Absolute thinnest cases for iPhone SE

You don't need to add a ton of bulk and weight to your iPhone SE to add a bit of protection and style with a case. Slimmer cases are a fantastic option if you want something a bit more sleek and inconspicuous and don't want to feel like you're carrying around two iPhones stacked on top of one another.

Let's look at how sometimes less can really be more, as is the case with these super-ultra-thin iPhone SE cases!


At around 0.3mm and weighing next to nothing, ThinShield's iPhone SE is one of the thinnest and lightest iPhone cases you can buy.

It snaps to fit snugly against your iPhone, making it barely noticeable, while the outer shell protects against scratches and dirt. Precise cutouts for your iPhone SE's ports and buttons mean you don't have to remove the ThinShield to access the essentials.

Made from eco-friendly polypropylene and available in six vibrant colors (white, black, green, purple, blue, and pink), the ThinSeild is a great option to consider as a slim case for your iPhone SE.

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The Scarf

If you thought your case was thin — then you haven't seen The Scarf — it clocks in at just 0.02mm!

The Scarf's minimalist design works to show off the true beauty of your iPhone SE, while an added grip keeps your iPhone secure in your hand.

Though it's barely there, The Scarf will still protect your iPhone SE from scratches and scrapes, but if you drop your phone a lot, you might want to look for a bulkier case that won't have you freaking out every time you bump it off a counter.

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Peel Super-Thin

Though the Peel Super-Thin case is a bit thicker – 0.35mm, to be precise – than some of the other cases on this list, it still works and functions like a second skin for your iPhone SE. And let's be honest, there's not a huge difference between 0.35mm and 0.2mm on a 7.6mm-thick iPhone SE.

The Peel Super-Thin is designed to keep the original look of your iPhone intact while still protecting it and adding a bit of durability. Its branding-free design keeps things simple, although you can pick between four colors (silver, Space Gray, gold, and rose gold) if you want to spice things up a little bit.

A slight bezel around your iPhone's screen and camera lens protects your iPhone SE from scratches and damage, though there isn't much other protection offered with the Peel.

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Spigen Ultra-Thin Air

Durable, lightweight, and quick to snap on, Spigen's Ultra-Thin Air case is perfect for people who want a thin iPhone SE case with a little bit of extra protection.

Made from a hard-shelled, polycarbonate material, the Ultra-Thin Air is a reliable solution for protecting your new iPhone SE from impact. The entire case is UV matte coated with minimal design, making it another case that's perfect for showing off the beauty of your iPhone SE.

While not the most protective phone case you could get for your iPhone SE, Spigen's Ultra-Thin Air adds just a smidge more protection than other ultra-thin cases.

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AViiQ Thin Series

Designed to protect your iPhone SE with a bit of lightweight style, AViiQ's Thin Series iPhone SE case is a sleek, slim option to consider if you're looking for the thinnest phone case.

Featuring a textured, hard plastic and a measuring a scant 0.7mm thin, the Thin Series comes in four fun colors: blue, yellow, frosted, and green. With full access to all ports and buttons, you don't have to worry about constantly taking your case on and off to charge your iPhone or plug in your headphones.

Like most of the thin cases, the Thin Series won't be a fantastic protector from major harm, although a slightly raised bezel will protect your iPhone's screen from some scratches.

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Elago Breathe soft feel case

The Elago Breathe soft feel case is a stylish, modern-looking super thin case for your iPhone SE!

The case is designed with dozens of small holes that give your iPhone a unique look, while a durable, tough shell keeps your iPhone SE protected and secure. The case comes with full access to all ports and buttons, meaning you won't have to remove the case every time you need to charge it.

The Breathe case, which is designed in California, comes in 14 different colors, inclusing bright yellow, purple, orange, nacy, pink, dark gray, metallic gray, camo, black, light pink, turquoise, white, and rose.

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What's your pick?

Is there an ultra-thin iPhone SE case that you've been using non-stop? Let us know which ones are your top picks and why in the comments below and we'll be sure to check them out.

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