS on the 10,000th post!

Nicholas Mastramico says:

I would love to get the "BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for AT&T iPhone 4". Simple and i won't have to worry about scuffing the glass back of my iphone 4
Thanks and congrats on the milestone!

Ryan Gordon says:

I like this case because of it's chrome finish and sleek design. It protects the phone and looks amazing, too!

Bryan Daniels says:

I would really like this case! The reasons will also serve as to why the case is so great! This case is a solid and isn't too expensive. The face/touchscreen of the iPhone 4 is protected because the case subtlety lips around the front, creating a buffer between it, the outside of the case, and the screen itself. The outer "candy shell" is complemented by the inner, softer rubber lining, protecting the iPhone 4 from scratches and other possibilites from other cases. The outer shell surface is smooth enough to slide in and out of a pocket without it getting stuck like the traditional rubber or silicone cases however in each corner the rubber interior is exposed a little bit in order to provide that non-slip grip on a table or on the dashboard of a car that the rubber cases do provide. Its the best of both worlds! The case itself fits snugly with the body of the iPhone 4 and is more difficult to take off, keeping your phone (hopefully my phone!) safe. The sheer simplicity of the color choices ( The black is my favorite!) and design as well as the quality of material make this case ideal for anyone with an iPhone 4. Even if I don't get this case, I still recommend it to anyone and what better place to buy it than at http://store.tipb.com/

Pnut says:

Going on a few beach vacations and woudl love this to have some tunes to listen to and of course to get emergency calls if something happens to my infant.

Patryk Wegrzyn says:

I do a lot of water sports in the summer and the zip lock back I have been using is just not cutting it any more. This case would be perfect in keeping my phone safe on the water!

Namuel says:

This case is the ultimate in Carbon Fiber, nothing can penetrate it. Not water, not bullets, not even Superman's laser sight. The case is by far one of the most gorgeous cases in the history of mankind, more stunning than the most beautiful of Super Models, and It makes the shiniest diamond dull in comparison. It'll make your friends drool, your enemies jealous, and my Mom to actually think I'm cool.

Brandon Eshwar says:

Incipio DRX Case in White/Light Grayhttp://store.tipb.com/incipio-drx-case/4A54A7137.htm
I'm off to college soon and I need a tough/stylish case to protect my falls. I've been using an apple bumper but I don't always feel 100% protected. Also they have been disoriented a little and doesn't fit the phone snug anymore. This would be an awesome case if I wasn't in such debt.TipB is the first blog I check for new updates almost everyday. This is awesome, congrats on the 10,000!

Cuilo says:

What a milestones guys! Congrats!! I really love this case 'cause it gives a futuristic/robotic look to the iphone!!

kenric8 says:

Everyone I know who has an otterbox case swears by them. They appear to be very durable, much more so then then my cheap incipio...

Francis Cavalier says:

I have had an incipio case from day one . I love their cases , they put so much thought into the design and form factor of these cases .

cschumacher96 says:

in blue
the reason I chose this case is because it got good reviews and I want a light case that won't make the phone heavier than it is.

Michael says:

I bought the BodyGuardz shield for my shiny new iPad 2 because of your review video vs the InvisiableShield. A sleeve would perfectly augment that protection.
Congrats on 10,000 posts!

Burton37 says:

Congratulations on hitting 10,000 posts!
In black. I think it just looks sweet, and reading the reviews it holds up fairly well!

tintcommerce says:

Loved the Candyshell for my iPhone 3G and want to keep my iPhone 4 protected without carrying a rubberized brick around.

Paul Ouzounis says:

I like this case, because it has the protection when carting my ipad2 around all the while when required, I could slip it out with no added bulkiness. It's sophisticated, yet classy.
Congratulating you guys on a fine job on Tipb for both iPhone and iPad(more like all things Apple) and your accomplishment of reaching 10,000 post's

Bugeyeblue says:

I have a baby due VERY soon, and need a tough case to endure drool and drops. I'm trying to save money, so I could use the help! Thanks!http://store.tipb.com/seidio-convert-combo/4A24A7387.htm

Bsarah18 says:

I have to say, this case looks absolutely sleek and like perfect eye-candy! It adds all the protection I need for my handy iPhone and doesn't make the phone look less appealing! Plus, when someone asks me where I got my case, I'll be glad to say "TiPb.com!" I have access to all my buttons and controls just like a regular case but 10x more support with one silicone piece, and a hard cover on the back!

