iPhone 3G casing spotted. Again. ...and again: Maybe.

Here we go again. The sheer number of iPhone 3G case leaks is getting to be embarrassing. The latest looks to be from a Chinese manufacturer of Griffin cases and all but confirms the "new" form factor: A more rounded back, slightly less beveled front, and perhaps more squarish corners.

Thinking back to our last iPhone 3G sighting, it occurs to me that we might still have not seen the final look of the device -- the white and black plastic we've been looking at has had an awfully chintzy feel. Since all these leaks are coming from case manufacturers, it's possible that:

  1. They created mockups of the basic iPhone 3G casing based on Apple's specs in order to better create cases or
  2. Apple sent out a bunch of "dummy phones" that match the shape of the iPhone 3G but do not match the look?

...more renderings after the break!

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Dieter Bohn