UPS Deliver Anyone's iPhone 3G S Today?

wolfram alpha iPhone 3g s deliveries

We've mentioned this before, but as anyone who's read our comments or seen the Twitter'splosion over it already knows, those folks who pre-ordered the iPhone 3G S from Apple have been tortured for the last few days with ever changing -- and even disappearing -- delivery dates. (Right Jeremy?)

From June 22nd to in-transit to June 17 to June 19 to June 18 to held-by-shipper to who-the-$%^-knows anymore, uber-iPhone lovers have been hitting refresh and yanking hair out almost every minute on the minute.

As of now, any UPS drivers out there are making deliveries of anything other than an iPhone 3G S today, make sure you walk up to the door slowly, yelling "no iPhone!" loudly, lest you suffer the weeping wrath of frustpointment you get for handing over nothing more than a rutabaga twirler.

But, if anyone out there actually does get their shiny new iPhone 3G delivered today, drop a comment to let us know, then go post some pics for us in the forums.

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UPS Deliver Anyone's iPhone 3G S Today?


My order is still showing "prepared for shipment". No tracking number... no nothing. Am I going to get this thing tomorrow or what? I ordered on the 8th. I'm nervous.

Ordered 2 last Monday, got tracking numbers this morning 6AM EST for both so it looks like Apple is on track to deliver tomorrow as promised. :)
Jun 15, 2009 at 03:18 PM PDT - Order number W46588XXX
Shipped on: Jun 18, 2009 via FEDERAL EXPRESS
Tracking #: 7536028XXXX (Pre-sign for this shipment)

Ordered 2 on the 9th. One 32g black shipped UPS on the 15th to be delivered the 18th and is also held in Louisville - we did receive the Apple notification that it would not be coming until Friday. One 16g white with shipping notification today through FedEx but no tracking yet. Looks like they're working it from all angles to get them all delivered Friday. Quite a feat if you ask me!

ordered on 9th from Apple with next day shipping. Mine still says "Prepaired for Shipment" not sure but there must be a worm hole from China to Nashville.... sigh

I may have to wait for the 3GS till tomorrow but at least today my Vaja Leather case will arrive from argentina, via fed ex. I a least get part of my toy. now if I only had something to put into the case!

My order was also placed on the 8th. The website indicated it was "prepared for shipment" up until a few minutes ago, now it indicates it has been shipped with FedEx tracking

anyone ordered through at&t online? I ordered mine on Friday the 12th... my order still shows up as "In Progress"... i reeeeeaaallllyyyy want my new iphone tomorrow (upgrading from 1st gen).. i fear I may have placed my order too late.. who knows!!! crystal ball oh crystal ball!

Just thinking... those who ordered via apple site dont have a way to see the UPS tracking #s, those who ordered on ATT site - got the emails with UPS tracking info? My guess is, apple site is not showing orders correctly, probably intentionally. But if you received your tracking info from ATT, you can check the shipments whereabouts on UPS site?
i also ordered on the 8th, a 16gb iphone via Apple site. also still "prepared for shipment" and their site.
After the "we made a mistake about the delivery date, rest assured your iphone will deliver on the 19th" email (received on the 9th), I spoke to CSR @ apple last week and they assured me that it would deliver this Firday.
However as of today, my amex card hasnt even been charged yet! if there is not even a pending charge on my credit card... i am very concerned about getting it tomorrow (from China - in one day?!),

Just got this today...
Thank you for your recent order with Apple.
Our records indicate that your iPhone 3G S pre-order has shipped.
Our carrier's website may have displayed an incorrect delivery
date for your order. However, we expect your iPhone order to be
delivered on time on June 19, 2009.

if the ones being sent today are indeed coming from china, as long as they leave by 11:30am (i'm not sure if that's chinese time or not) they will arrive tomorrow, no problem. if you do a quick calculate time and cost shipping from UPS website, you can see there are 3 options that will guarantee shipping overnight from china.

@ SIETEDOS I ordered mine from At&t on the 13th and then they put the announcement that if u ordered after this date you would have 7 to 14 days wait or sum crapp so i was kind of happy... but i check my shipmenty everyday and it IM SCREWED for orderin with AT&T!!!! dammintt.... it hasnt even shippeddddddddd

it would be funny if someone went to ups and stuck em up for their iphone, lol, "this is a stick up, give me my package"

@ BRE BRE... arseholes! I never saw any notice.. I just have this:
Your iPhone 3G S, pre-order 1XXXXX is being processed and will be shipped overnight to arrive as early as June 19, 2009. If you ordered other items, they may have shipped separately.

I just received my notification from that I have a tracking number... but that doesn't show up in FedEx yet :(
I'm a little upset because it says Deliver by 6/22.... I want it tomorrow damn it!!!

