TiPb vs. TiPb: Why I AM SO Upgrading to iPhone 3GS


[TiPb vs. TiPb time! In the blue corner we have Jeremy who tells us why he IS SO upgrading to the iPhone 3G S. In the red corner, Chad who tells us why he IS NOT upgrading to the iPhone 3G S. Two writers, one issue. Check them both out and tell us who's side you're on!]

There have been a lot of people out there who are very disappointed with the third generation iPhone -- iPhone 3G S. They're saying that it is pretty much the same phone as the current iPhone 3G, or that the upgrades are not enough to warrant purchasing the new iPhone 3G S. I'm here to say, think again - the upgrades are very significant indeed.

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Let me first address one of the biggest -- and for some only -- gripe: "it looks the same as the iPhone 3G". True, the iPhone 3G S has the exact same size as the iPhone 3G but is slightly heavier. Is that really a bad thing?

Sadly we live in a world that has major hang ups on looks and status. Sure Apple could have changed the glossy back to a matte finish. Or perhaps they could have done away with the chrome bezel and raised the phones headset speaker up a bit, etc... Those small changes may have been just big enough to require different accessories like cases and battery packs, rendering previous items useless and causing you to have to go out and spend even more money.

The next thing I've been hearing an awful lot is "there are not enough updates to warrant me upgrading" or "I expected a lot more from Apple". I think that too many people expect Apple to revolutionize the cell phone market every year with an entirely new iPhone. Wake up call -- it's not going to happen! They did it once with the first generation iPhone that revolutionized the market and each year since then they've improved upon it. And the improvements are not irrelevant like some of you may think:

  • 3 megapixel camera with capability to record VGA resolution video at 30 FPS
  • 7.2 HSDPA (up to twice as fast as 3G)
  • Improved battery performance
  • Faster processors
  • Double the amount of RAM (UPDATE: Con
  • Up to double the storage capacity (32GB)

According to Apple, the performance difference between the 3G and the 3G S alone is on average 2x. That is not to be overlooked. It's no different than someone who says a normal DVD is fine for them and see no need for a Blu-Ray player -- that is until they actually watch a Blu-Ray movie and are blown away. That's how I feel current 3G owners who are not going to upgrade will feel once they get their hands on a 3G S. Blown away.

Now don't get me wrong, for a lot of people the iPhone 3G is perfectly fine. And why not, it is a great phone. This is geared more towards the people out there who feel Apple has just put this phone together simply to get a phone out there without making great improvements. You my friends, could not be further from the truth. Looks don't mean everything.

Ok, so that list right there is why I am upgrading and by no means is it a small upgrade in my book. If you're upgrading, tell us why in the comments. And if you're not, tell us why not as well.

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TiPb vs. TiPb: Why I AM SO Upgrading to iPhone 3GS


I'm NOT upgrading simply because I am not eligible for an upgrade. Last year, iPhone users were automatically given the subsidized price. It's just wayyy too much money for me.

@Omar, and we completely understand that. The reason for the subsidy last year was simply because the first iPhone did not offer a discount so they gave it to you last year.

I will still make fun of you if you went from 3G to 3G S.
Camera, in my case, I always have to carry a digital camera with me. So getting +1.0 megapixel is well, still crap. I really think no one shouuld be making anything below 5.0 MP at this age.
7.2 HSDPA, LOLOLOLOL with AT&T, give me a break. They can't even fully support 3.0Mbps yet and it has been out for awhile, so thinking you're getting anywhere close to 7.2 is a moronic joke.
Improved battery performance, I actually love this but 3G talk time is still very same or has improved by not much (please do your own research).
Double the amount of ram, this is actually pretty awesome, but I personally am never really in a rush, even with the GPS, I'm willing to go an extra block and turn around if I missed a turn. Still, kudos.
Capacity. I was hoping to see 32G and 64G but I knew it wasn't going to happen so I'm not extremely disappointed but there is still that, I wish factor.
Far as compass goes, my car mirror has one, my radar detector has one so, not really a need.
Oh, bone to pick with the author, do you really think we give rats a$$ about how the phone looks? Most of us customize is anyway to begin with. Not too many people have complained about looks so I don't know why you're pinning that on us. Perhaps you need to think again on why you got the new one.

Probably will not upgrade, since I'm not eligible for the reduced pricing until April. By then, all the buzz will be for the 4th-gen iPhone. Therefore, I'll probably skip a generation and upgrade next summer.
Even if eligible, I may still take a pass. Can't see using the video recording. Current speed good enough for me, since I mostly use Wi-Fi. Voice calling would be awesome, but I don't think I would upgrade for that alone.

I am not upgrading because the new os on the iphone 3g gives me what i wanted.
I have no need for a better camera since i rarely take pics or shoot video.
A compass is a cool but trivial add on.
I have no burning desire to voice control anything.
2X processing power is nice, but its not like my current iphone is slow at doing anything (maybe when more apps come out that utilize the extra power i might notice a performance hit)
cut/copy/paste, MMS, landscape keyboard, global search, and push notification (which i havent seen mentioned anywhere) are all i want for IphoneXmas!!!

@Frank, there are a lot of people who care about how the phone looks actually - check out the forums. As far as your other points you completely avoided the processor and speed. I never mentioned a compass because like you, it only serves one purpose for my needs and that's GPS related.

I will wait for OS 3.0 and see how that goes first. I would upgrade but I'm not willing to pay $699 (because I want the 32GB). I would upgrade only because I want my whole iTunes collection with me (entails getting the 32GB). I think the thing I like about the 3G[s] the most is the voice control. Though I'm still really skeptical that it's a hardware thing.
I'm happy with my 3G and I will probably upgrade next year. Besides, next year's iPhone should be even better!

Not upgrading because the cost and surly becuase next year ill get the iphone i really wanted and a year flies by so no biggie

@Frank, keep looking - they are there. Trust me. To each their own my friend.
And no, thank you...

I for one, will definitely be uprading since I still have the first generation iPhone, and am eligible for an upgrade next month.
The only reason I didn't upgrade last year was because the main improvement was 3g data, and as of now there STILL is no 3g coverage in my area, but the new features of the 3GS are definitely worth it, plus the fact that some 3.0 features like mms won't work on my phone.
And sure a front facing camera and video calling would have been nice for some, but nobody I know can make video calls anyway so it doesn't matter to me.

good post.
i like how apple has maintained accessory compatibility by not changing the shape. why render a whole ecosystem of peripherals useless for the sake of fashion?
apple knows the bulk of their customers are going to be sticking with the 3G anyway, due to the nature of the at&t contracts. The 3GS is targeted at people who haven't purchased an iPhone yet, first gen iPhone owners at the end of their original contracts and people with enough techlust to pay the upgrade premium.
teasing people with something they can't buy without breaking their contract would only alienate the existing install base anyway. making the phone look completely different would make people sticking to the 3G for contract reasons feel behind the curve and perhaps look to get off the curve entirely when their contract finally does end.

To me this feels like a sort of hardware dot release . . . a little faster, a little bit more stable, slightly better camera. Really, look at the name of the product "3G S", it really does say it all its a faster 3G. That may also be why they kept the same design.
I won't be upgrading because im sure more significant upgrades will be made at WWDC 2010 and I'm willing to hold out for something that just a slight upgrade to the devices speed and camera.
here's what would make me upgrade:

  • significant storage upgrade that can really replace with my iPod
  • an HD screen (which i'm expecting the touch to get later this year)
  • significantly better battery life when using Safari over 3G
  • respectable PDF viewer
  • Multitasking with background processes . . . . .

Things that would be a nice bonus when i upgrade:

  • matte finish
  • 4G antenna . . . ?
  • somewhere around a 5 megapixel camera . . . something that beats all other phones

Does anyone agree with me?
- HARDWARE button to trigger the cameras shutter!! I'm sick of that screen thing.

Last year I got the 3g on release day and paid the full, un-subsidized price of $499. So would that qualify me for an upgrade at the subsidized price this time?

@Vdozier, you should yes. Simply visit AT&T's web site and log into your account and check to make sure.

Indeed, as Truth said, where is the evidence that RAM has doubled? Sure would be nice, but I haven't seen that confirmed - just repeated endlessly as a rumor.

Im NOT upgrading i refuse to pay $ 699 and im not elegible any way but if i were i still not up grade i was hoping for a bigger screen for these iphone ill wait for nex year but im disapointed with Apple for the frist time in my life !!!

I won't upgrade because I'm only less than halfway through my contract. I'll update on 2010 when I expect the newer iPhone to be available through different carrier(s).

To the people who are forced to pay $699, can I ask did you buy a iPhone 3G when it first came out? Or are you using another phone from AT&T?

@Moe, I am in the same boat as you. I highly doubt the form factor will remain the same when the next one is released and I hope its released on Verizon because it's obvious AT&T is screwing the pooch because they have zero competition and thus no incentive to roll out MMS, tethering, etc.

I think many of those who are unhappy aren't so because of the 3GS, but mostly AT&T's , network, customer service and pricing. The phone is great, but is it worth current 3G owners upgrading? Hopefully the planned upgrades by AT&T will answer that question. For new adopters probably it's any easier.

I don't think I'll be upgrading to iPhone 3GS this summer. I don't need a compass because I know where I'm going. I don't need Voice Control because I can control my phone with my finger. I don't need a video camera because my life is too boring and nothing exciting happens. I don't need the 3.0 megapixel camera because...(see why I don't need video). I rarely use my current camera on my iPhone 3G. I do want the OS 3.0 update. I could care less for MMS and tethering. Too much hype for it. I doubt it'll be used much.

Not upgrading! its simply not worth it, when my contract runs out in january then i will upgrade because i will need to renew my contract anyways, Im not in any kind of rush for the iphone 3GS. There is no reason why Voice control won't work on the 3G so i bet in a few weeks some genius will get the iphone 3GS firmware on the iphone 3G so we can have voice control!!

The only reason I'm not upgrading is the price in my country is very high, so my 3G will have to last until next year's new iPhone. Hopefully with even more processing power and ram! hehe

Not upgrading because :
- The 3G speed is good enough for me.
- The 3 MPx camera is still a very poor camera
- The compass is unecessary
- The TomTom GPS will work on 3G
- The voice control is not really necessary
I will wait for an Iphone with:
- multitask background
- good camera with optical zoom
- front camera
- 802.11n
- FM receptor/transmissor
- Digital Television
- Oled screen

I bought my 3g on release day for the un-subsidized price of $499. Looking back, since I paid full price AT&T should not have extended my contract but maybe they get me on that through activation / upgrade fees.

