Mophie taking pre-orders for 64GB version of iPhone5/5s Space Pack


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mophie lets you keep your iPhone 5 charged, and fashionable, with new spectrum colors for helium juice pack


Juice up your iPhone 5 with the new Mophie Juice Pack Plus


mophie juice pack helium for iPhone 5 review


Mophie Juice Pack Air arrives for the iPhone 5, offers up to 8 hours more talk time


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mophie announces the juice pack helium for iPhone 5


mophie discusses their development process and future products at CES 2012


Eton Mobius battery cases for iPhone features solar charging


2011 Holiday Guides: iPhone and iPad gifts for gamers

TiPb's giving away a brand new iPhone 4S! Enter to win now!


Win a FREE mophie juicepack air! [Friday Freebie]


WWDC 2011 Edition - From the Forums


White iPhone give away, iOS 5 expectations, iPhone sales, Wallpapers, Jailbreak - From the Forums


White iPhone 4 give away!


Element Case revs up Formula and Ion for iPhone 4 [Give away]


Jabra STONE2 BT headset give-away - Become TiPb's Facebook friend!


Like TeleNav and TiPb on Facebook for a chance to win 30 free one-year AT&T Navigator subscriptions!


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Want to win a mophie juicepack air? TiPb mega #FollowFriday give away contest!

Want to win a mophie juicepack air? TiPb mega #FollowFriday give away contest!TiPb is giving away amazing apps, accessories, even super sweet devices like iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs! Every week we'll be giving a prize (or prizes) to one of our social streams. This week we're giving away a mophie juice pack air for iPhone 4! courtesy of the TiPb iPhone 4 Accessory Store. Want a chance to get in on the give away? Here's all you have to do:

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The more ways you engage, the more chances you have to win. It's just that simple! (See our big contest announcement for all the details)

This week's winner

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There are 54 comments. Add yours.

Sam Exel says:

Loved the Juicepack for my 3g. Would love one for the iphone 4!

Keith says:

I won!! I won!!
Thanks. TiPb is awesome!!

excaliburca says:

A juice pack would be awesome.

Phillip N. says:

I could really use this mophie juice pack!!!!

Michael Murdock says:

Love to win from you folks! You ROCK!

JeffB says:

Been looking all over for the new Mophie in retail stores... NO luck.
Would love to have this for my Iphone4... Fingers crossed TiPb!!!

Oopbuddha says:

I love tipb.com giveaways! I learned about this one on twitter this morning. It's always a game in itself to see which outlet will show me the new posts and contests: faction, twitter, tipb.com

Oopbuddha says:

Edit: facebook not faction. Stupid autocorrect on iPad.

surrealx says:

TiPB is the best. Their giveaways are great!

igorsky says:

Been thinking about buying one of these, so winning would be a pleasant surprise!

kschucks says:

This would be very useful on long flights. Walking off the plane with a fully charged battery would be great!

Teemu says:

That juicepack would be awesome! :P

David Strom says:

I visit TiPB every day, several times a day. I'd love to win but I'll come back no matter what.
Already following you guys on twitter, but commenting is always good!

kona2010 says:

Man, I need one of these real bad.

PINKLADY185 says:

Awwww...TiPb, you're the best!!! I sure could use this...what a great giveaway!! Thanks =)

rawrmonster says:

all you have to do is:
become their slave!!!!!

Maria says:

Is the Mophie solar powered?

dloveprod says:

Dang it, I just bought a Kensington K39265US Charging Dock with Mini Battery Pack off amazon last night, I would have rather won this.

Joebin says:

Anyone have JuicePack? Does it get hot?

codyg says:

This would be great for my new Verizon iPhone!

rabbittpro says:

WOW...A Mophie Juicepack Air! That's what's up! Thanks TiPb!

Scott Hogan says:

Who wants a mophie juice pack air?? Oh me,me,me. I've wanted one of these since I first saw one. They are so sweet and perfect for long trips. I've looked at stores around here (no apple store near me) and can't find them anywhere. So I won't complain if Tipb wanted to send one my way!!

webbie128 says:

Oh, another great contest! see this is why i love tipb!

devonair says:

I've been drooling over one of these (and the slightly bigger Juice Pack Plus) for the past month or so. Sadly, I haven't been able to afford splurging on one. I'm crossing my fingers that the luck of the draw might pull up MY name... crossing fingers

Dave Gebhardt says:

Wow...a Mophie Juice Pack is as cool as Tipb Forums. (Am I a kissass or what? Ha!)

Ilovegeorgia says:

I want one. I heard they're awesome for trips.

beedonk#AC says:

I use my phone so much throughout the day and a mophie juicepack would be awesome! Tipb has the best giveaways.

Tommy says:

I would love a morphie juicepack air.

drbill says:

i would love one of these, it seems so cool.......

SteveC says:

I could use one - The price is right!!! ;-)

Trickyd80 says:

I could really use that, when I'm at work

Matthew says:

Congrats to the winner of the verizon iphone contest! :)

jimenezr says:

Would like to win a juicepack air

Enzo83 says:

Not only informative, but also very awarding. Glad to finally be a member here. Thank you.

Clubcarib says:

That would be totally sweet when I'm working offshore for 24 hours at a time. I spend most of my downtime on my 4.

KekoaLani says:

Aloha from Hawaii. Mahalo for the chance to win a Mophie!

Stronge says:

Wow, really would like one

patcom8 says:

DEF need it. my new job has me doing a 14 day and our computer doesnt allow usb ports b/c their blocked by the administrator! I need battery life to make it through the day!!!

BLiNK says:

is it too late to enter?? 

Rene Ritchie says:

Read the post :)
Contest lasts all week, you just have to make sure you follow, subscribe, and/or post.

drearden says:

TiPb is one of the most inivative websites and communities to hit web since the invetion of the iPhone!!! You can find all you need to know about the iPhone and the iPad through articles, videos, forums and their, always entertaining, podcast. If this is your first time to the website, you will enjoy yourself for hours on end!!! And if you haven't listen to the iPhone or iPad podcast, go get it now and have your mind blown away with tips and tricks and the ever funny hosts!!!

craigglassco says:

I would love to win the mophie juicepack air for iPhone4. I had one on my 3G and it was awesome.

Horácio Rêgo says:

That would rock in Portugal. Congrats on this must read daily blog. Keep up the golThx.

Horácio Rêgo says:

"...keep up the good work. " this is what happends, when even really tired, in bed now, closed my eyes for a few seconds.

Josh says:

Juice... I need a juice pack!

PINKLADY185 says:

So sweet! Thanks TiPb!!!! =)