=( i knew i shoulda just ordered from apple online i hear ppl are alreaDY GETINT THEIRS AND GETING NEW EAMAILS THAT THEY WILL BE SHIPPPED BY CERTAIN DATES WHEN I HAVE NUTHING

Mine is amongst those listed as still trapped in Kentucky. Over the past day+, it's gone from scheduled to exception to scheduled to exception to scheduled to exception, which it sits now. Current tracking info shows no information later than an exception at 4AM 6/17 -- more than 30 hours ago.

Ordered from att premier, just called ATT Premier, CSR said "they are SHIPPING on the 19th" so you most likely won't get it then. How could they say we would get them on the 19th if they had no intention of shipping until the 19th, come on!!!

well, mine is shipped as of just now, arriving via Fedex overnight tomorrow by 3pm.
Why is everyone crying like spoiled little kids? "WAH WAH! I want my iphone!! Apple you suck, ATT you suck! but I still want my iphone!! I WANT IT NOW!!"
GROW UP! you'll get your when it was promised to you. If you dont - then call them and complain. Stop being such spoiled little brats. Geez.

So I just got my confirmation, delivery on 6/22 2nd day.. What's up with that??? They promised overnight??? Seriously this is insane.

I ordered from apple and have a tracking number for a few days now, and have several E-mails telling me it will be here on the 19th. no worries here! My Phone is also in KY

i ordered online with ATT Premiere on June 10th...
mine has said "order processing", still does... but i just got an email from ATT saying it has shipped overnight!!!! and i have a tracking #... it is coming out of Ft Worth, TX

I also ordered from (on 6/12).
Called ATT today, and was told it would ship on the 19th for delivery on Monday.
Dems da breaks. I would have ordered via, but since I'm porting in, seemed the better option. Live and learn.

Ordered on the 11th at 9:00 AM from the ATT premier website and still get this as the order status:
"We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly."
Thanks a lot asshats. they put a blurb up on the page when I ordered about how it would be shipped to arrive on the 19th. I scheduled the morning off of work so I could do some chores and be there to get the package.
Not a good sign for someone new to AT&T. Maybe I should get a pre and stick with sprint.

Dave, I have the same message. Ordered from ATT premier on the 12th at 9am and also have “We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly.” They didn't even charge my cc yet.
I even called premier customer service on the 16th and some very polite but uneducated lady told me that iPhone 3Gs will be released on 18th or 19th. When I asked about all those online claims that people have tracking numbers, she informed me that they must have ordered an iPhone 3G and NOT 3Gs probably by mistake.
Sorry guys! But I guess you will all be disappointed when your package arrives ;-)

@ sting7k
Wolfram Alpha is a search engine but not in the traditional sense like Google or Bing. It locates data and processes it in some cases. For example, if you wanted to compare Apple's stock price to the ones for RIM & Palm it would show ticker symbols and graph the stock price for the last few years. You should check out the site and watch the video blog to get an idea. It's really cool and it's not optimized for the iPhone via webapp.

Someone mentioned that in the future, you should just order with a new number. Then when you receive the phone and go activate it, you can do the port. the number porting gets screwed up on, because the LNP port dept. doesn't talk to the order dept. in time - especially with pre-orders.

mine's being delivered to the AT&T store today. wish i could pick it up today! but im sure they'll be holding it until tomorrow. :(

I ordered my phone on the 10th from AT&T (via 35% bing cashback, making it cost $130 for 16GB). It shipped yesterday from TX via next day air saver and my latest tracking shows that it reached my town and is out for delivery. i am hoping it will reach here today around 3pm pacific. hopefully it is too late for apple or at&t to call ups and stop delivery!

I ordered 2 iPhones on the 11th via ATT and the site still shows "In Process". I have also been billed. Here's the question...
Can I go to ATT tomorrow morning and buy two iPhones for $199? Does anyone have any idea how that situation would play out?

I ordered mine a week ago at an AT&T store, to be delivered there. It shows as 'out-for-delivery' today. I contacted the store, and no, they won't let me have it today. They're opening at 7am tomorrow though, so I'll have it then... Likely with having had very little sleep ;)

@FF Glassworks, ME too, one 32gb stuck in ALASKA with UPS for the last 2 days.. the wife's 16gb, shipped today in KY, with Fed EX...,

Link within apple email is not connecting.
But if you go to and paste in tracking number it works.
Mine is due for delivery tomorrow also....

@ STEVEN G to your second question i was wondering the same thing because i really dont want to wait for mine to come in like a week later or sum bull ish like that grrrr at&t....

@The Reptile
Thanks for the info. I checked it out. Pretty neat to mess around with. Had never seen it before until the other day and then again today.

