Your last chance to vote for the Best of 2013!

Your last chance to vote for the Best of 2013!

Time's almost up! If you haven't already, take a few minutes to cast your vote for the best of the best: devices, apps and accessories that made your life much better in 2013. This is your last chance - polls close Friday, December 27th.

Remember, these are your awards, so please make your voice known. Developers and designers worked hard on these products all year long, and this is your opportunity to give something back by making your vote count. After the votes are rounded up we'll be announcing winners next week!

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Reader comments

Your last chance to vote for the Best of 2013!


Just a suggestion for next year: You should have a response for "I do not use apps in this category" for all questions in your survey, or make answering the questions optional. While I would love to support/promote my favorite apps, there are categories that I really am not familiar with any of the nominees and it seems unfair to vote for those.

Agree whole heatedly. Should I even vote at all?
If I vote am I skewing the vote for the Easton's you mentioned?
This needs improvement big time, IMHO.

Totally agree. Either have the 'I do not use this category", OR just don't require a response to each question. Let people just vote in the categories they are familiar with.