TiPb Video: iPhone 3G S Low-Light Recording Demo

Took this last night on the boat. Not bad, I was impressed.

Taken any great shots or video of your own with the iPhone 3G S? Head on over to the forums and show us what you got.

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TiPb Video: iPhone 3G S Low-Light Recording Demo


Thanks for showing so many demo video:D
But I still have a question about the recording...can we
change the area of auto-focus during the video recording??

To Davidx. No David yu can't focus wile the video is going. Go to my youtube; liamd330. And I show yu

You can set focus before you start recording, but not during. To change focus, you need to stop recording, change, then start again.

I think we all can be impressed with the video quality from a phone. Makes me want to upgrade from my 3g now.

About focusing during video recording: Do you just mean you can't tap to change focus, but pointing the camera at something much closer still auto-focuses? Or that once the camera is focused on something, it will always be focused at that distance no matter how close the object is you're pointing it at?

The latter.
This is not atypical of low end cams when recording.
They can't accept focus commands because recording is pushing the cam circuits about as fast as they can go.
The essentially become fixed focus once you start recording.
This also affects most hand held cameras under 300 bucks from NIKON, Olympus, etc.

We were at a party last night with fire dancers.
My friend brought her new 3GS and the videos are amazing!
No joke, Apple stepped it up on this front.
That alone will sell a lot of phones.

I too am very impressed with the 3GS video recording. In my brief tests it's at least comparable to a flip, a bit better in some circumstances, a bit worse in others. Has any one had a chance to run the footage through iMovie's shake reduction? I've been dying to try it as my videos are shaky as hell.

@Chris, on a boat in downtown Chicago. Every Saturday night there is a fireworks show by Navy Pier.

What i'd like to see is a quality comparison between a 3G (iphone video recorder) video and a 3Gs video. the optics in 3Gs are no doubt better but the 3G videos aren't bad as well.

@Chara, there is a HUGE difference. Trying blowing up the video on a computer from a 3G you will get nothing but pixelation.