I love my iphone ... but ATT should give you the friggin' phone... they make it up on fees anyway.... its a crock!

sigh these comments are making me be swayed both ways....some ppl say its the best thing ever while others say its a waste of money...Heres my situation:
My current phone I have as a 'favour' to my sister, she wasnt done her plan but got a new phone/contract, so Im using hers until its over, or until I dont want it anymore, I have had my eye on the iphone but I thought it would be useless cause I have a phone and an ipod touch,
but my phone is crap (like really crappy :P) and my ipod touch is nomore.
So, heres what Im asking: Do you guys think it would be a good idea for me to purchase the 16Gb 3GS? or not? my sisters contract ends in the fall, so either way I NEED to get a new phone, so sooner would be better than later...(should I wait for next release? and go a few months without a cell? - not sure I can do that)
or should I just buy a new ipod touch and get a regular cell?
any advice would be good! P.S. I live in Canada, so I would be using Rogers

@Jeremy Sikora
Nope, they still make less then a percent of it as I've posted before. Therefore looks weren't a BIG deal although you claimed it was.
Please, just stop. It looks like you're working for Apple now and all you were trying to do is justify yourself, EPIC FAIL.

I've been sitting on the iPhone sidelines until now - and just ordered my "delivered to your door on the 19th" 32GB 3GS from the apple store. I'll also be replacing my wife's BB Curve with the 16GB 3GS after I figure out "best practices" and can teach her to use it, and then will be adding an 8GB for my son's dying razr - all by mid July.
For me, this is now a mature enough product with plenty of apps for everyone. Had I jumped at the 3G initially I wouldn't upgrade now either. But, I've been off contract with AT&T for almost three years and have never used a smartphone. The iPhone is just too compelling for me now. You know why? Autofocus, video (if you have kids, a camcorder everywhere you go makes a tons of sense), copy/paste, spotlight, 32GB, and most importantly APPS out the wazoo for everything I need. And not to mention the whole iPod function, that there is an app for controlling my XBMC machine with it, and on and on and on.
I think apple will add a bunch of new users to its existing base with this version, convert original users to 3GS, and leave existing 3G users happy until next year's release.

People, People, ATT sucks they can't handle 3G so why upgrade when you won't get what you pay for?, I'm going to wait for the LTE version of the phone in 2010 when ATT rollout the LTE network maybe then we get the speed and maybe iChat in the iPhone.

I'm upgrading from a first gen iPhone (which I love) to a 3G S. The improvements make it worth it, finally. I actually prefer the design of the original iPhone to the look of the 3G/3G S, but video, the speed improvement, copy-paste (at last!) tethering (if/when I can ever take advantage of that), etc. all make it worth it.
Also, my first gen phone has a permanent bright pixel, rattles like a wheezing lung on vibrate mode and was dropped into oatmeal. It is time.

@Frank, thanks for the link, I just found 6 replies in that link alone of people complaining about the look! Thanks again!

Will be getting one this time round, never had one before as I didn't beleive the 3g incarnation was good enough (too much missing). Most of these things have now been addressed which now make it a very desirable handset over here in Blighty.
Especially as O2 have MMS, tethering and HDSPA already up and running at launch.
I've always had the 'latest' top of the range handsets with all the gadgets and the 3g did not live up to my expectations, the 3g S looks to be a good choice now.
3MP may not be huge but it's not always that bigger is better! Software also helps to make the picture, my 5MP Blokia takes worse pictures than an old stand alone 3MP Fuji and my 10MP Panny doesn't make the prints exceptionally spectacular when printed on 6 x 4. For standard prints 3MP is fine, 5 would be better but 3 is adequate.
So, yes, I'll be camping outside the O2 store on the 18th!

I paid full price for my 3G 16GB ($499) back in July 2008 because they said I was eligible for an upgrade until October 2008. Now AT&T's site says I can not upgrade until October 2009.............Confused????

I'm paying "reduced" full retail $499 to go from a 3G to a 3Gs 32GB. I will ebay my old phone to recoup about half that. The speed improvement really really matters to me. It's like upgrading from a Pentium 4 to a Quad Core. I heavily use my phone for both business and fun, and I will certainly benefit from the increased speed, and enjoy all the other features too. My current 3G is a little laggy, and the snappiness of the new version will be a very welcome improvement.

Having paid $499 for the original iPhone 2G, I’m glad that I will be able to upgrade to the 3.0 OS and keep the original $20 AT&T data plan. Both the 3G and the 3GS are nice but are not enough for me to upgrade after paying full price on the original. The faster speeds are relative. I will wait, yet again, to see what the next version of iPhone hardware will have to offer.
Allthough, if AT&T were to lower the cost of the data plan and have some kind of trade-in program for those who didn't take advantage of the 3G discount for 2G owners, I would reconsider.
I wonder how many other users out there are thinking about not upgrading just yet and keeping their original 2G like me.

Any thoughts on the 16 vs 32 choice? Are current 16Gb users running short on space. Will the new video capture make a big difference here?

It's up to you. See if anyone that you know in your area has had good experience with their 3G iPhone. If their experience is good, I say go ahead and get the new one. If not, I'd wait and see what they have next year.
I say if you don't have a 3G already, go for it. Otherwise, it's not worth the upgrade to me, but again... that's just me.

I'm upgrading. I'll be getting the 16GB for $400.
The iPhone 3G is a little too slow for me. I'm hoping I'll like the extra speed.
And while only 3MP camera. It's not about megapixels. 3 is fine for my photagraphy. It's about it being a better camera with auto focus. And I really always wanted video recording from day 1. Now I'll finally have it.
All of the hardware improvements answer most of my complaints about iPhone 3G that aren't addressed in software.
I usually upgrade my phones about once a year anyway (and pay early upgrade fees every other time) and this is really par for the course with me.

@Steam, it's really up to you and your own needs. If you love having all of your music/videos with you - then go with a 32GB. If you don't have a lot of media go with the 16GB.

I'm not upgrading I'll wait till next year to upgrade. I think apple doesn't want to put all their hard work in this device because it's with AT&T I think next year with a different carrier they will go all out. And then we will see matte finish and glwing apple logos.

Not getting one because I'm not up for renewal. I got my iPhone 3G in August. AT&T says I can upgrade January 18th, 2010. I will most likely hold off until the 4th gen iPhone.
As someone mentioned above, I'm hoping someone figures out how to enable the 3GS only features on the 3G.

•3 megapixel camera with capability to record VGA resolution video at 30 FPS
No need for it - I can record at 15 fps now and rarely will
•7.2 HSDPA (up to twice as fast as 3G)
No network support yet and this doesn't require new hardware, should be supported in the 3.0 firmware
•Improved battery performance
No need - All indications are that this is a firmware fix not hardware - the published comparison is against a pre-production 3G unit from last year!
•Faster processors
-nice to have not have to have
•Double the amount of RAM
-as above, and also not verified as per previous posts
•Up to double the storage capacity (32GB)
I'll just get this next summer at the $199 price when I'll be fully eligible for a discounted upgrade along with all of next year's goodies...

The price cut by Apple is a big marketing gimmick which annoys everyone. They need not do that. ATT prices at $700 and in UK O2 prices the 16 gig 3GS one at £440. Looks like $99 price is only for Paul and Steve. I am a Apple fan, still this puts me off

@Jeremy Sikora
Yes, 6 posts divided by 95 posts is? 0.06.
Like I have stated before, less than a percent. That must be a big deal.
Thank you for proving me right again.
Those who do cannot listen (in this care read carefully), cannot write.

Thanks Jeremy,
This will be my first iPhone/iPod, so I've never had the option of carrying media with me. I guess I'd better take stock on my home computer to see what on there is travel worthy.

Not a significant speed increase!?!? So if Intel came out and said they have a new CPU that is 2 - 3 times faster you would pass? Also the camera although only 1MP higher has auto focus. A 10MP camera without focus is about as useless as a .3MP camera without focus. Face it guys, the phone is an improvement. The compass is also critical for nav systems. GPS only knows your direction when your moving. Most likely TomTom requested Apple add the compass.
For me the most notable is the CPU speed and the auto focus camera. I don't carry around a backpack full of geekware so I don't have a real digicam or video cam on hand at all times. My 2.5year old son doesn't schedule his candid moments with me so I have to settle for the fussy cam (3G) sometimes.

I'ts not that i'm dissapointed, but my contracts not quite up yet. When it is ready for an upgrade i think i'll wait for next years release, rather than being stuck with only a slightly better one for another 18 months. I think next years release will yeald a better model with the likes of oled screens and even more memory.
I do like the new features, but for the ones temporeoly stuck in contracts we're not missing much. This is were Iphone 2g owners upgrade and Iphone 3g owners stick it out for 3-6 months at the end of there contracts next year to get the 4th gen iphone. I've had mine about twelve months, i use a juice pack air to cover battery life, so that to me leaves little else. A faster iphone at the moment just doesn't scream upgrade.
Although the compass might come in handy when i'm drunk and lost...LOL

I'm not upgrading becuase I do not feel there are enough benefits that fit my lifestyle.
Why I am NOT upgrading:
* 3 megapixel camera with capability to record VGA resolution video at 30 FPS: Nice add on but still nothing great on a cellphone. Jailbreak and you can get video recording.
* 7.2 HSDPA (up to twice as fast as 3G): Bar far the best addition but AT&T has not provisioned the entire network yet so this is useless in some areas.
* Improved battery performance: First off I'm waiting for the review on battery life before I make any judgments. I'll stick with my Mophie juicepack air.
* Faster processors: Yea we have heard its faster by 2x but where are the processor specs? Why hasn't Apple released this information yet?
* Double the amount of RAM: Same comment, how much RAM does it have?
* Up to double the storage capacity (32GB): I have 3GB left on my 16GB, do I really need 32GB?
Also, Nike +, Compass big deal. I will wait until next years iPhone as one year in technology will bring a whole new lineup of needs and wants (OLED?)

