Today on the Forums: 2.0.2 Tips and Tricks, Other Devices and Gadgets


[Ed: Many of you know Jeremy as the most Bad Ash moderator this side of Cupertino. Well, we've finally convinced him to tear it up here on the TiPb front page as well. What's he going to choose for his debut post? Heh. Like there was ever any doubt...]

Since you can usually find me on the iPhone Blog Forums I figured I may as well make my first post about some of the happenings over there. So what's going on?

Firmware 2.0.2 tips and tricks thread is a good place to check out if you are looking for some nifty pointers in the TiPb forums.  SM12 wants to know  what phones did you replace with your iPhone?  Another discussion that is going on is from Scottdoc and he needs help deciding what is the best software for converting DVD's for use on the iPhone.  Can you help him out?  

Also be sure to check out the new section to our forums that Dieter just added, other devices and gadgets.  Are you a Windows Mobile fan?  How about Blackberry?  Android?  Join our community and mix it up then!  What are you waiting for?! Go ahead and join our community and get in on the conversation!

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Today on the Forums: 2.0.2 Tips and Tricks, Other Devices and Gadgets


Welcome to the front page, Bad Ash! Awesome intro, and amazing how you can blog given that huge chainsaw hand and all :)
Off to check out those threads!

Hate(!) these posts. I don't want to go fishing around in the forums. How about you extract some of the useful info (some of these 2.0.2 tips, for example) and just post it?

That would defeat the whole purpose of the post... which is to get a bigger community at TiPb and to get people talking.