Taking my cues from Dieter, I just ran my freshly (and thankfully) activated iPhone 3G through its http://inetworktest.com and this is what I got:

600kbps baby!

Okay, that was the 3rd and highest of 5 sequential attempts. Test 1 and 4 were 405kbps and tests 2 and 5 were 545kbps. Rogers does claim to invest heavily in their network (which they remind us every time we pay the monthly network improvement surcharge!), and 3G pretty much covers the greater Island of Montreal, where I am, so maybe they're at least putting some of the massive amounts of money we fork over to good use!

Speaking of Rogers, please forgive me making a quick shout-out to everyone who was in the line at Fairview, Pointe-Claire (especially those who are readers of TiPb!), and to the staff who remained friendly, classy, and courteous through Rogers continual plan changes, server crashes, and iTunes activation all leading to me -- who was first in line -- finally getting out some 3 hours after the store opened! (Next time, tell head office to call up Google for some pipes, b'okay?)