@Frank, that was in the link you provided only... nice effort though. Feel free to browse the forums yourself to find a more, they are there sir. Also keep in mind, it's just not in the forums. Have a nice day!

@Jeremey Sikora
Please site your sources. Where did it say double the Ram? Makes you wonder why that fact was missing from their bullet points. Maybe they really don't have any memory upgrades at all. And the 2X faster device speed, yeah I call that marketing Bullshit.
What is the point in getting a 3GS when you live in an area with no 3g. Actually what is the point in getting an Iphone at all if you don't have 3g coverage. That is the point of the device: to take advantage of highspeed mobile broadband in order to drive features like Safari, GPS, Streaming video and music, and email.
What you're doing is akin to buying a $2000 HDTV to watch basic cable. It makes no sense.

I upgraded from 16GB Black 3G to 16GB Black 3Gs. I still had a year left on my ATT agreement, so i only got a 100 off the price with a new 2 year contract, making it $399 for the new phone +tax. Then within 2 minutes i sold my 3G on ebay for $450. No brainer to me. Why not upgrade? It's like trading it evenly with an extra year added to my contract. I even made about 20 bucks.

hey...i dont live in america...where i live, my carrier only requires 1 year contract, but the price is much more expensive than america. I have never had an iphone and i would like to know if i should get the Iphone 3GS or wait for next year and see what apple releases
please reply..thanks

Just got back from the AT&T store are preordered my black 32gb. I couldn't be more excited. I love the iPhone 3g. I do wish they would have changed the back because I'm not really a big fan of it, but to think that this phone is going to be that much faster and I can now have a video camera just blows me away. It truly is every device I could need all rapped into one. Simply amazing.

yeah I am going to move to the 32GB 3Gs from 16GB 3G. wasn't an easy choice, but I made it. At least Apple didn't make us wait in line this year...

I sold my 3G iphone and bought a 8GB N95.
Why ?
5mp camera (with flash), with ability to shoot video.
Background applications.
Turn by Turn navigation from Tom tom and Garmin.
3.5G on the ATT network (definitely faster than the current 3G iphone)
physical keyboard.
There is no way that I would uprade to this sad excuse of an upgrade.
Let;s wait a year and see what Apple have to offer, or see where the Palm Pre is after a few software updates.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if memory did get doubled. The current iPhone has what a 400Mhz CPU and the new one was said to have a 700Mhz CPU. That isn't double the speed so they had to gain speed somewhere else. If they doubled the RAM then they wouldn't have to swap to the slow flash memory as much which would have a massive effect on speed. But this is all speculation based on rumors. We will have to wait for the facts I guess.

I think I'll hold off upgrading until the next iPhone, which I assume will be next summer. I would like to take advantage of the new features, they all sound great - but not quite great enough for the cost. I really can't justify buying a new phone year... Every two years? That I can get behind.

I think what I will do since I can upgrade once per year is buy the $99 Iphone 3g and sell my old Iphone 3g unlocked for $400.
$300 profit.

This is a HUGE update for all of us with iPhone Original!!!
Because AT&T boosted the plans for iPhone 3G when it was introduced, those of us with multiple iPhone Originals on family plans payed less over the two year life of our contract than iPhone 3G Customers, despite having shelled out $600 on launch day. I've loved my phone for the last two years but now that my contract is up at the end of this month I am soooo ready to upgrade!!!

Off topic but...
what i don't get is if you guys in America have AT&T wrattling on about there being to much usage on the 3g coverage, stopping tethering and such. Does a twice as fast Iphone even hit the mark. Don't get me wrong, i am dug in with the Iphone but i'm with O2 so everythings cool this side. But of what i read on here, AT&T only seem to persecute the Iphone owners. Whats the point in upgrading from 3g to 3gs without dedcent coverage, or with the coverage, your supplier putting restrictions on how you use it.
Like i said, just wondering

I've have a first generation iPhone for almost 2 years and (like zsumoz) have always loved it, but am intrigued by some of the new features and functionality rolling out with the 3GS.
My concern:
When the 3G came out I didn't feel the new features were enough to convince me to upgrade...I thought every other iPhone would be good enough for me. I have PERFECT reception/coverage with my old phone and have heard that the 3G network wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and that coverage suffered with the 3G.
I'm considering purchasing the 3GS, but am concerned about what I might be losing in the deal. Is this valid, or am I crazy? HELP!

4Gb - probably not enough space since it was removed from the line-up pretty quickly.
8Gb - Must be enough for some people since it's being carried forward. Perhaps this is the crowd that doesn't use it as an iPod replacement and uses mostly network resources.
16Gb - Top of the line up until a few days ago (for apple anyway). I haven't heard of too many "I ran out of space" complaints.
32Gb - Assuming the phone will only be in use for 2years (3 max), is this a waste of an extra $100? That's my only question right now. Of course this depends on individual usage, but $100 could help subsidize the 4g purchase in a couple of years...

After 8 years with AT&T/Cingular and still having them tell me that they won't give me a discount, I'm going to skip it based on price. They won't come down from $600... so I won't buy it.

Blu-ray didn't blow me away. I guess if you were sitting really close to a really large TV it would make a difference....

Why: Because I don't want to be locked into this phone even at upgrade prices for two years (3 in Canada).
Apple can not release minimal upgrades like this (and yes Jeremy, they are MINIMAL), and expect to be in the lead for long.
So in a year, Palm or Android will assume the leadership position - OR - (more likely) Apple will step up to the plate with something vastly more compelling.
These new features in the 3Gs are not worth the initial price Plus the ETF next year when a more compelling upgrade comes along.
So far we have seen nothing but feature creep, about what you expect from any smart phone, faster, bigger. Incremental changes at best. Nothing truly New and useful for the general user.
How many Apple plans were shot down by the Carriers? (No, we will not support iChat, or Skype, No you can not game across 3G, No you can't watch high quality video on 3G). Did Apple decide, late in the game to just hold these cool features back till a faster network exists?
Or is Apple holding back the good stuff till they get their OWN processor designed with the industry purchases they recently made so as to keep costs down?
Or perhaps, (as I half suspect) Apple's creative geniuses are running on fumes. They have shot their best shot and are running up against the limits of their creativity even before exhausting the platform.
If Jeremy is as impressed with these minimal changes as he seems to say, more power to him. Its his money.
I've got my money betting on something better in the future. I'm skipping the 3Gs.

This website below is about as credible as Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh.
Apple has not released any information on RAM.
I think the device still has 128MB ram, and I say this because what would be the reason for the bump. Apple hasn't come up with a true multitasking UI for the Iphone.
So I believe you'll have 128MB of Ram, A faster processor to close and open your one app at a time "2X faster", and push notifications.

If I was not already a "happy" at&t customer, I would JUMP at the chance to get the iPhone 3Gs.
I AM a customer, and I HAVE to buy a new iPhone 3Gs at the $599 / $699 cost (unless u all know something that I don't at the moment).
Having said that, let's review the additions and see if it is worth the cost.
3 megapixel camera with capability to record VGA resolution video at 30 FPS - Ok, i'll give you that one.
7.2 HSDPA (up to twice as fast as 3G) - That is if the 3G network works consistently. and with faster speeds comes more bottleneck. So, I am (as they say), "hurrying up and waiting"
Improved battery performance - I already have my Mophie battery pack, so this is a non-issue
Faster processors - I'll give you that
Double the amount of RAM - well, since I can't multitask, who cares?? Well, hehe I do jailbreak and multitask, so I'll give you that one for me, not for the general public.
Up to double the storage capacity (32GB) - Again, Who cares???? for the BIG files, like music and videos, I stream my music with Simplify, I watch my vidoes via ORB, I wtch TV via SlingPlayer (on 3G I might add, since I am jailbroken). Picures I use Box.net or DarkSlide. So who needs storage??? Just for Apps. I don't use more than 8 Gig for Apps.
So having said that, Apple is asking $599 - $699 for a faster processor and camera. Of and you forgot the Digital Compass (BIG Deal). Now from my prespective, it is NOT worth it to upgrade.
P.S. There are apps in the appstore to do Voice Commands. If you are jailbroken, you can do Video recording.
So even those apps are a non-starter.
I'll gladly upgrade to 3.0 (for free) AFTER we can jailbrake that version.
Thanks for listening.

Is there any where that confirms the amount of increased RAM and new processor speed? I don't even know what the processor speed of the iPhone 3G was.
I'm not really interested in the iPhone 3Gs but by July when things calm down and if it really is proven to be much faster and handle bigger games better then I may just look for one on ebay or something.
No rush now though, 3.0 OS will keep me plenty happy until things settle out.

if i could get the discounted rate I probably would, all I really want is video, I'll jailbreak for that, I'm happy it looks the same, doesn't make the iphone 3g seem outdated, no one will be able to tell the difference :-)

I'm upgrading regardless. It might not be on the 19th but I'm getting the new phone. I did sort of care about looks as well. I expected them to have a device that differentiated it self from the previous model as they did the the 2G and 3G.
The main reason why I'm upgrading is mainly

  • 32GB of space - I HAVE to have atleast 30. I went from a 3/4th filled iPod Video 30GB to a 16GB iPhone last october --- devastating. However, I needed to get away from my Blackjack II ( worst phone ever created )
  • Faster Overall ! - That is really important because I've always felt that the phone transitioned slowly. I hope the accelerometer is faster as well.
  • Compass - IDK about you but I use the Maps frequently and for the times when i AM lost a compass will come in handy. This is a feature I have heavily requested from Apple to implement into the iPhone.
  • Camera - The 2.0mp i have now isn't THAT bad but the new 3.2 camera is better in the end. Also video recording.

In conclusion, I'm def getting this phone no matter what. I'm also getting a stereo bluetooth headset as well.
"Sadly we live in a world that has major hang ups on looks and status. Sure Apple could have changed the glossy back to a matte finish. Or perhaps they could have done away with the chrome bezel and raised the phones headset speaker up a bit, etc… "
That's exactly what I thought ! I was also disappointed but realized this after wards. Sony did what apple didn't in this situation with the PSPgo.
The next thing I’ve been hearing an awful lot is “there are not enough updates to warrant me upgrading” or “I expected a lot more from Apple”. I think that too many people expect Apple to revolutionize the cell phone market every year with an entirely new iPhone. Wake up call — it’s not going to happen!
Another great point. I also felt this way entirely.

