Who wants to win a Griffen PowerDuo and PowerJolt? - Give-away

You heard right, TiPb is giving away an iPhone 4 and all you have to do to enter is make us a video telling us why you should be the one to get it. Best video -- which should involve some sort of song, dance, puppetry, dramatic reading, free running, jello wrestling, heart warming story, or similar level of awesome -- gets the iPhone.

Based on videos we're getting so far, the TiPb nation is doing us proud. Heck, in my not-so-humble opinion you're getting off to a faster start than BlackBerry and Palm entrants past! Keep it up, do us proud. This is going to be the best phone on the planet come June 24 -- and TiPb wants to give it to you.

And this week we also want to give you a Griffin PowerJolt AND Griffen PowerDuo charging combo so that when you get your new iPhone 4, you'll have more than enough to keep it going and going and... you get the idea.

This give away is even easier to get, just tweet the following on Twitter:

  • Hey, @TiPb is giving away an iPhone 4, and more! http://www.imore.com/contest/

Enter up to once a day for the next week, we'll pick one tweet at random and give-away the power combo.

(Obviously we have no way of knowing if Apple changed something about the iPhone 4 that would make either or both products have some compatibility problem, but they work just fine on existing iPhones and iPod touches so we don't anticipate anything -- either way you should get a lot of use out of them!)

Now get tweeting!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Who wants to win a Griffen PowerDuo and PowerJolt? - Give-away


too late - i see typo. tehehe
i like old days. comment in blog to win. who has time to make video. i work all day to buy new phone. you too, yes? i see rabbit run in yard. i tell rabbit to work and pay rent. i cut my grass but he eat it. any app for that? maybe i sing to him. no more video contest.

The videos on my 3G look surprisingly like a still image. If I send them all and you review them quickly, then a video it is!

I talked to Apple iPhone specialists yesterday on the phone. He told me that current chargers/fm transmitters will work with the iPhone 4.

Come on Tipb! Why can't you make these giveaways simple like crackberry! Post a comment and your entered. No following us here or adding us as a friend there. Come on!

yes, what scooby said. make it easy, yes? i should not even have to enter. you should know that i am a winner and send to me. Yes?

no, he not want us to spam. rene is good guy - he my friend. he like kid who happy and smiles and he bounce to the stores with him iphone. more people like rene, yes? he right we no have to enter. we want to win but we dont want to earn it. many lazy people. i work all day and no time for video. only time to charge phone.