6 Years Later: Was Steve Jobs the Smartest Man in Music?

CNet takes a look, 6 years later, at Steve Jobs' 2003 interview with Rolling Stone Magazine and the checklist of predictions -- make that accomplishments -- is impressive. Then again, Steve Jobs did make his name, and Apple's, with just that kind of market savvy:

  • iPod (and now iPhone) could be more important to Apple than the Mac
  • Big media doesn't understand technology
  • iTunes would be non-trivial for others to copy in 6 months (make that 6 years?)
  • Copyright is important. Theft corrodes the soul. Apple will provide a legal alternative
  • iTunes could sell 1 billion songs a year (now selling 1 billion in 6 months)

What's even more interesting is seeing how Steve Jobs' insight not only helped change the face of computers (Apple, Mac), Music (iPod, iTunes), retail (Apple Store), movies (Pixar) but now also cell phones (iPhone). Mostly linked together (Pixar more tangentially), but with the same focus on premium quality, unsurpassed user experience, and utter simplicity of execution.

Makes me even more eager for the iPhone 2,1 (iPhone HD?) to really bring it all together...

Rene Ritchie

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