Like running? Want a Fitbit? Choose the best Fitbit for runners!

All devices in the Fitbit family can track your step count, but if you're a serious runner, you might be looking for a little bit of detail. With so many Fitbit models, each with slight variations on their available features it can be tough to figure out which is right one to go with if you're an active runner.

There are three main features runners should consider when deciding on a Fitbit model: durability, heart rate monitoring, and GPS tracking. Choose the right Fitbit to match the type of runner you are!

Best Fitbit for runners on a budget


If you're an active runner and are trying to figure out whether or not a Fitbit is going to be helpful with your exercise routine, there's no need to blow all your cash on a fitness tracker until you know you're actually going to use it.

The Fitbit Flex is a very versatile tracker and has a nice balance between features and cost. With the Flex, you'll get the most important info you need to monitor your running (distance and active minutes). You'll get a few other features, but what's nice about the Flex for runners is you will have excellent battery life! The Flex has a very small LED display with dots that light up as you approach your fitness goal, so you can get up to five days of use from your Flex without having to charge it!

The Fitbit Flex gives runners a slim form-factor, essential tracking features, and is a great value!

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Best Fitbit with a Heart Rate Monitor


While many Fitbit models offer you an estimate for the amount of calories you burn in a day, Fitbit models with a built-in heart rate monitor will give you the most accurate results by using your heart rate with your current activity to estimate the amount of calories you're burning.

The Fitbit Charge HR is a great choice for runners who want the benefits that come with a heart rate monitor. This device has a long battery life (five days) thanks to its small LED screen which can display your daily steps, distance travelled, calories burned, heart rate, and more! The Charge HR's diamond-weave, textured band is designed for an active lifestyle, perfect for people who like to run through the hills or speed down flat paths.

Having a heart rate monitor also lets you track whether your heart rate is in the right zone for fat burning or improved cardiovascular health, so you can adjust the intensity of your run depending on your goals.

The Fitbit Charge HR has an excellent suite of features, including Fitbit's PurePulse heart rate technology, providing you key info that will be important to you when making decisions about your running length and intensity.

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Best Fitbit with a GPS

Fitbit Surge

If you want to track as much information as possible about your run, then the Fitbit Surge is the way to go.

This is currently the most expensive Fitbit option, but it is the only device in the Fitbit family with a built-in GPS (The Fitbit Blaze can sync to your phone's GPS, but does not stand alone). The GPS will not only tell you the distance you've travelled in a day, but will also map your running route as you go. This device also offers detailed running info showing you your pace, allowing you to flag changes in your speed during a run so you can measure progress over time and challenge yourself during a run by adding intervals.

With the data collected on the Fitbit Surge, you can monitor your progress over time through the Fitbit dashboard and keep adjusting your intensity, intervals, and routes, ensuring you're always pushing yourself to a higher level of fitness.

Even though this Fitbit has a large screen, it's designed for active lifestyles, so it's rugged clock-face and rubberized strap don't require babying or TLC. Just strap it on your wrist and go!

While the Fitbit Surge is the most expensive of your Fitbit choices, it provides the most information and contains many features that are beneficial for runners.

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The Running Tally

All Fitbits track your step count, but if you run regularly as part of your fitness routine, you're probably going to want more than just basic fitness information.

Having a good idea of what your running goals are can help you decide which Fitbit features are most important. By choosing the right device you can have more fun with your runs as you watch your fitness progress improve!