WhoFarm Leveraging Gadget Hype for Eco-Friendly Life

Who's first in line for the iPhone 3G at the Apple Flagship glass cube store in New York City? Exactly. TheWhoFarm, to be even more exact. Why the irony? Seems they're hoping to use the media attention around a decidedly less-than environmentally friendly iPhone 3G to draw attention to their causes, which are sustainability, affordable housing, energy security, locally-grown food (and multi-touch, desk liberating, universe denters for every child?)

Check out their wish-list from their open letter to Steve Jobs, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Mayor Michael Bloomburg among others, after the break.

Waiting for Apples in the Big Apple

  • We will spend a lot of time in a great public space, around the clock.
  • We will use mobile solar power from Solar1.
  • We will drink NYC’s renowned tap water.
  • We will have local healthy food (especially Apples) delivered by our community gardener friends, Greenmarket farmers, and locavore restauranteurs via bicycles and pedicabs.
  • We will compost our foodscraps, to help sustain our fragile soil.
  • And most importantly, we will talk to whoever happens to stop by about local organic farming as a critical element to sustainable healthy living, food security, youth education, and climate change mitigation.

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WhoFarm Leveraging Gadget Hype for Eco-Friendly Life


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