The winner of the iMore app comment contest is...

Last month we held a contest on iMore to celebrate the launch of the new iMore 3.0 app for iPhone. The goal of the contest was to encourage our readers to not only read, but to leave valuable comments and engage in discussion with fellow readers throughout the blog. The prize on the line was a $500 gift certificate to the Apple Store. It took some time to go through all of the entries but a winner has been chosen and it's time to announce who it is!

The winner of the iMore app comment contest is....


Congratulations Becjr! We'll be in touch soon to get your information. Don't be bummed if you weren't chosen. There are always more contests just around the corner!

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Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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Reader comments

The winner of the iMore app comment contest is...


Congrats Becjr! You deserve it.
I'm feeling so "jelly" right now. I admit it was really hard for me to comment on some articles just because most of them are US-based. Oh well, maybe next time. :)

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It's easy to forget we're all so global and in different time zones when we are getting along so well in the comments.
[humbly] Cheers!

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[bows respectfully]
Thank you, iMore. Everyone.

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I can easily say I've noticed his/her comments most, if not all, of the posts on iMore. This clearly wasn't a random draw so it's cool to see the iMore team pick someone because of their efforts and not just luck. Way to be a contributor, man! Congrats on the iPad!

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Congrats becjr. I have noticed all your great posts since the contest started, so definitely well deserved. Enjoy the $500 and happy holidays!!

Good job. Congratulations.

And thanks to iMore for taking the time to look over all our comments!

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