Realme says its MagDart charging technology 440% faster than iPhone 12 MagSafe

Realme Flash
Realme Flash (Image credit: RealMe)

What you need to know

  • Earlier this week RealMe unveiled a new charging technology that looks an awful lot like MagSafe for iPhone 12.
  • Turns out it might be quite a bit faster.
  • RealMe's CEO has teased that MagDart is actually 440% faster than MagSafe.

Earlier this week Realme unveiled its new 'MagDart' technology, which looks an awful lot like MagSafe for iPhone 12.

Turns out, the new technology might be a whole lot faster than iPhone 12, as teased by Realme's CEO on Twitter.

Whilst Sheth didn't specifically name iPhone 12 and MagSafe, it really seems there's only one charging technology he might be referring to. As we reported earlier this week:

Two new 'MagDart' chargers were first revealed last week by Gizmochina, one of which looks identical to the MagSafe charger for iPhone 12. A second charger was also revealed, sporting a much larger square brick design and a built-in fan for cooling. Realme has now confirmed that its upcoming smartphone will be the first to feature magnetic wireless charging:

Whilst it had reportedly been confirmed that the new MagDart tech would be more powerful than MagSafe's 15W and that it would be the fastest magnetic charger in the world on launch, I don't think anyone expected MagDart to be 440% faster.

A big possible caveat here is that there are actually two new chargers from Realme, one that's identical to MagSafe, and another which is a massive brick featuring a cooling fan. It's highly possible Realme is comparing its larger more powerful charger to MagSafe, rather than the regular one.

The new Realme Flash phone, which will feature MagDart, will ship with a curved screen, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage.

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