A12Z chip in 2020 iPad Pro confirmed to be an A12X with extra GPU core

Techinsights Ipad Pro Chip
Techinsights Ipad Pro Chip (Image credit: Techinsights)

What you need to know

  • The A12Z system-on-a-chip on the iPad Pro has been confirmed to be the same as the A12X.
  • The chip was suspected to have been the same when the 2020 iPad Pro launched.
  • Techinsights confirmed the similarity of the model today.

Soon after the 2020 iPad Pro was released, it was questioned as to whether the A12Z processor was merely an A12X with an extra GPU core enabled. At the time, a report by NotebookCheck speculated the possibility that Apple had enabled a GPU that had existed but was disabled on the A12X Bionic chip.

"The Apple A12X Bionic has eight physical GPU cores, but one of those cores is disabled. The disabled core is enabled in the new A12Z Bionic that powers the 2020 iPad Pro."

TechInsights had confirmed NotebookCheck's suspicions about the number of cores but had stopped short of saying whether or not the processor was the same, saying that they needed to conduct additional testing.

"Yuzo Fukuzaki, one of TechInsights' Senior Technology Fellows, has confirmed that yes A12X physically has 8 GPU cores. As for the A12Z, we are planning to conduct floorplan analysis to confirm any differences from the A12X."

Today, the outlet has confirmed that the A12Z GPU chip found in the 2020 iPad Pro "is the same as A12X predecessor".

Techinsights says that it is compiling a full report of its findings and will be making all of the details available as part of its subscription for paying subscribers.

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