One more thing; everyone here that is all excited and dreading possibly having to wait over the weekend for delivery is freaking me out...
Still this much hoopla after 2 years? How many are first time iPhone owners? I think back to when I was checking UPS every hour waiting for my first iPhone to arrive after ording it from AT&T on launch day in 2007.

I got an email from AT&T saying my iPhone is at my AT&T store and ready for pickup tommoro morning

I ordered on Apple on 13th. Yesterday, they sent me a shipping notification. The tracking number on UPS said delivery on the 22nd, and I was pissed, cuz Apple promised me PERSONALLY that it would arrive on the 19th. A few hours later, apple sent me this message:
To Our Valued Apple Customer:
Thank you for your recent order with Apple.
Our records indicate that your iPhone 3G S pre-order has shipped.
Our carrier's website may have displayed an incorrect delivery
date for your order. However, we expect your iPhone order to be
delivered on time on June 19, 2009.
You can view the most up-to-date status of your order at
Thank you for shopping at the Apple Online Store.
Apple Online Store Team

Mine is sitting in my local AT&T store waiting for 7:00 AM.
Anyone know if it's actually a crime to take something from a store that they have already charged you for?
Now what did I do with that ski mask?

Other than B&E, I would not see why it would be against the law. But B&E would get you and there would be no way around now.
Now, if you worked at UPS and somehow was able to get your hands on your package, that would be a different story. You would lose your job but that would be all they could do.

sent an email to UPS, got the below:
Thank you for your e-mail. Our system indicates your package is part of a multiple package shipment of Apple iPhones, that is being imported by Apple Computer. The scheduled delivery date for your package is 06/19/09, by 10:30 a.m., pending normal customs clearance. UPS and Apple are working together on a special delivery plan for the new Apple iPhones, so that all packages will be delivered on the same day, Friday June 19, 2009.
This shipment has been cleared through US Customs by Apple Computer representatives and your package will be delivered on time. I apologize for any concerns that you have about your package. Should you have any additional concerns, please contact your Apple representative where you purchased your product. I hope this information is helpful and I appreciate your patience.
Please contact us if you need any additional assistance.
Rita M
UPS Customer Service

OK, my status has now changed.... or at least the screen. Here's what it now says.
In Progress
I guess this means it is Federal Express - no tracking number. Anyone else with the same info? If you saw this screen but it is now different, how long did it take to get a tracking #?

My phone is also in quarantine at the UPS facility in Louisville Kentucky. Been there for 2 days now.
I hope UPS gets it out the door for overnight shipping soon...

I ordered mine at the At&t Store on the 13th and mine arrived at this store at 9:33!
Makes me happy because I wasn't supposed to get it until the next week sometime since i missed the early pre-order date. But I'm not complaining

From AT&T email: Your iPhone is ready and can be picked up at your local AT&T store as early as June 19th. For your convenience AT&T stores will open at 7 AM on June 19th...

I ordered mine from the AT&T site on the morning of the 9th. (Apple's site wasn't working for me all the day before.) Supposed to be delivered to my home. My receipt said that they couldn't guarantee I'd have it on the 19th, but that I probably would. On the 13th I got an email from them containing a URL to check my order status. It said "in progress" for days and didn't change until noon today. Now it says "Shipped" but the spot for a tracking number is empty so I can't track it at FedEx. I suppose I'll have it by morning though.

So... mine is shipping FedEx, and it is estimated to get to my house on the 22nd. Not a huge deal I guess. Just a weekend that feels longer than usual.
But I was wondering. Anyone know FedEx's policy on pick-up on Saturday? I know they don't deliver, but they are open. Can you call them and request to pick it up?

at&t has been a pleasure to deal with for me. ordered on the 11th from one of their stores. the next day I was emailed a tracking number for ups. yesterday it shipped. and I got a email today that it arrived and is waiting for me at the store available for pick up tomorrow at 7am. i'm guessing a lot of you guys that are having problems ordered online?

I too received the following email....
To Our Valued Apple Customer:
Thank you for your recent order with Apple.
Our records indicate that your iPhone 3G S pre-order has shipped.
Our carrier’s website may have displayed an incorrect delivery date for your order. However, we expect your iPhone order to be delivered on time on June 19, 2009.
You can view the most up-to-date status of your order at
Thank you for shopping at the Apple Online Store.
Sincerely, Apple Online Store Team
Tracking originally said June 19, but now has NO date attached to it. Looks like it was scanned in Hong Kong on early afternoon of the 18th (over there). Amazing if they achieve this!

I'm have such bad luck with att premier. My status hasn't changed from "We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly." WTH att!!

