TuneCore Lets You Distribute on iTunes


Along with CDBaby, TuneCore was and is one of the best ways for independent artists to get their music onto iTunes without going through the hassle of trying to score a full-on record deal with the thieves big record labels.

Now they've just announced that they're doing the same for video. The setup works thusly: you send them your video and they encode / submit to iTunes for a fee based on the length of the video. After that, your video goes through the standard iTunes terms and conditions (Sorry, Paris H, you'll be rejected, we think) before getting added. After that, the copyrights and the revenues from iTunes go straight to you.

Indie music, HD content, incredible distribution, now all we need is that whole DRM situation rectified, kay?


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Dieter Bohn

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TuneCore Lets You Distribute on iTunes

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I used www.dittomusic.com and found them better than tunecore or CDbaby.
They provide you with over 50 sites, and not just the US based ones.
iTunes, Play, Amazon, mobile sites like Nokia and Jamster, iTunes Video, we7, HMV, Virgin and loads more
They have a 4 week turn around compared to CDbabys 6-8 week and you can specify release so that you know when it is going live.
They also register you for the UK charts.
They seem to have a wider coverage with about 700 sites including video distribution, ringtones etc
Definitely one to check out