Personally the iPhone is a complete POS when it comes to being an iPod. The slid bar (even with the improved scrubbing that 3.0 adds) sucks for moving around long tracks while trying to drive. The click wheel is far superior. I can do many functions on the iPod without even looking at the screen. I don't plan on giving up my iPod any time soon. So for me 8GB is plenty.

I can definitely vouch for the the author. A lot of it has to do about looks and I'm a manager for AT&T. That's all I hear. Someone that wasn't very bright about 30 minutes ago said, "It's the same thing, but better." What he meant was he doesn't care about the performance as much as the looks. Ask most reps in the store, they will say that they hear that a lot. A lot of users wanted: Thinner, different colors or even a slide out keyboard.
In response to the author... those points above is the main reason I am getting the iPhone. Improved 3MP camera + video, faster everything including: browsing and application load times.

Oh you forgot one improvement on the 3GS. The packaging is reduced 23%. So when you buy the new phone you will add 100 years to our planet and help Apple make more money from the reduced packaging costs and reduced freight costs on that slow boat from China. And you can brag to all your friends that the new iPhone is green Yippee. :)

@ sting7k
Apple is just like Nintendo they don't want to go on show full specs because it will show how overpriced and still outdated their hardware is.
As a matter of fact the OS is looking really outdated and frankly childish. Time for a new UI Apple. And can we please get a REAL DOCK. The little preforated Chrome crap is useless. Make it do something. Turn it into a sliding lauching, damn...

im not upgrading because the new features do not justify the cost to me. the camera i could care less about, they could make it a 10mp camera it wouldn't matter, the most important part of the camera is the lens. and if they ever put a decent lens in a cell phone i sure wouldn't want that phone ! its faster sure thats nice, but mine is fast enough for my needs. longer battery life is nice to, but i get by just fine on the current one. as far as the network speed boost at&t is so slow at deploying any upgrades by the time it reaches me we will be 4 phones beyond this one !

The 3GS adds OpenGL support. So games should improve but I could care less about games. Many people do though.

For those that are upgrading from 3g to 3GS, will we have to replace any SIM card or anything? Any thoughts?

I'm now addicted to multi-tasking with Backgrounder. If the new device can be jailbroken, or if Apple permits multi-tasking, I'm upgrading. If not, I think I'm better off with my jailbroken 3G.


I’m a manager for AT&T.
I am getting the iPhone [3Gs].

Big surprise, there, Duvi.
You are paying HOW MUCH for that upgrade?

As soon as I heard 2x faster I was sold. The HSPA 7.2 network sold me as well. Also I am sure Apple is going to come with some bigger updates down the line that the iPhone 3g simply will not be able to handle (ie Video Recording). Maybe we will get some kind of multi tasking later on with the 3Gs because it seems like it can handle it.

I agree with the bullet list except for the following:
7.2 HSDPA (up to twice as fast as 3G)
If you live in the US this isn't really a selling point as at&t isn't ready for this yet and even when they say they are most people probably won't even get close to breaking 1.5mbps
Improved battery performance
Except for the thing people use the most, 3G, thanks Apple
Double the amount of RAM
This is probably true, but until someone does a tear down or Apple lets us know what's in it we just don't know yet.

Wow, u guys r RICH!
U'll spend $600 - $700 for a small reward (speed and camera).
Do you guys really think your iPhone 3G is that slow as to upgrade? I mean, I run Simplify in the background and maybe surf the net or use the map. I don't think it is unbearably slow. And that is u r multitasking. If not it should be even faster.
Now, If I could upgrade for the upgrade price and restart my contract again (meaning 1 year longer to tough it out with at&t), THAT I might consider.
at&t did that last year with upgrading from 2G to 3G. Anyone think they will do that again this year?

@Icebike, if it matters - I'm paying $499 but... sold my current 3G to a T-Mobile user for $400.

Comaring the difference in speed of the internet so nothing like comaring dvd to blu-ray. Two different technologies that provide a different picture. Not related to speed. A better comparison would be DSL Lite to DSL extreme.

@ bmfan
1) Probably because that processor ain't as fast as they'd like us to believe.
2) The 3Gs probably doesn't have double the ram.
3) Multitasking would require a new UI.

I'm so tired of Truth and his trolling. It's people like him that make reading this, or any other site, depressing. Ghastly.

@Chris, I was not comparing the two like that. I compared it in a way of DVD and Blu-Ray with people noticing the difference when they see it. Same for the iPhone - people will see a difference when the use both devices.
@Truth - to say you will not see a difference with browsing is just not the TRUTH. If you upped the CPU and RAM in your computer can you honestly tell me you don't see faster browsing speeds?

@Truth, and yes the RAM has been doubled and no I will not say how I know. You will see soon enough.

Had they thrown just a few pre-like features in there, I would be sold <3. I’m jailbroken so MMS and video recorder don’t really appeal to me.
The design is exactly the same (yes, I do care) It’s like purchasing the same expensive purse twice, and then seeing everyone and their great grandma carrying it lol
I'm not ruling out buying it, but definitely not as soon as it's released for sure.

Btw, I am in total agreement with Jeremy's initial article. The iPhone 3GS isn't a quantum leap forward, but it's a significant improvement over the current model, all the same.
I also suspect that a number who say they aren't upgrading now will be tempted once they get the thing in their hands.

I won't be upgrading. It really is just because of price. I was already an AT&T customer eligible for an upgrade last July. That's when I picked up the 8GB 3G. I would dearly love a 32GB 3Gs, but can't justify plopping down $699. Oh well, I have been thoroughly pleased with my 3G, and will continue to enjoy it until next year.

@jstrickland, you are perfect for my question. Do you find the 8Gb to be sufficient, or could you easily fill more space? (say 32Gb) Thanks.

I don't know yet. Just spoke with an AT&T rep. I'm eligible for an upgrade 12/09 BUT if I choose to upgrade early all I have to pay is an $18 fee as long as I sn

I have an 8g and find it just enough. 16 might be more efficient, as i'd say i could use 10g. but i actually like fannying around changeing stuff/media over so suits me.

to everyone carrying on about it being faster, so what. what kind of computer do you have, im sure there is one on the market is faster, are you running out to get a new one ?
what kind of car do you drive, i bet there is one out there that goes faster, or gets better mpg. are you running out to buy it ?
having a faster cpu and memory upgrade just isn't big enough justification for spending 600 dollars on a PHONE to some of us !
if it was something completely new and different, then i just might. but for a slight hardware upgrade i'll pass

I don't know yet. Just spoke with an AT&T rep. I'm eligible for an upgrade 12/09 BUT if I choose to upgrade early all I have to pay is an $18 fee as long as I sign a new 2-year contract. That's a good deal...or I could wait for the 4th gen...

It's just not worth the upgrade at all, not one little bit. Here in the UK we're being asked to pay off the rest of our contract (I have 8 months left), then pay £249 and then sign a brand new contract. Normally when its time to upgrade, companies tend to entice you to sign a new contract with special offers, so in my opinion apple and O2 have got this very very wrong.
This article above is purely a way of firstly, keeping the debate going (this website only works if people keep coming back to visit it) and secondly because its a fairly well known fact that Jeremy loves apple. With such a passion he is blinkered and clearly doesn't see a scam even when it hits him in the face.

You may want to follow your own advice and do some research. When using the phone portion (by itself), your device is using 2G for voice. When you are using the phone and then start using data (it switches to 3g) to allow simultaneous voice and data. It then switches back to 2G for voice when your data session is closed or inactive. The 2G battery life increasing does make a difference.
You carry a camera around... great. Most people don't, unless it's a special event. Sometimes, I like to take pictures and send them right away. How do you accomplish this with no wifi in the area? Or do you carry a laptop + aitcard as well? Lol
You laughed when you said "7.2Mbps" for AT&T... Why? Do you understand the reason AT&T is going through the issues they are going through? No you don't. Unlike Verizon and Sprint (even t-mobile as their 3g isn't fully deployed), AT&T has to deal with simultaneous voice + data as well as having the most smartphone users of any carrier. In fact, just the iPhone is enough if you look at mobile browsing as a whole and how Apple/AT&T own 2/3 mobile browsing market. Did you know if Verizon gets the iPhone when they go to LTE, AT&T will be stronger? I bet you didn't. Why? Because AT&T has the most bandwidth of any wireless carrier in the U.S. Don't blame AT&T, blame the government, the states and all the local cities/towns that won't allow at&t to build within their towns. In fact, there was a town near me where they allowed one carrier to have a tower... they chose Nextel, lol. The town was surviving off of towers from nearby towns. AT&T had everything until the gov't made them split. Now although you won't get 7.2Mbps, you will get more Mbps than the original iPhone.
Capacity... why not wish for 128? First and foremost, they're a business. What would be the purpose to making big leaps and jumps if they don't have to? How many devices come with 32gb built in? Go ahead and buy a 32gb sd card for a BlackBerry then. Oh wait, you can buy two iPhones at that price, lol. Aside from online, how many retailers are selling 32gb sd card? How about 64gb (now include online)?
Thanks in advance,

For one it's just a great device, and edge is actually faster than my last computer.
As for the 3g coverage, it will be in my area sometime this summer, and as stated edge will work fine until then.

@ Steam
For the most part, I have found 8GB to be sufficient. It certainly has not come close to capacity with my music or apps. I certainly have to be selective with how many movies I put on it, but I don't usually just leave them on.
I have to admit though, I freak a little early. Once I see I have less than 2GB left, I start looking at what I can take off the iPhone.

I bought my 3G less than 2 months ago but past 1 month and ATT will not allow me to upgrade! Not even a prorated charge plus restocking fee... ATT is the worst company I've been with and I will not renew with them. I will wait for the Verizon Iphone or go with a Palm. I suggest you do the same! Iphone is not worth ATT hassle!!!


Did you know if Verizon gets the iPhone when they go to LTE, AT&T will be stronger? I bet you didn’t. Why? Because AT&T has the most bandwidth of any wireless carrier in the U.S.

That make no sense at all. Verizon stealing half of ATT's smartphone market due to pissed off customers somehow makes ATT Stronger?
You mean by having lots of extra towers but no customers?

