Update on "Potential Palm Pre Patent Portfolio Pugilism Puzzle"

We'll be talking about the iPhone vs. the Palm Pre tonight on iPhone Live! (Hopefully with some special guests!). In the meantime our editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn, writing on behalf of our sibling site, PreCentral.net, points to Engadget's in-depth coverage. Dieter's conclusion on calls the "Potential Palm Pre Patent Portfolio Pugilism Puzzle"?

Do Apple and Palm (which is increasingly Apple-esque after their recent hires) have the kind of corporate attitude necessary to just swallow their pride and accept that there's space at the top of the hill for two smartphones, each licensing their patents to each other? If you take a look at the sorts of statements that Roger McNamee made in this Kara Swisher interview, you'll see that the answer for Palm is clearly yes. They've said for a long time that they expect that there will be plenty of space for everybody in the smartphone market, nobody needs to fail for them to succeed. Will Apple be able to play nice too?

Reads like the haughty days of cold war mutually assured destruction to us, so we have to ask: Will Chairman Jobs push the button?

(Any answer beginning with "you're goram right he will!" gets double comment points!)

Rene Ritchie

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The Reptile says:

Currently, Apple is operating under the authority of the 25th amendment with Tim Cook at the helm, so technically, he's got the football. However, I can see a condition where Jobs puts in a call to General Jack Ripper and orders a preemptive attack on Premier Kissoff and his Palm minions.

Informed says:

Here is an in-depth analysis from engadget, it's all everyone needs to know:
From the looks of it Apple stands to lose much-much more than Palm.

Steve says:

:lol: Engadget is like the Rush Limbaugh of Apple news.

Rene Ritchie says:

That's the same article we're linking to in the the first para of the post :)

Jason Diaz says:

good find Informed!!!
dam this is kinda of exiting to see another phone giving the iphone competitions!
don't get me wrong I love my iPhone but I'm not a hardcore "fanboi"
Seriously Apple gets a great ideas then then they bask in the glory while getting lazy! when everyone plays catchup and then blows right by them an innovation.
Apple continues think that they are the only smart people that exist, and if other continue to think that why or give in to that motto your sad case!
The Pre's UI is pretty slick! but I'm not a fan of keyboard thingy, it defeats the touchscreen purpose!

Ana says:

Thanks for the link to the article very interesting information.
I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of this. I know i'm the minority but I hope Palm prevails...its our benefit that they do.

The Reptile says:

@Steve, Engadget is like the MSNBC of Apple news. Most would argue that Limbaugh is infotainment, not news, while MSNBC poses a a news outlet.

WatersWest says:

@ Ana, I agree. The more success that Palm has, the more it benefits iPhone users everywhere.

Informed says:

When the first two iphones hit the market engadget was all things Apple, one would have thought some of the writers were on Apples payroll. I believe some of the engadget writers wore Apple pajamas. :)
@Rene Ritchie
I realized that after I posted my comment, i believe others missed it as well. To those of you who thanked me you're welcome. Next time let's (myself included) pay attention to the article. :)

Steve says:

@informed: I must've missed that. It seems just the opposite now (to me, anyway).
@Reptile: I don't watch MSNBC anymore. It's now the farthest thing there is from news. Matthews, Obamasmann, and the rest of those sorry-azz Clinton-haters are nothing but worthless, aimlessly-wondering, biased sheep. So, if Engadget is like MSNBC.... fine... that's just as bad and as biased as Limbaugh these days. :)

The Reptile says:

@ Steve. Big time LOL! Nicely done.

Ana says:

Say what!@? How can you even compare Rush(disgusting, HATE MONGER, racist- sorry excuse for a human being) to Maddow....the lady has balls and is the farthest thing from being biased she calls them as she sees them

Informed says:

For those who care go over to precentral.net and check out a new video on the Pre!

John A says:

Pre looks awesome! Lol you forget that the more any phone has success, the more any phone user will benifit, iphone will always be behind the latest technology lol.

Rafe says:

do you guys have a recommendation section, i'd like to suggest some stuff