TiPb TV Interview: Real Racing 2 tips from Firemint

Firemint's Real Racing 2 for iPhone just went live in the App Store. With 30 licensed cars, 15 person online multiplayer, career mode, and other console quality features it's another huge leap forward for iPhone gaming. But what if -- like me -- you don't drive especially well? What if you need a little inside help, some expert advice on how to beat the game? (And your friends!)

Worry not, Firemint Founder and CEO Rob Murray, Real Racing 2 Producer Chris Nicoll, and Firemint Communications Manager Alex Peters were kind enough to sit down for an interview with us and dish all their secrets. (Okay, maybe not all, but enough tips and tricks to give you an edge!)

This is just a taste mind you. The full interview will be included with our iPhone Live #130 podcast, available later today right here on the blog and via iTunes. Subscribe already!

[$9.99 - iTunes link]

TiPb TV Interview: Real Racing 2 tips from Firemint

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Reader comments

TiPb TV Interview: Real Racing 2 tips from Firemint


If anyone is concerned with the price know that this game is a great game with gorgeous graphics and it is very fun whether playing career mode or multiplayer online. Well worth the price!

12.99 is a little steep, but this game looks awesome. I have RR1 and it's great, but one thing I always hated was how the cars were so lame looking, and hardly had any detailing. This looks So good, the cars look as developed as a Playstation game. I'll definitely be buying this

Just bought it and I'm already a bit disappointed. You only have enough money to start with the lowest of the low. A 4 banger VW.

I am not supporting these kind of games. I'm tired of Gameloft stealing us and cheating us. Each time they release a game they charge 1 or 2 dlls more. At this rate we'll be paying 40 dlls for a racing game, and what really sucks about this is that the app store showed us a way to legally get apps and games at a fair price but if companies like Gameloft keep doing this say hello to piracy again.
I refuse to buy games for this price, 12,99 is RIDICULOUS.

I meant Firemint but Gameloft is doing the same. And it seems like it's 9,99$ not 12,99 oops. But it's still WAY too much for the app store concept of cheap games.

Buy the game or don't. But quit complaining. The game looks pretty phenominal and that takes time, money and effort to produce. $9.99 for this calibur ofprogramming is not unnaccept

Well you can go ahead and buy it. They will charge 15 bucks for the next version and you will be saying the same, "Oh but look at that game play, look at those graphics". They are just rising their prices slowly as if they didn't earn enough money from a well priced 2,99 or even 4,99 game and I just don't think it's ok. 10 for a game in a place where games are supposed to be 0,99, 1,99 and 2,99 is just disrespectful.

If you don't like the price, don't buy it. They'll change the prices if they don't sell any.
If, though, you think you like the game and think it is worth the price, buy it.
Simple as.

i love tipb tv you guys always have interesting topics to discuss keep it up and if possible bring out other tipb staff to have more point of view. although rene and georgia are awesome !