@lance I am sorry to say that $499 was not the full unsubsidized price for the 16GB 3G iPhone...it was $699. The reason you were able to get the phone for $499 is because you entered into what is know at AT&T as an early upgrade. I don't work for AT&T so I can't tell you much more than that.
The iPhone is an awesome piece of Tech but we have to remember that is not cheap. Lots of people get confused on the true value/price when they see advertisements where the price is shown to be $200 or $300 but you must realize that this is only because you are entering into a 2 year contract. This is not the true price of the phone. Take the Nokia N series phones for example...in the states you must buy them out right and pay around $700 dollars. Heck the Palm Pre is $850 outright at Best Buy.
There seems to be alot of confusion about how pricing works with the release of the "3G Speed" iPhone and people with 3G wanting to upgrade. I've been listening to a lot of tech podcast and even "expert tech bloggers" are confused and don't understand how the pricing works. I guess if enough people complain maybe Apple may drop the price down but it will need to come from them not from AT&T and don't expect a huge drop.
Now here is a possible solution that would satisfy AT&T and its customers I think: AT&T give the "3G Speed" iPhone at the subsidized price to anyone still under agreement as long as it is agreed that an additional 2 years will be added to said agreement. Additional cost would be added for canceling early of course. I believe the current cost to cancel is 2 year agreement is $175 so the new fee to cancel would be above $250. I think my idea is GREAT and FAIR and would work for AT&T and its customers. Somebody with connections at AT&T send this idea to a high level executive...or spread my awesome idea.

@ Jorge Vega
I imagine any of the other carriers would treat you the same way if you tried to upgrade to a new phone less than two months after purchasing one. I believe a 30 day return period is standard across all major carriers.
As an IT Manager, I have had to deal with both AT&T and Verizon. I can say without a doubt that AT&T has been much easier to work with. That is why the majority of our corporate phones is with them.

@Jorge Vega... so, you're pissed because a company won't break a contract that you signed and take back a now unsellable used phone after you've used it for more then a month? What does AT&T owe you? You could have figured out that a new iPhone was on the way just by checking around on the internet several months ago. Do you like your phone less now that something better is available? I think that's your issue, not AT&Ts.

Hree are some suggestion u can use to releive your storage problems.
For the BIG files, like music and videos, I stream my music with 'Simplify', I watch my vidoes via 'ORB', I wtch TV via 'SlingPlayer' (on 3G I might add, since I am jailbroken). Picures I use 'Box.net' or 'DarkSlide'. So who needs storage??? Just for Apps. I don’t use more than 8 Gig for Apps.

What made you put words into my sentence? It's because they will face the same issues AT&T is facing. AT&T = has the most bandwidth and is having issues. If Verizon gets the iPhone, they will face the same issues and more as they do not have the same capacity as AT&T has.

It's a decent upgrade -- not earth shattering, but ok. As for Jeremy's list:

  • Camera - nice, but not really a selling point for me personally.
  • 7.2 HSDPA - AT&T will start HSPDA rollout to selected markets in late 2009, finishing in 2011, so I will go out on a limb and say this is irrelevant for most US customers for most/all of the life of the contract.
  • Improved battery performance - nice, but I take all laptop/phone battery numbers with a brick of salt.
  • Faster processors/Double the amount of RAM - With no specs released at all, it is hard to give Apple a grade here. I presume the extra RAM will be devoted mainly to keeping new system services (e.g. voice control) in memory, since there is still no multitasking. Double the RAM + a Jailbroken 3Gs has definite possibilities, though...
  • 32 GB - Would be nice for me, as I fill up my 16 completely.

A nice upgrade? Sure. A compelling one? For me, about 1 year into my 3G, nah.

Read it again. I did not put words into your sentence, I quoted it verbatim.
I'm pretty sure that relative to its customer base, ATT does NOT have the most bandwidth. If it did, ATT would not be be so controlling of what services it allowed to run on its bandwidth.
The truth of the matter is that ATT is woefully un-prepared to handle the rush of customers it gained by selling the iPhone.

You're just mad I own you every thread.
I agree with you. What the hell is the point of the supposed "2X" speed and the rumored "double the memory" if you can't run apps in the background? Oh I guess your phone won't crash as much and you'll open up your one app at a time "faster".
The Iphone 3gs isn't a gamechanger and it is going to shafted by the $99 Iphone 3G once people see what it really is: an overpriced, minimal "upgrade" to a phone that should have already had those features.
By the way am I the only one who thought that not only was the Iphone unimpressive but the entire WWDC? Snow Leopard is basically a service pack not a brand new OS.

@Jorge Vega
Please go... Lol. Try that with Verizon. Their unsubsidized prices are a lot more. CDMA = more. I also want you to understand, these are agreements they have with Apple. This is the reason, even as a manager, I can't override the price of an iPhone even if the customer is eligible. A case has to be submitted. Not our fault as no other phone has these restrictions.

The biggest issue with 7.2 HSDPA is that it's not even out yet. AT&T won't begin rolling that out until later this year and even then it'll only be available in limited markets. It was at least smart of Apple to include it, but it's not unique to Apple, as other devices, such as the Bold launched with 7.2 HSDPA support because the device is also available in other countries and made little sense not to.
For us folks in the US, at this point, the 7.2 is more of a bullet point than a compelling reason to buy the device since it's not actually available and AT&T isn't exactly a beacon of shining light when it comes to network performance. My guess is that by the time it's fully rolled out, Verizon's LTE network will have been launched and the next iPhone is definitely going to be available for LTE and will more than likely be a brand new device altogether.
That's the reason I guess these updates were very minimal. When LTE rolls around all the manufacturers will be able to go a little more ballsy on their devices since the network can handle a lot more data. I'm thinking we'll finally see things like video chat/conferences and possibly even official tv/movie streaming services for our devices and more than likely HD support.

adding to above comment
If you have a 3G, there's very little reason to upgrade beyond just wanting to say you have the latest. Using your bullet points, I'll address some that I think are a bit convoluted:
3 megapixel camera - still no flash = minor improvement
7.2 HSDPA - not even available for AT&T yet
Improved battery - only marginal and only for audio/video (talktime still sucks and is the same)
Faster processors - apple has been mum on even saying what the new processors are
Double the amount of RAM - did they even confirm that?
Up to double the storage capacity (32GB) - good if you can actually fill it up
Personally, I think the upgrade is only worth it to original 2G users, as I'm sure they'll find OS 3.0 with the copy/paste, MMS and video recording more valuable than anything you've listed. Even then, a $99.99 3G with OS 3.0 will be huge for most people.

I was reading, was referring to what you wrote after. You should have said, "I'm confused and don't understand what you meant by that. Did you mean Verizon stealing half of ATT’s smartphone market due to pissed off customers somehow makes ATT Stronger?" Instead you assumed what I was referring to.
Do you even work for AT&T or Verizon to know this isn't true? It is. Verizon even knows it. Anyways since I wouldn't be allowed to show this information to you, I will end it here.

That's the truth (pun intended) for you. For me, this one is worth it. I'll get the 4G version next year.

I think I will be missing the update this year, for the following reasons.

  • I have a Sony Ericsson C905, kept in flight mode to use as a camera, the camera is very good, does video etc etc.
  • I've got solio chargers and car kits for battery life.
  • I wont be eligible to upgrade my iPhone until October anyway, a further 18 month contract on that would put me into May 2011 before O2 even consider letting me upgrade again... too long to be having the 3GS
  • If I wait to upgrade past my contract date, say, till around June 2010, o2 will no doubt give me a sweet upgrade price on whatever new iPhone is out next year, which I'm sure will be a big upgrade from the 3G.

I think I can miss this one, and safely wait for the next model. Spend the money towards a new macbook instead
On the other hand.. my 16gb is insured, wait a few months till all the replacement stock is gone, smash it to pieces, and o2 will have to hand over a 16gb S model anyway. :-D Win!

AT&T is probably the major reason I wont upgrade. I mean the new features are okay at best but i think we will see a lot more 2G to 3G upgrades than anything else!

Im listening to everyones view on the 3GS and I guess in the end it boils down to perosnal prefrence... I am a owner of the 1st Gen 4G iPhone... I didn't feel the need to upgrade to the 3G due to the fact that I knew they would be coming out with another model that would have added features... I'm told though that my 1st Gen would be pretty much just a brick after this 3GS debuts. In the end,Apple, AT&T/Spring/Tmobile pretty much all the phone companies pull stunts like this in order to generate fuss and revenue. In the end, to each his own.

I am not going to upgrade to the 3GS when it comes out. Quite frankly, I was not planning to in the first place. I was going to wait patiently for the 3.0 update, load that and wait it out another year for the next iteration of the iPhone. That was my plan and I'm sticking to it unless there's more clarity around when Apple has an LTE version of the iPhone coming out.
My reasoning? Before I bought my iPhone I was a long time Palm customer. I had the original Treo, 600 and 700p. Between iterations Palm released very little in terms of OS upgrades, very little on the desktop and only managed to rearrange things slightly on the hardware side. It kept me happy for the most part for several years.
Apple does more every 60-90 days than Palm ever did between OS releases. Apple's recent hardware refresh is a good incremental upgrade considering the fact that there's no quantum leap in battery power or evolution to a new network (LTE). So what they did is fine year over year refresh all things considered.
I already established Palm's lack of street cred on the subject, but what about other competitors? Blackberry? Are you serious? That company has evolution written all over it. Their OS is ancient and their fans wait patiently for the next X.X.X release let alone a X.0 release. And their hardware changes are what exactly - rearrange the keyboard, add a better screen and give users absolutely no upgrade in UI.
Nokia? What's their strategy? Open source their OS, throw all the hardware into a device and call it new but have no sense about usability or integration.
Google? Your guess is as good as mine. I see Microsoft written all over it. Upgrades to software and it's up to the handset makers to decide the latest form factor. But the support for bells and whistles will be controlled by Google. See, Microsoft all over again, but one that's not evil.
Don't upgrade if you don't want to. Hold off if you're put off by AT&T. Fine. I'm not planning to either but I wasn't from the start. Remember one thing. The real value is the 3.0 software. Developers are only beginning to find out what they can do with it and in a few months there will be a payoff that's simply huge. You wait.