Tony B. says:

Congratulations Tipb team!!
My dream case would be the Incipio Ultra Light Feather case:http://store.tipb.com/incipio-ultra-light-feather-case/4A123A7092.htm
Why? Because my dreams are soft like feathers and it's the case of my
dreams, and most dreams come true :)

Nicholas Lovold Sr. says:

This case would work well with my style. I can use it to protect the phone when at work, or I can put the arm band on when playing with my son and dog.

Joe Key says:

http://store.tipb.com/incipio-ultra-light-feather-case/4A123A7092.htm I would like this case, in Metallic Black, as it hardly adds any bulk to the iPhone 4, and the case I have now adds bulk to the iPhone.

Bob Niffen says:

Congrats TiPb on your 10,000th post! I can't wait to read through the next 10,000!
As for this give away, I am really interested in the Powermat adapter for the iPhone 4.
I chose this case as I enjoyed using this product in the past with my iPhone 3G and I really have missed the convenience with using this on my current iPhone 4.

RocketScienceMom says:

I like the Incipio SILICRYLIC Case for iPad in Lime Green/Black because it looks like it would feel good to grip while holding the iPad, it's green (my favorite color) and would provide protection while my kids take their turns playing Angry Birds, or Cupcakes on the iPad.
My current case is twofold, a hard case which snaps on the back and a sleeve that the whole thing goes inside of. I don't really like the hard case, and I think that this one would provide better protection around the sides and back while having a good grip feel in my hands (and my kids hands).

Jim says:

Quick draw is like the Wild West, fast, fast , fast and good looking .

07GD SFD says:

The case I would like is: http://store.tipb.com/otterbox-defender-series-case/4A104A8296.htm
The reason I'd like this case is because I'd like to protect my beloved iPad 2. I've seen the Defender cases on the iPhone and they seem like a great product. I cherish my iPad!

Jason H says:

This case in Pink would be for my wife. We just found out she's pregnant with our second child and her current I-phone case is extremely worn. I would love to be able to give this to her as a gift.

Nicholas Giannantonio says:

These cases are great...they provide all the protection that an otterbox would but at a fraction of the cost. What makes them even better is that they don't bulk up your phone like other cases do. I have used Seidio cases on my android phones and I am proud to say that I will continue to use them now that I am a member of the Apple family

Mariano Zamora says:

I just like shiny things and this would make my iPhone look AWESOMESAUCE!
Kudos to TIPB and their awesome contest! I hope to win... Daddy needs a new case!

ed lanum says:

http://store.tipb.com/iskin-solo-fx/4A54A5756.htm because my wife has been on me to get her one for her phone and she would love this

felface says:

i like this case cause its a normal protecting case but you get extra battery life! thanks to tipb for all the brilliant news and up-to-date rumours stories announcements and others!! you really deserve this i hope you hit 20,000 may i also point that tipb i currently on its 1,001 page! so welll done there aswell

Nico says:

I would like this case because it is compact and sophisticated, like me.

DE says:

My iPad could use some protection as I use it on fire/ems runs.

Chad says:

In Turquois, I want this case because I love the look and feel of my iPhone4 but I don't always like to keep it naked when I'm out and about. This case would help keep it thin and still give it the protection it needs! :)

Chris Burkey says:

http://store.tipb.com/seidio-convert-combo/4A24A7387.htm this case looks awesome! Having one case that goes from sleek and sexy to tough and rugged would be so nice.

Shawn Grim says:

"Sleak, Tough, and my 3GS' Belkin case is splitting at the corners.

Crakka says:

I've always wanted a small slim case for my iPhone 4 I'm usually to scared to try something diffrent for my phone. I'm a creature of habit I suppose. I love the size And the new look of tge carbon fiber. Thanks for giving us a chance to win and keep up the stories!

Seanma8 says:

Because Otterbox is a local company for me and I like to support local businesses.

DougFNJ says:

When the Zombie Apololypse falls upon us, I will count on the Otterbox Defender to keep my Verizon iPhone 4's brains safe as well as keeping me equipped to bash the skulls of any Zombie attempted to eat my brains or anyone else in the safe zone boundaries of said Otterbox Defender.
Save us Otterbox Defender, your our only hope!

baloghjz says:

The Case-Mate Barely There case is a sleek form factor, providing some protection while adding very little bulk. I'd love to finally have a case for my phone and this one fits the bill!

Joe DiPippa says:

I want this one because it is the most expensive case that you sel.l

Omar Mariscal says:

because i hate the fact that i have to hold the phone in my hand when i got run. i already bought the backbeat 903+ and they work perfectly while running.
now for this one!!

