Wal Mart Revisited: $99 4GB iPhone 3G Coming Soon?

A while back we posted about the iPhone 3G coming to Wal Mart. BGR originally said to look for it to hit the retail store on November 15th, and more recently to look for it early next year.

Well BGR is back with yet another Wal Mart rumor, this time that a $99 4GB iPhone 3G will be available. Keep in mind that price is with a 2 year service agreement. Also, take this rumor with a very large grain of salt as BGR does not sound too convinced by the "source".

A lot of people were expecting a 32GB to drop in the new year, not a 4GB... So what say you? Is it worth going back to a 4GB iPhone just to save a hundred bucks? Sound off in the comments!

[Via Boy Genius Report]

(Thanks to The Reptile for the tip!)

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Wal Mart Revisited: $99 4GB iPhone 3G Coming Soon?


@Emeus, wouldn't that be re-releasing a 4GB iPhone since the original 'flavors' were 4 & 8 GB?
My guess is that if the truly do it then it happens after the WWDC Stevenote when they announce an update the the 3G and an available 32 GB version and price reductions to the 16 & 8 GB editions.

I don't see an issue...would allow more people to join in the iphone fun...make it more affordable for everyone, and quiet down some of the "elitist pricing" labels...

Oh. Oh no. Not Wal-Mart. I would seriously hate that. I mean, sure, maybe it's good marketing, but wouldn't it be better to release it to places like Best Buy and Circuit City (groan) instead? I mean, let's be honest, the iPhone is usually for people who don't mind spending a little extra, not for people looking save a buck.
And yes, I'm about as broke as I can be without being totally unable to afford one.
Also, 4GB? Why bother?

A 4GB iPhone is awesome for people who wouldn't really use the iPod or bother with work files. I only use about 3 gigs at a time myself. It would've been perfect for me, but I already have the 8GB. Not everyone (like older folks) play games or listen to digital music. I think it's a great idea and they will sell lots of them.

A 4GB? I have about 2GB of space left on my 8GB phone. When I got this phone I wanted an widescreen iPod as well as a smartphone, and I suspect a lot of people will look at it the same way. 4GB isn't going to do, IHM, a lot of people much good unless they know they're getting something with space limitations.

I think it is awesome! I have an 8G'er, but have just barely tipped over the 4Gb mark. I can definitely see others only needing 4 or less. I know a guy who bought two 16's, and has barely anything on them. Heck, he hasn't even upgraded the firmware from the original yet!

The first comment In this comment box is exactly how I feel BOOOO!!! Apple should not allow iPhones to be sold at a Walmart noo at beat buy is bad enough the people there done even know what they are talking about and I can imagine at walmart it is only gunna be worse. Boooooo

@ THe Reptile...duh comes to mind...my point is if you start out releasing a 8GIG and 16GIG what is the point of going backwards?

I work at Best Buy, so I resent your remark. I know more about the iPhone than most users, but when I think about my coworkers, you're kinda right. (Gosh, I hate to say that.) On Apple's behalf, the training was excellent, and covered things that most people don't know. (How many antennas in the 3G.) But Best Buy did work hard to change the cell phone buying experience when they teamed up with Carphone Warehouse, and created Best Buy Mobile. Give them some credit.
The slobs at Wal Mart? Wouldn't know the difference between Edge and 3G.

Why would they make another smaller iPhone the people that buy iPhone are not the people that are going to be impressed with a $99 price tag. People that but apple products are willing to apend more if they really wamtmore people to use it they should have never signed that deal with AT&T and made it open to any carriers.

To ethan: how can you call human beings slobs when u don't know them? It's not their fault if you think they don't have the proper training.