Wow, tons of posts in here. First of all, I'm not posting because I can't upgrade and if I could upgrade it would cost a fortune to do so.

AT&T and Apples current iPhone pricing plan screw many. Along with what many deem insignificant upgrades for not just the phone but another TWO year contract weighs heavily on many minds. My contract is up August 31 and I cannot afford to take the risks should Apple redeem themselves next year.
Many here are just simple Apple fanboys, it shows abundantly. If Apple said the iPhone has a new faux clear coating many would STILL pay $600 for that simple change. People need to wake up and realize reality, $$$. Sure we can give up Mcdonalds, HBO etc for this "new" (not really) phone and drum out hundreds of dollars but they are only kidding themselves.
This stunt by Apple and mostly ATT is just raking in millions at the consumers expense.
There are MANY upgrades that could have come about but did not, many! Apple set the bar and then curled up in the fetal position at WWDC 2009.
iChat (reasonable) OLED HD (HD has been out for YEARS) on and on.. sure make excuses for Apple it would only be the fanboy in us to do so.

After reading lots of comments I think the following:
02 dropped a bollock on this "interim upgrade"
Just saw video of palm pre and it looks fresh
defo time 4 change

yes WWDC was a disappointment, nothing really new, just upgrades and minimal changes. the macbook gets a sd card slot, how innovative !

I'm upgrading. iPhone 3G wasn't that awesome in my book, didn't much like the look, and only got 2 new features (and where I spend 9 months out of the year, they didn't get 3G service till early this year). But the iPhone 3G S is a much nicer upgrade. Many more features (and the ability to use everything in 3.0 OS), and since I'm still rocking the Original iPhone, this will be a very nice upgrade, especially since my iPhone is definitely showing her age. Gotten wet by snow, the main button doesn't work unless you jam the top of it, and I have several pixels trying to die and this weird gray line along the top bottom third of the phone that changes day by day.
I cannot wait to get my new iPhone 3G S.

When you pay at minimum $39.99 for voice + $30 for data + $20 for text + taxes and pay $1080 + 240 in taxes (FL) = $1320 for a phone per year the company behind it better give you more than minimal upgrades especially if they want you to continue buying it on a yearly basis. Well at least that's how I feel

I think the people flipping out that they can't receive the subsidized prices should just hold their horses. If you aren't eligible for the upgrade than you aren't eligible for the upgrade. It's business.http://www.newsy.com/videos/attcrashesiphoneparty

Interesting that so many are so passionate about this. It's just a phone right? I'll personally upgrade because I have less than 100 MB of space left on my 16GB 3G and want to double my storage space. This is my A1 primary reason. If the phone is faster, that will be a nice plus. Having a better camera will also be nice, especially the macro mode, I can imagine some third party apps will take advantage of that.
Regarding storage and those that suggest Simplify, ORB, etc. Those are all okay solutions if you aren't truly mobile - try using any of those on one of your 6 airline trips this month though, unless you happen upon 1 of the rare flights with WiFi at $12+ a pop you won't have your music, movies, etc. with you. Also, utilizing local storage greatly improves battery life, and you can multi-task, i.e. listen to a song and play a game or read an ebook at the same time without jailbreaking.
So for me, I'm biting the bullet and upgrading for $499. However, since this is just an incremental upgrade, I see no fault with anyone deciding it's not worth the extra cash, especially if they've figured out a better way to deal with storage than I have.

@Duvi: When you say more "bandwidth" are you talking towers or cell sites. Do you mean by bandwidth how fast the speeds are between CDMA and GSM. Now if you actually mean bandwidth in the terms of T1's then Verizon owns more fiber then AT&T does due to the MCI merger a few years ago. Bandwidth such as T1's doesn't apply to the overall . Carriers also share towers these days and a Verizon tower can have all the other carriers equipment on their tower. 4G is about equal in coverage as both Verizon and AT&T own all of the 700 Mhz. The reason AT&T has had so many issues with upgrading their towers from Edge to HSDPA, which requires hardware and software changes. Verizon and Sprint on the other hand only have to change software and some small hardware changes and doesn't require all new equipment. AT&T and Verizon are both going to have to replace or add new equipment for 4G, so I don't know where are you getting Verizon having more trouble then AT&T.

How about all you americans stop bitching about your AT&T network. The world doesn't revolve around you and other networks around the world offer proper service at 7.2mbps so it's a fantastic addition to the new iphone.

Not updating? YES - You better believe it.
You seem to be missing a point as to why so many people are disappointed. These are harsh economic time we are living in right now. As much as we'd love to save our money, when something like the iPhone comes out - we sometimes don't think twice about getting, but about ways to get it.
This update, while full of improvements - is a difference 3G users can live without - HERE'S WHY.
3 megapixel camera with capability to record VGA resolution video at 30 FPS
Great - new cam, better quality, autofocus and video.
Lame - 3 Megapixels? Wow.. thanks for the huge improvement.
- Video is cool. and while you can can get less than desired video recording with an unlocked iPhone, it's something we 3G users can live without cuz we're simply used to it. Video is great, just not enough to get me to buy it.
7.2 HSDPA (up to twice as fast as 3G)
Again, this is good, but not supported everywhere... so not really an improvement if your network can't manage it... so this is simply an invisible update.
Improved battery performance
This is an amazing thing - most iPhone 3G users hate their battery life. Anything longer is better than what we have now. But after a year... totally used to it and not willing to fork the money for video and a little bit longer battery life.
Faster processors
Compared to most phones - the iPhone 3G is still pretty powerful and fast - while this difference is amazing... after having an iPhone for a year... it's not worth the switch to go twice as fast. It's not that we don't want any of these updates - it's that we all just got or have only had the 3G for a year... and while these changes are necessary... I don't mind the speed of my device that much to make me go - I NEED THE NEW ONE!
Double the amount of RAM
Awesome - more multitasking, better speed etc etc. Necessary but nothing to jump about.
Up to double the storage capacity (32GB)
We all knew this was a part of the deal. Glad to see it, thanks for coming, don't draw any attention away from the rest, thanks - beers are on the fridge - go nuts.
All in all - there is not ONE update that just screams UPDATE me. And while if you combine them it can seem very impressive (which it is) You still can just deal with the phone you have for 1 more year and hope that your improvement capability doubles.
The reason you shouldn't switch is cuz you know that if this one didn't blow you out of the water, you know the next one will. So wait a year and double your improvement and update capability. You love your phone, you love your money, and you know that if they update the 3GS in a year (which they will) - you'll be first in line for it.

Had I known about this new iPhone early last week when I bought my first one, I would surely have waited. The camera and the Voice Control alone would have made me wait. Now I feel like I paid too much for the one I have. And, I have no way too upgrade except to pay a ridiculous premium for one. Not very nice Apple...:(

Our bandwidth sucks. Therefore we are bitching.
What's so hard to understand about that?
How will it get better if we stop bitching and just accept the fact that the network falls further and further behind other countries?

you should have been reading the forums, every year about this time there will be a new iphone

If you purchased from ATT, take it back within 30 days. Within 10 days there is no restocking fee.
Don't wait another day.

How come you say that our society is sadly hung up on looks, but you show a picture of a regular cylon side by side with a hot female cylon to show the different? Horribly written piece even though I in part agree.

I'm not upgrading. $699 for three new usable features? I'll just wait till next summer when they will most likely release a new iPhone, and this time hopefully with a new design and a lot more features. The 3G S is the same look as the 3G, and I bet they could easily add the new features with the 3.0 software update (except the video recording, maybe?). But they won't add it, therefore they make a "new" phone so that people will want to buy it (seriously, a compass could not be added in the update?). I would buy it, if I were allowed to pay $299. Next year, maybe a new look and new features, including this years new features will be a better deal especially since I can upgrade.

@Andy the addition of a compass was a hardware change, ie, magnetic sensor. So no, a compass could not have been added with software.

@Bones - Either way, they still could have easily added that when they made the 3G in the first place. They'll just keep making new phones with features that could have been added from the beginning. But they're not stupid and therefore know people will keep buying them.

If you bought your 3G last week you can still return it. They allow a 30 day return at AT&T with no obligation though you may be charged a 15% restocking fee. Although, with a little bit of complaining, I bet you can get them to waive that restocking fee! ;)

S@Andy --So what you want is a phone with all of the features one could possibly want right from the git-go. Sorry, technology doesn't work like that. Sometimes you have to wait for parts to be invented + be made small enough + be made cheap enough. If you think the iPhone "should" have all of these great features, you're definitely free to try another phone/carrier at the end of your contract (which I assume no one forced you to sign).

@afl1245 - at most, they could have reserved a place on the PCB for a compass, but no company interested in making a profit would populate a device with a component that they didn't intend to activate. That makes no sense.

More bandwidth as it capacity. Not sure about prior to the auction, but as of right now, AT&T has the most (post-auction).

@Bones - If you re-read my comment, you'll notice I never said I wanted all these features from the beginning. I just said that they could have added this from the beginning. Plus, I'm not switching companies. I've been with AT&T for years now and I've never been with any other company. & the iPhone, in my opinion, is a great phone therefore I don't like any other phone out there. So why exactly you are trying to make it seem like I don't like AT&T and iPhone, because I never said that.

You can see my grilling of the bloggers of the Nokia N97 on the Nokia Experts website.
Anyway, I am currently with Verizon, decided to pass on the 3G, and am now willing to make the switch to ATT for the 3GS. The new iPhone has just enough features to convince me. For those who have the 3GS, I recommend you don't switch (obviously). And, hypothetically, if I were to have the 3G currently, I would actually be glad it looks the same, so people won't be able to tell from the surface if you have the 3G or the 3GS. Also, it would make your 3G feel old.
Can't wait for June 19. That's when I'll be able to get the iPhone 3GS (if I can get a 98%+ on all my high school exams, most of which are honors) :?

@Truth - do you think unlocking the 3G before selling it (on eBay or Craigslist) will really improve the resale value? I was planning to upgrade to 3Gs on 7/25 when I am eligible and wanted to sell my 3G, but wasn't sure if unlocking it really made a difference (especially to overseas buyers).

@jtz5 You're able to upgrade your 3G on 7/25/09? How? For some reason, it tells me 3/12/10 and I bought my 3G the day it came out...

