Wednesday Fun Video: iPhone 3GS Shot Music Video!

Steve Ellington from the let us know that he'd shot the above music video entirely on the new iPhone 3GS. While Ellington had fun filming the little robot, he was also "quite impressed with the camera."

CBS4 in South Florida must also have been impressed. They claimed the "new iPhone good enough for the evening news" when a producer shot a segment entirely on Apple's latest handset as well.

While RED likely has nothing to fear -- yet! -- citizen journalism and individual creativity are likely in for a huge, Jobsian boom!

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Rene Ritchie

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Wednesday Fun Video: iPhone 3GS Shot Music Video!


Yess!!!! Thank the heavens your back!!! Mobile iPhone Blog you truly are the cheese to my macaroni.

How did they get it in 16x9? mmmmmmmmmmmm...
SO DO I! And I find that pretty offensive! Go fuck yourself!