Xavier Frei says:

PowerMat Wireless Charging System Case: http://store.tipb.com/powermat-wireless-charging-system/5A199A7821.htm
I'd like to win this case because of my job. I'm always traveling and I'm using my iPhone 4 almost all the time, during my travels, which ends up in power running out quite fast. That's why I need something to charge it while I'm not able to plug it in somewhere. I've found this wireless charger, which is quite innovative in my opinion in your online store and already thought about buying it. But I always couldn't decide if I should or shouldn't, because of the quite high price and me being unsure if it's worth it buying this new innovative stuff which could also be useless (ex. only 10 min charge power) or stop working after a week. So that's why I'd like to win this case, test it out, use it while traveling and write a proper review about it.
Oh and also congrats on the 10'000 posts, keep 'em news coming! ;)

ROSES5682 says:

I love the vibrant colors and quality of the iskin products. I especially like the purple one. ;)

TFausett says:

I need this so I can clip it on my belt instead of taking it in and out of my pocket.

Khyrk says:

Had this with my 3G which fell a few times and came out of those episodes untouch. I have since lost that 3G and now using a 3Gs. I would be more than happy to continue my relationship with this CASE-MATE product.

Heyload2 says:

I like this case because it's nice and simple. I usually carry my iPhone in my pocket by when I go for walks, bike rides or other activities where I don't have proper pockets I like a nice pouch case.

fury says:

Because I have the defender for my iPhone 4, I know what kind of a beating it can take. That, and I'd like to run over my iPad 2 with my car without breaking it. Damn thing just doesn't take too kindly to it as it is now. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to start their day by setting their iPad 2 under their car tire and nonchalantly driving over it?

mgmiller68 says:

I chose this case to be a gift for my parents' original iPad because of all of the great reviews on how well it protects the iPad in all situations. My mother frequently carries her iPad with her in its leather case when she visits with family/friends to show off her pictures and the leather case won't provide any shock protection should she accidentally drop it. This case would be perfect for that use and for all kinds of protection. Hoping I'm able to win this for my parents! :)

mattdewitt says:

I need this case so I can't stop saying to the kids " Walk with the ipad , walk, walk , WALK, WALK.....WITH THAT IPAD IN YOUR HANDS!!

Chief203 says:

I chose this case because I'm a Firefighter and need protection for my Verizon iPhone 4 when I'm working around the Fire Truck. I've used the Otterbox Defender, and it's ok, but I really like the look of the Seidio!

D says:

Awesome!!! Congrats to 10,000.00! This is the case I would love to win:http://store.tipb.com/marware-sportshell-convertible/4A150A7216.htm
It would fit my lifestyle and save me time, I love that it goes from belt clip for work, to armaband for working out at the gym and listening to music, to table stand to watch shows at lunch and most importantly it a case that protects my phone that goes everywhere I do!
Currently I have a belt clip case, and an armband, and yet another accesssory to hold phone to watch video without holding phone...oh and don't forget the case I have on there to protect it. that a lot of stuff just to easily use my phone day to day.

NPR_Aficionado says:

Barely There...that is how a case should be, protective but not intrusive.
Thanks for the years of great coverage! TiPB rocks!

Bct74 says:

i need this case because, like zz top said, every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed phone.

Hans Buehler says:

perfect case for attaching my ipad to my bicycle handlebars when I commute to work. I promise I'll send a picture of me riding to work with the ipad attached!!!
Also keeps my 3 year old from destroying my ipad when I get home!

Matt Doades says:

Gotta go with the Otterbox Commuter. It's the perfect in between for protection and style - not too big, not too small.

pazafuera says:

My kids love our iPad and play with it all the time... unfortunately they are brutal on it. A little hard case protection would go a long way!
Congrats TiPb!

DamnSkippy says:

This would be a great little accessory for my iPad 2. I can slip it in and have it protected while I am traveling and the handle will be very useful for carrying it around or pulling it out of luggage. When I get to where I am going I can just slip it out and have my nice thing iPad. I use a screen protector and a custom skin on the back plus a smart cover. I don't really like the big bulky cases. One with a stand could be useful but not worth having the bulk all the time and not easy to get on and off.

Joel Howard says:

Congratulations on the 10,000 posts! that is a very great milestone for this website. I have always liked the Otterbox cases, I used to have one for my iPhone 3GS, but after upgrading to the iPhone 4 back in December I never got around to getting one. It would be very cool to have another, and in my opinion the Commuter would be perfect! Thank you all for this great opportunity.