The AT&T store I went to today said that I was eligible for an upgrade one year after I purchased my 3G. Well, 1 year and a couple weeks, to the day.
Check with your local AT&T, don't do the online application. I called 611 and the customer service rep told me the same date, so I went into a store. I think upgrade eligibility is based on previous iPhone purchase date, not contract date.

When I got the original 2G iPhone it seemed like some futuristic device. And through the years it only got better and more useful with Apple's numerous updates and then the app store. When the 3G came out, I didn't feel there were enough changes to upgrade so I kept my 2G. So even with all the whiners lamenting about how it's "not much of an upgrade" for them, to me it's a huge upgrade! And my contract is up so I'll probably do it.

Yes I think it will add to its value. I've been watching Ebay lately. Unlocked 3gs are going for between $450 - $550 (especially if Jailbroken, under warranty, etc).
I saw a locked Iphone 3g go for about $380 today.
So I would say yes. It makes a difference. You might be able to get a $100 or so return. Think about it though. The Iphone is a gsm phone so it can be used with any carrier around the world as long as it is unlocked.

Thanks Truth.
Does anyone know how to jump to the bottom of a webpage on an iPhone (like you can jump to the top)? This thread is getting really long and it takes a while to scroll down to read the latest entries.

i just came from AT&T and they are the biggest idiots. The guy straight up tried to tell me that the only difference between the 3G and 3G S was the operatng system. I had to teach this kid. WTF!!

I don't think iphone 3GS will be a HOT seller like the 3G model. Many like me are not eligible for an upgrade sooner. We are in a recession and times are tough so I don't see a lots of people jumping to get this phone and spend an additional $30/month for the data plan. The new features are good but I feel if you have a jailbroken 3G you already have the video app and can increase the megapixel of the camera from 2 to 4 (clear cam, snapture)
vlingo is another app that has full blown voice activated features. I don't see a point to upgrade even though I can afford to.

@ Mike
Some nice suggestions. However, being as these phones are in a corporate environment, we have a strict policy against jailbreaking.

Anyone have U-Verse TV through AT&T? I thought AT&T was planning to integrate U-Verse with the new iPhone? Maybe a new app, but was hoping for an announcement yesterday...something really cool like transferring DVR recordings from U-Verse to your iPhone.

Wow, a lot of people here need to take a nap (I know I needed to earlier, ha)
Either way, bottom line, it's really a worthy upgrade based on each individual, as me and Jeremy conversed earlier about in a thread.
Do you want an all in one video/camera device to not carry around a camera? I could see this being more of an issue for guys. I have a purse that goes everywhere with me, so throwing my Cybershot in there is not a big deal, therefore the camera/video combo was a moot point for me, but again, it may not be for everyone.
Faster processer and RAM (which I don't believe has been completely confirmed) - well, this one really depends on what you do with the phone. I text a lot, and very rarely browse the internet just to browse. If anything, I go to Tipb forums, Hofo, and a few other forums when I'm bored or on a long car ride. I also twitter. And I'm almost always in wifi unless I'm in a car or somewhere else. Which makes the whole faster 3G thing also a moot point for me.
As far as the smudge resistant screen and back, now that's awesome. BUT, it isn't worth it for ME to upgrade for. Everyone's usage and situation varies. It really just depends on you.
Maybe it's a worthwhile upgrade for Duvi and Jeremy. Obviously they use their phone differently than you and I (referring to some of the people in this comment section and the forum).
The way I look at it, I'll deal with a few smudges and 16GB until next summer, then when i'm eligible for the lower price point, I'll see what Apple has to offer and probably upgrade either way as I'll be eligible. If I was eligible now, I probably would not upgrade as I do not have 3G in my area. (And yes to the person who said if you don't have 3G you shouldn't get an iPhone)...well a lot of people have that thing called wifi, and I like my apps, my iPod, and I wanted more storage (went from a 4GB 1st gen to a 16GB 3G). Again, my situation, not everyone's.
Base it on your current situation, not anyone else's. You shouldn't have to justify your purchase. If you're trying to justify it to make yourself feel better about spending so much, maybe you should rethink your purchase and maybe wait. But if you know it would benefit you, then go for it.

Well written article Jeromy. I agree with you, there are substantial reasons to upgrade to S, even if those reasons are not apparent on first glance at S.

I am well a ways away from an upgrade but even if I could...
3 megapixel camera with capability to record VGA resolution video at 30 FPS
--a very nice feature to have. However,video record should have been there from at least the 3G. My razr in 2005 could record video. I've lived w/o it this long another year wont matter and last..if I am anywhere where video is needed or allowed I'll use my $200 digital camera.
7.2 HSDPA (up to twice as fast as 3G)
--big deal. my city still does not have 3G and last check said it's still a good 3-5 months off...at least. 3GS could have LTE and it wouldn't mean jack for me. Considering the poor nature of ATT's 3G rollout I don't know how ATT can use 3G as a selling point with a straight face.
Improved battery performance
--better battery life is always welcome and it's frustrating leaving work w/ a full charge and after hitting 3 or 4 webpages on the bus ride home to see a large chunk of battery decrease. Part of that I hope is fixed w/ more towers and 3G in my area...pages wont take 3 minutes to load. Still,I have never been caught out w/ a dead battery. More juice would be nice it's not been an issue for me.
Faster processors
---you could do this with anything. Everything is getting faster and it's usually a week after you bought it. Not enough reason to upgrade.
Double the amount of RAM
---again nice but I've never been using my iphone and wished for more RAM.
Up to double the storage capacity (32GB)
---I don't need 900,000 songs,58 movies,600 podcasts,2 trillion photos and 619 apps w/ me at all times. I've never seen this great need to have your entie media collection with you always. Not unless you are constantly on planes for your job. 90% of the time I'm sing Slacker for music and wunderradio for talk radio which require no storage. I watch movies at home. I recently took a 2 day drive and even then didn't feel like watching movies. I have a 16gb ipod and have it only half filled and that was hard.
The one feature I want is MMS and ATT made sure to mess that up. I want features like to be able to turn coverflow off and I'd like the iphone to take on a slightly smaller form w/ colors. Most of the features on my wish list were OS tweaks. Physically the current iphone is fine and just about everything I want could be done w/ software if Apple felt like it.
If the 3GS were $150 and all current iphone users could upgrade no matter what would I sure?
Actually,the one feature most were hoping for...cheaper,tiered data plans didn't happen.
To me..it went iphone 1.0 iphone 2.0 and this is more like iphone 2.5.

@ Duvi Again with the bandwidth question. What do you mean by bandwidth? Are you trying to say spectrum? The auction that AT&T and Verizon won was spectrum not bandwidth and if you mean spectrum then Verizon had more then AT&T did even before the 700 Mhz auction.

I see no reason to upgrade. For me, the two key things from the keynote - real exchange support for MacOS and TomTom on the iPhone. Assuming the 3g runs TomTom reasonably well my iPhone will be fine. What I really need is a better PIM integration with Exchange - notes / task integration; ability to send invitations, multiple calender support.

@ jtz5
No you can't get that feature until the Iphone 3gX comes out in 2010.
Would be nice if you could tilt down or up to scroll faster....

Yeah I like that name too.
The true successor to the 3g
Introducing the 3GX (X is for Xtreme).
512 MB Ram
800 MHz CPU
New UI Think a mini OSX Leopard with a gesture based Dock (App launcher)
Front facing camera
6 Mpx camera capable of 720P video capture

Upgrading because I have the original iPhone. Will upgrade again next year when they release next version on Verizon. That version will knock our socks off!

well, I believe Microsoft stole the thunder with Project Natal. The new iPhone is just crap. thank you apple keep it to yourself cause its not coming to my pocket
why should I buy another iphone 3g(the one that should have came last summer?? they said twice as fast but really it was as fast as the first generation iphone. lol. Apple is a rip-off. well I would call iphone 3Gs seccond generation iphone. but really nothing to waste my money on if I got the iphone 3G. i'll simply wait for next year.

For speed, meaning fastest (ability to transfer more data at a faster rate) and also capacity to hold more smartphone users. The difference is that Verizon is using more of theirs than AT&T is.

I can certainly understand why 3G users would choose to skip this model - it is more of an incremental than a revolutionary upgrade. Still, there are plenty of things about it that make it worthwhile for me:
1) 32gb - I like keeping my entire iTunes library on my phone. Now, I'll be able to do that again.
2) Faster processor - Not critical, but I think I'll appreciate the increased performance.
3) Olephobic screen coating - I'll appreciate the increased ease of screen-cleaning.
4) Voice command - Plenty of other phones have this for dialing, but the iPhone hasn't until now. A welcome addition. The iPod controls are a nice little bonus.
The other changes are all nice .. nothing major for me ... but when all put together, I think it's a nice step forward.
I'm not surprised to see people complaining about the lack of cosmetic changes - Apple has sort of set themselves up for this, as they often seem to have some kind of cosmetic change when they rev their products. I would have liked to see a matte finish, preferably slightly rubberized like the one on my old T-Mo Dash, but since i put the thing in a hard case anyway, it doesn't really matter. Apple couldn't win here - if they'd changed the size or shape, everyone would be complaining about needing to buy new accessories.

It seems that the majority of people posting are current 3G owners. It makes sense that there is frustration about the costs of upgrading early, although...a deal is a deal...if customers are still under contract, it is hard to have a whole lot of sympathy if you are AT&T.
I am an original 2G 8GB owner. The 3G[s] is something for me to consider. But I have to look at a few factors, in addition to the new features presented at WWDC 2009:

  1. If I upgrade, next year I will likely deal with the same contractual issues as our current 3G folks when a new iPhone may be launched.
  2. AT&T does not offer 3G in the area where I live.
  3. The "new" features are not exactly innovative. Lots of other phones already have a lot of this stuff. YES, THESE ARE IMPROVEMENTS to what was, but not innovation...unless I am missing some bigger picture.
  4. AT&T was singled out as the one carrier to not be on board for tethering and most likely on board well after launch with MMS. That alone is dismal.
  5. The current economy. (YES, THE PRICE IS LOWER FOR 2G owners than for 3g owners having to break contract, but I have to consider moving up to the new AT&T data plan.)If the iPhone 3G[s] made my bed, folded my laundry and filed my taxes for me, I would still have to consider my budget.

