Never lose your AirPods again with the Lunies case

I'm going to make a bit of a crazy statement here: If you just got a pair of AirPods for the holidays, you need the Lunies keychain case.

I rarely say people need something when it comes to their tech gadgets — they've already spent a ton on the gadgets themselves, after all, and it seems unfair to say that your new tech isn't great until you also buy X, Y, and Z.

That said, this case has turned my AirPods from "neat pair of headphones that I often can't find when I want them" to "must-own portable wireless buds".

The trick? Accessibility.

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The trouble with AirPods

The AirPods are the perfect set of on-the-go earbuds — they don't tangle, they stay charged for days at a time thanks to the case's built-in 24 hour battery life, and they're small enough to tote almost anywhere.

But the downside to that tiny package is that oftentimes I found myself forgetting to take the AirPods along with me, leaving them on my desk, dresser, or — in one almost terrifying instance — in a pants pocket waiting for the wash. And unfortunately, though Find My AirPods works great if you've lost a bud to the depths of your bag or couch, it's not designed to find the AirPods case; misplace it somewhere in your house, and you may have to clean from top to bottom to find it again.

Worse still, both my fiancé and I own a set of identical AirPods. In the instances that I did remember to grab an AirPods case, it frequently wasn't mine. (The downside of small, identical tech.)

Lunies to the rescue

Here's the good news: The Lunies leather keychain case has solved all my AirPods problems. I first got tuned onto it by Lory Gil after she wrote about it; it's an inexpensive leather slipcover that slides over the AirPods casing and secures it with a small snap. On the back, reinforced leather connects to a small, sturdy clip carabiner, which you can then hook onto just about anything — your keys, backpack, pants, or what have you. You can even charge your AirPods without ever having to remove them from the slipcover thanks to a small cutout.

I've hooked the case to my keys; while I don't recommend this for everyone — especially those who like a light and dongle-free keyring — it's been a game-changer for me. I also clipped it to my backpack for most of WWDC, and it was a fantastic way to always keep a pair of headphones on my person.

Thanks to the Lunies case, my AirPods now travel with me pretty much everywhere, and are easily accessible whenever I want to listen to a tune or catch the end of a YouTube stream. I've found myself using them much more often in places where I otherwise would have watched a video silently or forgotten to pull headphones out of my bag when working. And best of all, I always know where they are — and should I misplace my keys or backpack, a quick ring of an attached Tile Mate can help me find everything at once.

Serenity Caldwell

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