I wonder if there will be multiple UPS truck hijacking tomorrow across the country -_-;
mine still says "held as prisoner" I really hope it'll get here tomorrow. Now I'm just thinking maybe I should have just chose "pick up at store"

I for one can report some good news, although I did order early on the 9th, but it was online thru AT&T to be delivered to my house... I received an email today around 2:30pm EST stating "You will receive your new wireless phone in a few days." The email also contained a FedEx tracking number, which when tracked, provided no information. This had me worrying that I might not see it until Monday. But just a few minutes ago I tried the tracking info again and I'm seeing that it was picked up at 5pm Thursday in MEMPHIS, TN and is expected to arrive on the 19th by 3pm using Standard Overnight. Granted I ordered pretty early, but this seems to show that AT&T is not using 2 DAY for all orders.

Tracking Number: xxxx
Type: Package
In Transit
Your shipment is moving within the UPS network and should be delivered on the Scheduled Delivery Date. A shipment can remain in this status until it is delivered. Other than time-definite air deliveries, shipments are generally delivered anytime between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to residences, and by close of business for commercial addresses. UPS cannot schedule a specific delivery time within that window.
What should I do if I'm expecting a delivery?
This is the most up-to-date information about the status of your shipment. For residential deliveries that require a signature, you can leave instructions for the driver if no one will be home. For example, you can ask that it be delivered to a neighbor who will be home. Shipments that don't require a signature can be left in a safe place at the driver's discretion.
In Transit
Rescheduled Delivery: 06/19/2009
Shipped To: xxxxx, NJ, US
Shipped/Billed On: 06/17/2009
Service: EXPRESS
Weight: .50 Kg
To view additional tracking information, please log in to My UPS.
Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
AK, US 06/17/2009 1:50 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
HK 06/17/2009 7:46 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
CN 06/17/2009 4:40 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
06/17/2009 12:42 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN
Tracking results provided by UPS: 06/19/2009 12:27 A.M. ET

Mine is on the FEDEX truck for delivery and it wasn't suppose to be delivered until Monday. Fedex is overachieving, I wish I could give them a hug! lol

I ordered on the 12th through At&t online.. my order showed as shipped yesterday with no tracking information... just spoke to At&t.. I have tracking information.. and its going to be delivered TODAY! before 3 pm! woo hooo!!! :-)

I am home FRIDAY JUNE 19th today WTF! Called UPS ASAP will get in touch with driver - yeah right!

Ordered on the 11th from ATT
Label/Receipt Number: 9101 9010 XXXX XXXX XXXX XX
Class: Priority Mail®
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
Status: Processed through Sort Facility
Your item was processed through and left our FORT WORTH, TX 76161 facility on June 18, 2009. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.
Detailed Results:
Electronic Shipping Info Received, June 19, 2009
Processed through Sort Facility, June 18, 2009, 5:44 pm, FORT WORTH, TX 76161

Just got mine! Yay! at 9:50 a.m UPS driver told me they had just this one chance not be piss Apple off as I wouldn't be surprised that UPS is trying to get their account for all Apple freight. So I'd expect the best from UPS with all 3G-s pre-orders as they are trying their best to impress.

Keep in mind, if your not home they will not deliver. As all Iphone 3G-S pre-orders delivered by UPS require a direct signature from the person who ordered. UPS wouldn't leave the phone with my receptionist I had to physically sign for it.

"Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 06/22/2009. "
I ordered on the ninth. I'm in Hawaii. The phone sat in Louisville for 2 days.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention I was shocked that they just left it on my porch, I was in the shower getting cleaned up and thought I heard my door bell so I hurried to the door in a towel hoping to catch the delivery guy in time since I presumed that a signature was required, well I missed him he was already pulling away but much to my surprise I looked down and there was my package containing my new 32GB iPhone 3G s, was I relieved because I was prepared to hop in my car wearing only my towel and chase him down, there was no way in hell I was going to wait till Monday!

I just ordered my 16GB iPhone 3G S today off of It told me 7-14 days to expect it. Anyone think i will receive it within or less than 7 days!?

I ordered on the 11th from AT&T Premier. Received nothing on the 19th but had a voicemail from AT&T rep saying there had been a "problem" with my order and I would receive the phone on the 22nd. He apologized. I received shipping info verifying that.

pre-ordered the 12th, still hasn't shipped! And they won't let me cancel! Talk about bad business ethics. Sell all the ones in stock to walk in customers and make the people who pre-ordered suffer because apple/att already have their business. Trying to secure sales, they are going to lose customers.

Ordered the 12th, as of today, the 22nd, it still says recieved. There reps have been NO help whatsoever!

I ordered on the 11th and have now talked to 5 different idiots from At&t. They have all told me different answers I'm ready to cancel this shit and just go to an apple store and buy the phone. This is bull I should have this phone by now I pre-ordered it and now the girl said I may not get it until next week. I still haven't received an email from At&t with my tracking number. But they charged me for my phone already!!!

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