As of now, I am in standby.

It would be a great & practical idea if they add the option of dictating your SMSs by voice. I hope u guys at TiPb forward this suggestion to ur sources in Apple. please :)

i'm one of the wiseguys who bought the bargain priced 4G 2G in 2007. i figured then i'd probably upgrade every few years when there was a major CPU/guts upgrade that significantly improved the speed/battery performance factors, two everyday things i do notice. oh, and an auto focus camera (we take a lot of snapshots).
the 2008 3G offered none of those improvements. the 2.0 update was good enough with the app store, so i passed. the 2009 3GS does (there is a whole new processor assembly inside). so i have pre-ordered one. probably won't see another comparable hardware upgrade until 2011 ...

You gotta love these guys already talking about the next gen iPhone. Who says you're going to get any big changes next year?
I'll be upgrading, I like the sound of the new features but I won't buy the 32GB as 16GB is plenty for me.
There is still nothing to touch the iPhone for usability, you can keep your plastic looking Palm Pre and your clunky Nokias.

the author is a bit naive. considering the amount of money at&t charge you, it is not worth to upgrade your iphone to 3gs. you can get a full blown laptop for the amount of money you are going to spend on iphone 3gs when you already have something appropriate in your hand iphone 3g

Yeah surely this phone looks awesome but I think is just another way for apple to get us into their game so we buy something most of us already have with the Iphone 3G, but just because you can record have voice command and a few other features which most of it will be on the 3.0 update Apple wants us to buy yet another phone who's new features will provably be never used, I mean really who's gonna take out their phone out and talk to it to give it commands in front of people to make you look like some crazy person, well in the end Apple is not getting me but I do feel sorry for those of you out there that already own an Iphone 3G and are going to spend yet again a ton of money on a new phone that already exists but only because it brings a few new features that will be rarely be used.
Thanks for reading,

l would love to get the new hardware but, like most 3G owners, I'm tied in to an 18 month contract so, unless I want to pay an extra £315 to O2, I will need to wait until Christmas. Having thought about this, it's probably better to wait in case there are any problems and I can at least play with all the features in the 3.0 software. When the 3G came out, there was a huge shortage of handsets (I got the last one on the 1st day) so if I wait until December, there should be enough stock so I don't have to wait in line. Of course, that's assuming that O2 plan for all the people who might want to upgrade in December!

Jeremy, dude, get where you are coming from and I can't help but think if Apple had put the 3Gs in a new body there would be no complaining. But you can't please everyone. Now I'm not discounting the problems with AT&T, I have my issues with them too. I would love to have 3G but that probably won't happen for another 5 years. Will I be upgrading to the 3Gs? Hell to the yea for all the reasons Jeremy stated! This is an upgrade. No, it's not earth-shattering but it's awesome nonetheless. And I agree with The Reptile, nice name by the way, this is way more than Palm ever did. I've had a Palm OS device since I was 16 years old and I only switched teams when I got my iPhone in Dec. 08 at age 25. I don't mind paying a premium simply because I paid one when I got my final Palm OS device the Treo 680 in Arctic. And no I'm not rich. Not even close. To each his/her own but this girl is happy!
Though I am wondering if I can have my mom buy the 3Gs and then we just switch sims? She wants my 3G because she knows I'm gonna buy the 3Gs regardless of price and she likes getting my old tech.

Being a first time user (or about to be) what happens when you all upgrade to a new phone with a new IMEI etc?
How do you keep all the Apps and stuff you've bought for the original model?
Or if you have to exchange it etc how does Itunes know to let you have all your stuff back?
Just being nosey but any answers accepted gratefully.
Steve in UK

@googlr, that made me laugh - for one, maybe Jeremy has no issue with the money and if they charge you $599 or $699 then I don't blame you for not picking one up. Two he writes for this web site! Of course he is going to upgrade.
This post is simply the reasons why he upgraded. It is not to tell everyone they should upgrade or not. It's simply saying, he upgraded and are you? Each and every one of us will have our own reasons so I don't think ripping on people for upgrading or not is cool in this situation. Maybe the people who are not upgrading can't do so because of the cost or for whatever reason - that's no reason to call out someone for upgrading. Just makes you look like a cry baby and jealous.

I will not upgrade simply because I still don't get the full discount yet until January 2010, but even if I'm eligible I would still think twice. Right now all the upgrades made by Apple can be found in Cydia (except for the RAM and the 32 GB HD capacity). I would be patient to wait until summer for a real new iPhone design, color maybe or HD screen resolution. Right now my wife and I are bored with the black & white color of our iPhones but still really love them of their capabilities.

i have already preordered mine! i would have been content just with size upgrade i really just wanted the 32gb because i use mine alot for watching movies and tv not as music player so i like being able to have a couple of movies and tv epeisodes. so i think it is a nice upgrade double the ram and processor and double to storage space. i am very pleased. especially the fact that the design did not change i ahve alot of cases and accesories and am glad i do not have to go and rebuy all of my cases. i hope this will inspire manufactures to invest more into development.

@Duvi: unfortunately your wrong about Verizon or should I say CDMA using more spectrum to function then AT&T GSM. CDMA allows more users per channel per Mhz and using less spectrum while doing it by using cell breathing.

So all the upgrades can be found in Cydia?
Exactly how do you increase the camera from 2 to 3 megapixels without changing the camera?
Exactly how do you get macro mode and autofocus without changing the camera?
Exactly how do you get 30fps VGA recording without changing the camera?

The 3GS will be my first iPhone, so yes, I will be upgrading from my awful Blackberry Curve. Special thanks to all of you who will NOT be upgrading, 'cause that gets me in and out of the store that much faster! Peace!

Never got the 3g, and my contract on the original iphone expired just 2 weeks ago - so I'm incredibly excited to get the 3gs instead of the 3g I was about to get anyway!
As for the camera, it's going to be a big deal for me, and I'm a @#&$ photographer.
Above Frank says, "in my case, I always have to carry a digital camera with me. So getting +1.0 megapixel is well, still ****. I really think no one shouuld be making anything below 5.0 MP at this age."
I shoot full frame digital and 4x5 1gb files when I'm doing serious work, but since those cameras are more than 1cm thick - I won't have them with me everywhere, always. I also have a HD DV camera which is pretty darn small. Again, I'm not going to have it with me unless I'm specifically doing a dedicated shoot. My phone is glued to my body. This is going to change things, if only because it's going to be so @#$& easy to upload things. I NEVER sent random little photos to people before my iphone, simply because it took like 3-4 steps to get them from my camera to someone else's computer/phone. With the iphone, I started doing that all the time. Even a tiny bit better quality would have been a big deal for me, and with video - even crappy video - easily uploadable to youtube, I can imagine tons of great on-the-fly uses.

I just pre-ordered the 32gb 3Gs through the apple online store. Per AT&T my line is not up to the full discount until March 2010, yet i am getting the early upgrade rate of $499 rather than the full (no-contract) price of $699.
I am a speed freak so i find the increase in the general speed worth it plus i have not been disappointed in any of my iPhone purchases. I got the 2G just after release, promptly upgraded to 3G after it's release with the $299 upgrade rate. This time i am paying a premium tax of $200 (above the 299) to upgrade early. happily paid, and As an AT&T customer for 10+ yrs i have no issues with their service i haven't experienced with every other US company.

I'm definitely upgrading. I already pre-ordered mine yesterday at my local AT&T store. I have the 3G which I purchased in September. I'm upgrading bc of the increase in speed and the video. (And I am selling my 3G to someone I know so I will make part of my money back.) I don't really care that the appearance of the phone remains the same. I'm glad, actually. I would hate to have to replace some of my accessories. Now I can just keep using them, sell my 3G, and enjoy my new 3G S. I am not eligible on my line to upgrade with AT&T, but another of my lines is eligible, so I am using it and switching the phone to my line. I will be eligible on my line in September of this year so I can upgrade with no problem if a better model is released in 2010. I am upset that AT&T is dropping the ball by not having MMS and tethering ready to go at release. With a company like AT&T touting themselves as being one of the best I would think they would be a bit more prepared. Of course, I don't know any real specifics on why they aren't ready, so there MAY BE decent reasons. Then again there MAY NOT be. I just wish it was ready. All in all there aren't any HUGE changes to the device, but it's enough for me to get a new one. The increase in speed is, again, my main reason. Can't wait to get it in my hands on June 19th!!!!

It might be worth the upgrade if ATT got its act together. Many users still have significant issues with the 3G network as it is. The fact that you highlight the following:
* 3 megapixel camera with capability to record VGA resolution video at 30 FPS--so what. My small cannon gets 8MP with good video as well.
* 7.2 HSDPA (up to twice as fast as 3G)--ATT can't even get 3G coverage.
* Improved battery performance--by couple hours
* Faster processors--not that much faster than 3G
* Double the amount of RAM--unless you
* Up to double the storage capacity (32GB)
Doesn't necessarily mean that some people (including me) are that impressed with it. On the other hand--I see ATT losing out after 2010 because of its incompetence in getting basic services to its current customers.

When you purchase the Iphone all you are purchasing is a really nice phone with hundreds of features, the name apple, and the app store. That being said you should purchase the new phone if you want to run your apps quicker and better and generally have a phone that is above the competition with dealing with applications. So if you don't want your phone to that you shouldn't be an Apple customer. ..end of story.
I'm sick of people complaining because they didn't get a phone with out of this world technology. If your complaining at this point I'd hate to see what you would say if they told you you had to pay 1200 dollars for a phone.
Do you think they don't have the technology to do all the ridiculous things people want? They do. They are just smarter then the average joe and know what to add and when to add it.
So suck it up and if your not happy go buy that piece of crap Palm Pre with its 19 apps.

So long as the layer between the operating system is unable to cover that these errors and. Dll error I highly recommend you several easy

A really good starting list... I'd also like to see market research have a point all of its own (rather than included only as part of the business plan). So many start-ups put their time and effort into doing any or all of the above items without ever having done some serious market research. When anyone asks me whether they should start, I always say, "Are you sure that people want to buy what you have to sell... for a price that will give you a comfortable profit? And I don't just mean asking your mum and your friends..."