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What you need to know

  • The 2020 iPhone could feature a ProMotion display.
  • ProMotion is the tech behind the 120Hz refresh rate of the iPad Pro.
  • The next iPhone could feature an OLED version that significantly improves its display.

A Digitimes report via 9to5Mac suggests that Apple's next instalment of the iPhone could feature a 120Hz ProMotion display, much like the current iPad Pro.

According to 9to5Mac:

Digitimes is reporting that next year's iPhone will feature a 120Hz screen like the ProMotion iPad Pros, except the iPhone will be a high refresh rate OLED panel whereas the iPad is LCD. All iPhones to date include 60 Hz displays. Apple first introduced 120Hz screens to iOS in 2017 with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The refresh rate doubling dramatically improves the responsiveness of the user experience with user gestures more quickly being translated into on-screen motion.

A ProMotion display in an iPhone would really improve the way scrolling and swiping feels on the iPhone's display. Not only that, it would also allow more accurate depictions of video content. The report notes that currently, viewing 24 FPS video on the current 60Hz display means some frames have to be repeated, or supplemented with artifical frames, because 24 does not divide evenly into 60. It does however divide evenly into 120, making for smoother viewing since each frame can be displayed for an equal amount of time.

With several iPhone competitors including Google's Pixel 4 pushing the envelope with 90Hz displays, it seems only natural that Apple will keep the iPhone competitive by increasing its own iPhone refresh rates. Over the weekend seperate reports suggested that Apple may include the LTPO technology found in Apple Watch in future generation iPhones.

As 9to5Mac notes Digitimes has a very mixed record when it comes to prediciting Apple's future. However, given that ProMotion technology already exists within the iPad Pro, perhaps this one isn't so much of a stretch.