Wednesday Fun Video: iPhone 3GS Real Racing Tech Demo

Firemint has put up the above video tech demo of their Real Racing game running optimized for an iPhone 3GS and.... wow.

“Since the game uses a high fidelity physics engine, adding cars is a good test for pushing the hardware. We started our tech demo with 8 cars on the track, then 10, 12, 16 and 20, and the 3GS still didn’t break a sweat,” wrote Firemint’s Alexandra Peters. “We finally stopped when we got to 40 cars on the track at the same time, still with no perceptible drop in frame rate. We think the results are mind blowing.”

No plans to release an iPhone 3GS version yet but again, that's a switch that some developer will no doubt throw at some point.

[via Macworld via Firemint]

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Wednesday Fun Video: iPhone 3GS Real Racing Tech Demo


So by the next iPhone, possibly the software support could be extremely diminished or gone for the iPhone 3G?
Kind of like Microsoft not supporting Win 95 and 98 anymore.

@Rene: You wrote "No plans to release an iPhone 3GS version yet but again, that’s a switch that some developer will no doubt throw at some point."
Do you mean no plans to release a 3G version yet? In the first line you wrote that it was optimized for 3GS but then stated no 3GS version was was planned.
Maybe I am reading wrong. It's still early.

@DMYS: Isn't that the same with PC gaming as well though? Back when I used a PC, I would by a new video card and it seemed as if six months later, I was unable to run newer graphic intensive games without lowering the refresh, effects, etc., to the point where they looked like they were running on my old Atari 2600.
The answer seemed to be, buy an upgraded graphics card or lower my gaming expectations. That's why I bought a Mac and switched my gaming to PS3.

Is it really that hard to compile a version of the game for the G and one for the GS? And if they've already made it, why not sell it?
On an unrelated note- I'm still having fun with this whole GS nomenclature. It's all new and cool, but at the same time keeps making me all nostalgic remembering my Apple II GS back in the day. Woz edition!!

After 2 years, everyone is eligible for an upgrade anyway.
Apple expects (and GETS) high school kids to upgrade their iPod every single year. See any kids with a fat iPod nano lately? Nope.

Well of course we're expected to upgrade eventually, I'm just wondering when the hammer will drop for no more support on 3G. I'm hoping they give it at least till 2011 so I can sell my 3G.

u know what would be a killer racing game...MARIO KART FOR THE IPHONE dam would i pay 10$ for that

Whoa guys... Don't forget there are still more 2G/3G, iTouch owners vs. 3GS. As a dev. trying to make money, I would try to hit the larger base first. I don't see them making 3GS only apps very soon. There will be some, but not many.

I read it to mean that the current app "Real Racing" will work on all three iPhone models, but that a specifically-optimized-for-3GS-app will not be released soon.
The video is them showing off that optimized version on a 3GS.

Yes, MarioKart would be great... but the Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D game is suitable for now. It's $6, and plays a lot like Mario's version.
My problem with it is that for $6 it should have more levels and support multiplayer... but it's still a fun game.

I have Crash banicoot it is a gr8 game. The problem is that it gets boring really fast and useless for me..your right that if they did have better graphics, levels, and easier controls it would be better.....

Love this game... addicted. Play in bed before sleeping, on the train, etc... Awesome graphics, great game play on the 3GS and a lot attention to tiny details...

@Rajiv: Thank makes sense. Thank you for the clarification. I was hoping the opposite was true and that 3GS was getting it before the 3G.

As a 3G owner who will NOT be upgrading until my contract is up next summer, I'm getting a little sick and tired of these 3G smackdowns...