Would you get a HTC One (M8) style Dot View case for your iPhone?

One of the more awesome new features that came with the launch of the new HTC One (M8) has given us a quick run through of it in the video up top. It looks awesome, and has HTC created a case that you'd love to have for your iPhone?

It isn't all out gimmick, either. The case actually has a capacitive layer so you can uses gesture controls to answer and reject calls, activate voice dialing, and even double-tap to turn on the Dot View display. But it looks cool as hell – or so we think!

The HTC One (M8) is the closest in terms of construction to our own iPhone 5s and in some regards it's a shame to cover it up with a case. But if it ever became more than just a HTC thing, would you dress up your iPhone with something like this? Drop a vote up top and sound off in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Would you get a HTC One (M8) style Dot View case for your iPhone?


I would. Looks interesting. There are quite a few android related things that would look awesome and work awesome on IOS

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Actually, that is cool. I hate cases because they tend to block you from using your phone.. this one becomes a functional part of the phone..

Honestly, thats something I'd expect from Apple.. heh.. Cool on HTC for coming up with it..

Now if they could just fix the one flaw he mentioned with it folding back..

I would like to edit my response. Maybe, that thing looks cool.

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Very cool indeed. However, the front not sitting flush against the back while using the phone is a total deal breaker for me. I can just tell by watching the video that would drive me nuts.

The point is being able to have a case on your phone and access information quickly without removing said case. Pretty straightforward stuff.

I know I'm going to sound real idiotic here, but I prefer no case on my iPhone. It's just a really nice looking phone and, yes, I think cases ruin it. I have an otter box defender that I use when I am at work, and if I'm going to be outside all day I occasionally throw a bumper on it. However, 99% of the time my iPhone is naked.

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I'd be interested in trying a case like this for my iPhone. If nothing else its different. I'm glad to see HTC trying something different with the case. It helps to keep the industry moving.

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I'd use it! If they made one for the iPad mini id buy one now!

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I don't get it. Even if you have the case, iPhone won't support, to get that display, through those tiny holes. Right?

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I has one of this e flip cases for my note and trust they're equal to crap. Very uncomfortable to use especially when trying to take a pic with the back camera.

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I've seen this case, it looks good, after handling it I can tell its cheaply made. If you are going to use a case, it seems to me it needs to offer some protection. I ended up with the otter box commuter, which I think was a better choice. your mileage may vary. I love the phone, and sense 6.0 is da bomb.

I like the idea, but it would have to provide good protection while being easy to remove. I would only want to use it when I need the protection of a case, so if it doesn't protect well, what's the point?