Heather S says:

I want the:http://store.tipb.com/incipio-ultra-light-feather-case/4A123A7092.htm
I love that it's thin and lightweight and I also LOVE all the colors!

metsgiantsfan234 says:

I like the Case-Mate because of how thin and shiny it is. I really think that it will protect my iPhone (a lot more than the crappy case I have now).http://store.tipb.com/case-mate-barely-there-case/4A123A7164.htm

Vox says:

I want my phone to be protected, but also want to let it look as close as posible to what Apple wanted it to look like...the barely there cases usually accomplish that.

dooha333 says:

(Metallic Black color)
I Like the Feather case "Incipio Ultra Light feather" Because it provides almost everything I need.
I am a college student so I need to take my iphone out of my pocket every couple of minutes to take a photo or record a lecture and ofcourse make&receive phone calls which are many. So it really bothers me having sticky rubber cases cause i can't get the phone out unless i stand so most of the time I miss important calls.
This case is slim, light, doesn't stick to the pocket but give enough "grippy" feel as i quote from your review. and it helps with the signal problem which by the way is a pain. and the 2 screen protectors add an extra bonus :)
One down side is that it has no extension on the screen so it won't protect it if put on a table for example but the screen protector can be sufficient for accidental scratches.
By the way, thank you for your great reviews and updated news. keep it up :)

tperlmutter says:

Black - OtterBox Reflex Series case for iPhone 4
I'd love this as an alternative to my Commuter case :)

Brock Cameron Hughes says:

In pink! I chose it because it's very slim & doesn't add bulk. It also doesn't wrap around the whole phone, making it unique & still shows off the hardware.
Thank you!

Justin Cheatham says:

I could really use this flip case because I am a college reporter/blogger who uses my phone to record interviews. Currently I use a regular otterbox but with this case it could provide the protection I need with the added area to carry business cards, notes, and a platform to write notes too.

jeremynebraska says:

The case looks really slick, clean, modern. And the reviews I've read are really great! It would be a lovely addition to my new ViP4. :D

Mike Kennerknecht says:

I got into running a year ago and the Marware SportShell Convertible case would make it easy to bring along my phone and use it to track my runs.

C4D_m0nk3y says:

I've always liked the otteox Commuter. Good looks and awesome protection.

KekoaLani says:

Aloha TiPb and congratulations for your 10,000 post! That's why I always check out your site first because you are the pulse of what's happening with my favorite gear iPhones and iPads. I also love the looks of your website and how your store items are easy to see in your sidebar. Mahalo for the chance to win a Marware Sportshell Convertible. I love how versatile it is and the reviews are very good.

Ron H says:

I have yet to pick up a case for my iPad 2 and so i figured I'd take my chances on this giveaway. Congrats TiPb

Benjamin Mayo says:

http://store.tipb.com/aquapac-waterproof-case/4A104A7046.htm - because the idea of taking my iPad underwater is just freaking' awesome.

applejosh says:

It just seems like a very versatile solution for a variety of environments. Plus it comes with a holster.

Eva S says:

So that I can be taken seriously, as the only girl with an iPad at the office.

JH says:

Would love to have this case — OtterBox-esque protection with a more minimal appearance! Thank you! Happy 10,000th!

jimmers says:

My favorite case is the Seidio Innocase II Surface case in Sage. I want this case because I already have it in burgundy and love it. I could really use another color so I can switch it up :)

Tojasonhoo says:

I really don't need a case.I just wanted to say good for you and keep the posts coming. They're very helpful.

NCW Thoughts says:

I want this case because I need a good case to keep my iPad scratch free so I can sell it to buy the next one :)

Dramer77 says:

I love this case because it gives the best in looks and protection IMO.. calssy styling and stellar protection

Dan Leech says:

I'm a keen rock climber, and I miss so many calls because I leave my phone in my bag while I'm climbing. I have a bumper (from the free case offer) but still I'm terrified of taking my iPhone 4 up a wall! An armband case would be a God-send.

Anthony Sieloff says:

I need something better than putting my phone in my pocket while working out and hoping it doesn't fall out.

Boekmarc says:

In a #Nutshell: Natural Leather and hand made! Can it be nicer?! Realy looks great!


coming from a crackberry, to androidcentral, to now tipb, Otterbox has always been my case of choice! Their top of the line quality, and sleek styling always caught my eye. Sure it may be on the pricy side, but it is worth it to protect the investment I made in phone/tablet! I love otterbox, and tipb! FTW!

finbarlorei says:

For me I need a case that will withstand the paces that my two daughters put it through and then also the pain I put it through at Work. That way it should last long enough for the next gen to come out.

Dennis Moore says:

Would love to have this one because #1- I had a hard case that I has to cut out the flash/ camera to get good pictures so now it's kinda messed up. #2 I'm tired of having something covering up my beautiful phone.

Mriley1058 says:

I don't take my iPad 2 many places so I'm not worried about it falling. I just need some protection from scratches and the bodyguardz looks like it would do the trick.

