12 iPhone Cases That Showcase Your Holiday Spirit

Sometimes all it takes to get into the holiday spirit are a few, good ol' fashioned holiday accessories, so let's deck your iPhone with boughs of holly — FA LA LA LA LAAAA LA LA LA LAAAA — and add a fun n' festive case!

Here are 12 iPhone cases that are bound to showcase your holiday spirit!

1. Just add an ugly sweater (opens in new tab) and you're set!

Cosy on up with this handmade, knit pattern (opens in new tab) for your iPhone for $32.84!

2. Hang ornaments from your iPhone (opens in new tab), not your tree.

Give your tree a break this holiday season and add some ornaments to your iPhone (opens in new tab) for around $9!

3. HO HO HO! (opens in new tab)


4. Fun, festive, flannel (opens in new tab)

The three F's of the holiday season, say the experts (opens in new tab). Oh, and the experts also say this case (opens in new tab) will cost you around $27.

5. Just add a li'l glitter (opens in new tab) and you're good to go!

Red Glitter (opens in new tab)? Yup. Gold Glitter (opens in new tab)? Yup. For only $13? Yup. Yup yup yup.

6. Obsessed with candy canes (opens in new tab)?

Then you'll be obsessed with this $20 iPhone case. Just don't be licking it constantly (opens in new tab). That'd be weird.

7. Simple snowflakes for seasonal celebrations (opens in new tab)

Did you like my alliteration there? And don't you love these handmade snowflake iPhone cases (opens in new tab) for around $27?

8. Just like the Christmas sweater Nana knitted for you (opens in new tab) when you were a small child!

Except it's $9 and made for your iPhone (opens in new tab)!

9. Poinsettias on point (opens in new tab)!

(Get it? Because this $37 case is covered in beautiful, vibrant, bright red Poinsettias (opens in new tab)? Aren't I funny?

… I'll show myself out…)

10. Keep it simple with a clear case + holiday lighting/razzle-dazzle (opens in new tab)

Ya' can't go wrong with hanging up a couple of lights up at home — and on your iPhone with this $13 iPhone case (opens in new tab).

11. Some frost and some snowflakes (opens in new tab) make for a holiday-riffic iPhone (opens in new tab)!

Fun fact: did you know no two snowflakes are ever the same (opens in new tab)? And that this case will only cost you $9?

12. Tartan tartan tartan (opens in new tab): Can you name a more holiday-ish pattern?

Tartan tartan tartan tartan tartan (opens in new tab) (for around $26!)

How do you get your iPhone in the holiday spirit?

Is there a certain case you always pop on during the holidays? Maybe a little sticker or accessory that'll get you amped for that holiday party?

Let us know what your tip-top holiday case options are in the comments below!

Cella writes for iMore on social and photography. She's a true crime enthusiast, bestselling horror author, lipstick collector, buzzkill, and Sicilian. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @hellorousseau