Winter 2010 Stanford iPhone Application Development Course Now on iTunes U

iPhone Development Course Winter 2010

The Loop points out that the Winter 2010 semester of Stanford University's popular iPhone Application Development Course is now being posted to iTunes U.

“We’re getting the videos closed captioned this time, so they’ll be even more accessible,” said Julie Zelenski, a Stanford computer science lecturer who helps coordinate the class. “In addition to helping those with hearing disabilities, the captions will be helpful to English language learners or students trying to understand the more technical aspects of the classes.”

Our prediction -- they will also continue to be incredibly informative for new iPhone developers, and will hopefully once again feature guest lectures like they did last year, including the key folks from Tweetie, Tap Tap Revenge, and others.

Rene Ritchie

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Jules says:

Probably meant folks from atebits, tapulous and others... ;)

Rene Ritchie says:

App names are better known than company names :)

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