Trillian IM App for iPhone -- 60 Days and Waiting!


An update from the folks Cerulean Studios on the status of the iPhone version of their popular IM client, Trillian:

It’s been 60 days since our initial and only submission to the App Store. Unlike many of the horror stories you may have read about, we haven’t yet received a rejection notice and we’re not frantically going back and forth with Apple fixing reported problems. Despite sending a steady stream of emails to Apple requesting status updates, we continue to receive generic form letters in response – frustrating, to say the least. As developers, we absolutely understand and appreciate Apple’s need to quality control applications – including the need for additional review time when warranted – but being kept in the dark for two months is a strange way to accomplish this. Cerulean remains ready and willing to work with Apple to ensure the software meets all necessary requirements.

We're hoping they hear back soon as well. We're also hoping Apple understands that their lack of communication continues to hurt what's otherwise a fantastic success story with the App Store. Step up to the mic, will ya? Everything can't be dead silence and boilerplate on one end, Phil Schiller email on the other...

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Trillian IM App for iPhone -- 60 Days and Waiting!

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Maybe if this company hadn't gone to such extremes to hide who they are things would be faster.
A US company, registering a domain name in hacker-heaven Isle of Man, with a Zip code for Brookfield Connecticut, and their main site hiding behind a obstructed Network Solutions registration.
Its not clear if they are out of their parents basement yet according to Wikipedia .
Maybe Apple finds this behavior suspicious.

Really a shame. Trillian Pro was my favorite Windows IM client for a couple of years, and, while I am on Beejive on my iPhone and Adium on my new Mac, I would love to see what Cerulean has done for the iPhone.

@icebike - oh please,it's not like cerulean studios or trillian are newcomers. trillian has been around for windows for at least 10 years. it's a well known dev with a well known and widely used product.

Been a long time Trillain user on the PC and been waiting for the iPhone version for a long time. Glad to hear I'm not alone.

Use your IMagination a bit.
Why would company that makes IM clients want to register a domain name in the Isle of Man under .IM??
Why would a TV show company register domains in a small island nation of Tuvalu under .TV?

Trillian has been shipping products for going on 10 years now -- they are hardly a fly-by-night operation.
As for the domain, it takes a single moment's thought to realize the domain is set in Isle of Mann is for the extension ".im" (get it?) and about as suspicious as Major League Baseball launching their streaming video product from a domain based from Polynesian Tuvalu to get the domain "". (That domain is now a redirect to, but is still promoted in many markets.)
If it takes Apple 60 days to penetrate that fiendish hacker-haven mentality, then perhaps they might be better off, oh, ASKING the company, or at least returning emails?

I've been waiting and waiting for Trillian for iPhone so it's very frustrating that it's been taking this long. I hope someone from Apple sees this and approves the app already.

Hmmm, let's see...why would a company that makes an Instant Messenger (IM) product want a website with a .IM domain name? Hmmm...puzzling. I'm gonna throw you a clue...please use both hands to catch it!

I've been a long time trillian user, but I swear it's been a longer time waiting for this app to be approved.
Let's just say it's denied. Just like Google Voice. Maybe they want us to forget about these apps we're oh so anxious for.