TiPb Video: White 32GB IPhone 3G S Unboxing and Quick Look

Okay, enough with the unboxings. Fair point. But we iPhone people only get one device a year, so this is our Super Bowl and dagnabit we plan to enjoy it!

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TiPb Video: White 32GB IPhone 3G S Unboxing and Quick Look


I missed work today cuz my 32gb 3Gs is on the FedEx truck for delivery. Now just sit home & wait.

Looks cool. Does anyone know where to get the modified iPhone ringtone at the end of the video? I want it. :)

How come this new 3G s didnt come with a dock? the back of the box says it inludes: "Dock Connector to USB"....i just got my 3G s 32GB Black too but kinda bummed about the dock. Its no biggie because i still have the dock from my 2G iphone.....RIP 2G iPhone.....

The iPhone hasn't come with the dock since the 2G version. The 3G came with no dock. This likely has something to do with the fact that the 8GB 2G iPhone was $399 and the 8GB 3G phone was $199. Also, your 2G dock will not fit the 3G or 3G[S].