Wal-Mart Re-Revisted: No $99 iPhone 3G... At Least for Now

There have been a few rumors regarding the iPhone 3G and Wal-Mart. It turns out the chances of the last one happening, that Wal Mart would sell a 4GB iPhone for $99, are slim to none at this point. Are you really that shocked? What does seem to be true is the iPhone is still coming to Wal-Mart, just $2.00 cheaper than Apple, AT&T, and Best Buy -- $197 and $297.

Mac Rumors received Wal-Mart training materials and advertising. They are also saying the iPhone 3G, 8GB and 16GB, will be available on December 28th. So there you have it, 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G's at a Wal Mart low price... $2.00 below is lower but seriously... HTC G1 users are able to get that device $50 cheaper at Wal-Mart.

[Via Mac Rumors and thanks to The Reptile for the tip]

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Wal-Mart Re-Revisted: No $99 iPhone 3G... At Least for Now


My local TV news just confirmed the $99 4GB yesterday. If it's not true, that's fine... but other models being $2 cheaper doesn't necessarily prove the 4GB rumor is false.