$0.99 iTunes ringtone creator no more?

It seems like only yesterday Steve Jobs introduced make-your-own ringtones in iTunes, where you could take a song you already bought, and pay again just to use it in cut-down form as a ringtone. And -- whoosh! -- now it's gone from iTunes 10?

The recording industry is no doubt to blame for the $0.99 price tag -- they manage to both charge consumers and stiff artists on those, keeping all the money for themselves -- but I'm guessing there were at least a few people for whom the ease of use was worth the price.

You can still roll your own ringtones outside iTunes, or purchase them pre-made by Apple (though reader John shows you may be subjected to a humorous iOS downgrade image, after the break).

I never used the ringtone creator myself, so I won't lament it, but surely someone is going to miss it? Right?


Rene Ritchie

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