6 things I love about macOS High Sierra (so far)

How to download and install macOS 10.13.1 on your Mac
How to download and install macOS 10.13.1 on your Mac

Every time Apple updates its Mac operating system, some new features get added that completely change the way I use my computer. macOS High Sierra is a smaller update, but that doesn't mean its' new features are any less awesome. Here are a few of the big little changes Apple has made to macOS that I'm already wondering how I ever lived without.

Pinned notes

This might actually be my favorite little update. I use the Notes app more and more on Mac and one thing that has always irritated me is how difficult it is to find a note I use regularly because it gets lost in the list every time I open a different one. I loving being able to keep those half-dozen notes at the top of my list where I can always keep track of them no matter how many new or different notes I open.

Autoplay blocking

I kind of hate when an advertisement, or even a news brief, starts playing automatically while I'm browsing the internet on my Mac. It can be downright startling at times when I'm not expecting it. I don't mind watching videos, and sometimes even ads if they're interesting to me, but I want to be in charge of when it plays and how loud the audio is. Apple gave us a boost in controlling sudden audio on web pages with the volume mute button in Safari, but being able to completely stop all videos from automatically playing makes it even better

Messages in iCloud

I regularly reinstall a fresh copy of an operating system on my Mac and on my iPhone or iPad. I'm not too attached to conversations I've had with people, so don't worry about losing text messages, for the most part. But, sometimes I'll wish I still had that gate code or that address someone texted me, but I won't have it anymore after restoring a device to its factory settings. C'Est la vie. Now that Apple has added iCloud support to Messages, however, all of my chats will appear on all of my devices and be saved remotely so that, when I do start from scratch on a device, I can still find those gate codes and addresses.

Mail uses up less storage space

It may not seem like much, but the built-in Mail app got some under-the-hood fixes that reduces how much disk storage space is required. It's about 35% thinner than in macOS Sierra, which means it loads faster, performs actions faster, and makes it easier to get through all of your daily emails.

New photo book printing options

Apple has opened up its photo book printing options for third-party companies like White Wall, Shutterfly, Animoto, WiX, and iFolor. These companies will offer different printing services than what Apple offers, like fully-framed wall mounted photos or website publishing help. Imagine being able to get that picture you took of your family on vacation printed onto a coffee mug, right from the Photos app on your Mac. Fun!

Site-by-site customized browsing experience in Safari

We've all heard about how Apple added a content blocking feature that keeps websites from tracking your browsing habits in Safari. But, the thing I love most about Safari's new customizable browsing experience is that you can designate certain rules for every website you visit. Individual website settings include Reader View when available, content blockers, page zoom ranging from 50 to 300 %, autoplay options for always allowing autoplay, stopping media that also has sound, and blocking autoplay entirely, and camera, microphone, and location permissions. These settings can be adjusted for each and every website you visit. So, if you want full access for some websites and zero for others, you've got it.

Your favorites?

Have you run the developer beta of macOS High Sierra yet? What are your favorite features?

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