Video: Waiting in line for the iPhone 3G in Cincinnati, OH

Sure, we're still only a few days out from the launch, but at the speed of the interw00ts, that counts as recent history. Here's a bit of nostalgia for you: Armed with my Flip Mino in hand, I took this video while waiting in line at my local Apple Store. I was able to handle the iPhone 3G before launch, played some of the Caveman racing game and asked folks some general questions about the iPhone. 

If you have not witnessed an iPhone launch before, everyone goes crazy when the doors open; watch the video to check it out!

(Note from Dieter: I challenge you to watch this without a giant grin on your face. The enthusiasm in this line matched the joy in mine -- enough to melt even the coldest, iPhone-hating heart)


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Chad Garrett

Software trainer, blogger and mobile technology enthusiast living in the suburban Midwest.

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Video: Waiting in line for the iPhone 3G in Cincinnati, OH


That's hilarious! Our line in front of the AT&T store that morning were also instructed to line up against the wall so as not to disturb the "usual route" the mall walkers take in the morning. Apparently, these mall walkers are very territorial about their morning mall turf and we were "invading their territory so we had to respect their right of way"....haha! These were actual words from the security guards.