Joe Buck says:

I like this case, and really want it for my iPad 2 my wife bought me as a gift for my commissioning as a naval officer. It'll keep the back of my iPad from getting scratched.

Andrey says:

Delivering furniture can do some decent damage to the phone. This should do the trick and give me great protection. Thanks for the opportunity

Tyler Morris says:

I love this case cause it makes my phone pretty much indestructible, and the quality of this case is amazing.

rajkumr says:

I would like the protection the Otterbox Defender case will offer me when i take my ipad to my work sites and outdoor photography.... i would have the peace of mind by knowing the safety of my ipad was above par!

Joseph Maldonado says:

I love this case...as a new Ipad2 owner, I am showing it off to all my family and friends. This case sure will protect it from all those sticky fingers!

Martin Navisotschnig says:

I don't have any skin on my ipad2, because I just use it at home. In order to transport it and use it outside of my use this skin would be awesome and very impressive. Good quality, good protection and stylish.

andsoitgoes says:

Because I've given my original iPad to my wife and kids, who make my sphincter clench evey time they pick it up. I've been lucky so far, but I don't know how much longer my luck will hold.

mqguitar says:

I would love this case because it is probably the thinnest and full protecting case there is. Also love that soft touch!
And wooh 10,000 posts!

kilo720 says:

No body got better tough cases like bodyguardz my ipod before it got stolen had a bodyguardz case and that ipod when thru hell n back did not break or got a scratch on it really like their product

Eric Tufte says:

Would allow me to rock the iPhone in skinny jeans while not worrying about my bonehead friends breaking it.

3spur says:

Seidio ACTIVE Case for iPad 2
Other Apple iPhone accessories by Seidio
'Not yet rated'
List Price:  $69.95
Price:  $64.95

robi_ says:

TiPb, TiPb, rhymes with pick me, pick me.
Metallic Blackhttp://store.tipb.com/incipio-ultra-light-feather-case/4A123A7092.htm
Feather light, an no clingy rubber feel.

Ephraimkunz says:

I need a case that is rugged enough to allow me to take my ipad to all the places I go, such as hiking, working on the farm, etc. This looks like the best bet.

JunoyeopTV says:

I've heard so many great things about the InvisibleShield yet have shied away from it because of its price. This could be an opportunity for me to try it out

irie says:

Love seidio cases. Have been using them exclusively for 3 years.

Cameron Krohn says:

http://store.tipb.com/incipio-ultra-light-feather-case/4A123A7092.htm (BLACK)
Why wouldnt I want the number one case on the top 10 list?? it adds almost no extra bulk!

Brian Dunn says:

I would be quite grateful if I were to win one of the free cases. I currently live right on the beach and the case I have for my iPhone 4 (Otterbox Defender) doesn't keep the dirt and water out.. :( My phone has scratches all over the top and bottom of the front and all over the back.
The Aquapac would protect my case from the sand and even the water when I go and take pictures and videos.
Thank you for allowing me the chance to enter the giveaway! :) Congratulations on the 10,000 posts...it won't be too long until 100,000 is reached! :)
Take care and best wishes,
Brian Dunn

Blktiger says:

I chose
Why? K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sir!)

Martin B says:

I had the case-mate pop case for the Verizon iPhone and after a few weeks the lip at the bottom cracked and now is bent outwards. The other edges of the case have also warped and are starting to wear away. The back scratches like no tomorrow because the hard plastic is slightly turned out on a hard surface. A friend has this case and after almost a year it is still in perfect condition without a scratch or bend. It just feels like its a better build quality and seems like the perfect case for me.

Eric Munoz says:

I totally dig this case here. I have always liked the funky colors. But I can't justify the crazy high price! Help me get it! http://store.tipb.com/iskin-solo-fx/4A54A5756.htm

Terry says:

I have a feather-weight for an iPad and love it; how cool to be able to have one for the iPhone as well. Light, all but naked, nice.

Johhnyred23 says:

http://store.tipb.com/griffin-elan-passport/4A22A7234.htm i love griffin product, and this is great when i dress up and go out classic look

Kevan Anthony Barton says:

I currently have a zagg leather skin on my iPad. I can't figure out the best case. The Elan Passport seems like an awesome case that I can use in meetings!

atlas9171 says:

It's simple, has high ratings and looks to provide solid protection.

jfusco says:

The iPhone is a sleek and beautiful piece of electronics. Seems a shame to cover it with something bulky.

Collo Gydn says:

I want to win something...anything...at least once.

Crystal Pham says:

I would LOVE this in purple! It looks so sturdy/protective, yet comfortable to hold. Plus, it's super cute! :)