4gb can't be that bad...I used to have one, and I know a whole lot of people bought 4gb models of the first gens...
and I could honestly care less who is selling it, so long as the provider and manufacturer will back up the product bought from that seller, which I'm sure the warranty is the same for an iphone bought from best buy as it is from the apple store...
To be honest, I have a 16gb and only use 3gb of space on it since I stream my music to the phone and have an ipod already (can't afford to miss calls in airplane mode).

just had training at our store for a grip of employees at walmart but no talk about a 100 iphone . ill try to digg deeper next meeting they have

The biggest selling of the new Nanos here in Australia has been the 4gb - by quite a margin. Personally, I use about 3gb of my 8gb iPhone. I don't see Apple releasing a new 4gb iPhone, but if they did - it would sell well.

Actually, given WalMart's size and reach selling iPhones there make sense; especially a low end model that probably won't cannibalize sales of the 8/16g models.
At $99 they start becoming more attractive as phones for people who want an iPhone but aren't likely to load it up with games/video/etc. 4g allows plenty of space for music for most people; those who want more are the market for the 8/16 gig models.

At first I thought "oh heck no". But then last night I saw the following comment in the Macrumors forum from a Walmart employee:
i'm not sure if this been mention before but as i said before i work for walmart and i've received my training for the iphone.
walmart will be selling iphone 3g 8GB for 199.00 and 16GB for 299.00. plans starts at 69.99 for 450 anytime rollover minutes along with the unlimited data plans.
there are no 99.00 iphone or some 4GB iphone so enjoy!

Which do you trust more, some site called "mac rumors" or someone who claims to be a walmart employee and who frequents a site called "mac rumors" ?

The 4 GB iPhone ain't gonna happen, how can peploe beleive that stuff. Come in guys it's Apple, they don't make budget products! They produce quality but expensive gear for people that are willing to part with their hard earned cash. Apple inovates and doesn't change their product line to grab more sales from people who wouldn't be spending as much on music and apps anyhow.
Just like they never released the $800 laptop.

Spoke with the phone person at the local WalMart - the iPhone will be sold starting 28 Dec - 8g/16g same pricing as ATT.

I am confused as some of my fellow new apple users. I have an 8g itouch and bearly touched past 3g. So are we saying if in fact the rumors are true it won't be worth buying? I am getting ready to buy one at apple. I am one of those people who only use like 7oo songs and a few pics and a few games. If it was true this amount of space won't be enough?

Everyone who says that its not happening they would never buy a 4GB for 99.00, regardless if all this actually happens, thats fine. But trust me there are plenty of people out there who would rather part with 99.00 than 199.00 or 299.00. Who cares if it only has 4GB istead of 8 or 16. People would sacrifice the space for saving money to have a product from a respected company who backs up their products. Everyone likes to save money! People do it everyday. Looking for ways to save money on the high quality products, especially in todays economy. So if this happens great! If it doesn't then maybe it will in the future. Nothing lost nothing gained.

I work at Wal-Mart, and I can tell you that we are not slobs! Wal-Mart's co-op with both Verizon and AT&T is something we take very proudly. We represent those companies, and we only have one or two associates in the store who are licensed to sell cell phone plans. They are Wireless Associates. They recieve high quality training from the carriers themselves. We're MUCH more knowledgeable about our products than most of the 18 year old "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" potheads they hire at Best Buy. I went in to Best Buy not too long ago and asked to see their Blu-Ray players and the guy at the door had to get a group of three other workers to finally be able to point me in the right direction.

Who the heck cares who's selling it? Yes it looses some of the appeal.. and that's how it should be, time moves on. It'll become the next sidekick-only it'll look a lil more classy when u see on EVERY SINGLE PERSON. haha
more importantly, WHAT KIND OF INSURANCE WILL WALMART PROVIDE??? THEFT INSURANCE...?? that'll be what wins new buyers over who still want the 16 or 8 GB.

I think it's sad that retail sales people are bashing each other on here . You guys should be sticking together ! Can't you all just get along ? Surely you guys could form some kind of aliance . I mean , it's not like you are going to start a union at work and make a living wage or something crazy like that ! You could at least gang up on the fast food workers !

ha Nice point, Ipaul. Nice point. And I do make a decent living to pay for school and a place to live at least - just to say. But soon enough I'll be a nurse, which'll be awesome! HIGH FIVE!!

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